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Model: AEG-CA-AR003M

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by matt n. on 2011-05-25 23:39:42
"I've had this gun for about 7 months now and I absolutely love it. I got the X series, which shoots a bit faster out of the box for the same price. It's very realistic, full metal construction except for the parts that are supposed to be plastic. (handguard, stock, pistol grip). I wanted a classic M16 rifle, and this was the one I chose. If you're looking for a practical airsoft gun, it might not be such a great choice. Afterall it is long and heavy, making it hard to maneuver in CQB areas and to handle all day. But who cares about that? Guns should be heavy and hard to use. lol. Anyway, this is a great rifle with a great price. Accuracy isn't spectacular but it isn't bad either. Upgrade it to shoot 400 fps and you'll love it. The only upgrade I put in mine is a CA 6.04 tightbore, and it's been working well with no problems since I got it.

If you're a fan of the classic M16's, get this gun. the KWA and JG's don't compare.
by Brandon K. on 2010-03-07 20:16:24
"If you're looking to get an M16 style Aeg, this is the one to buy. It feels amazing and it's construction is very sturdy. I did a lot of research and testing before i chose which m16 to buy, and this weapon beat out all the rest. Plus it's a classic army, so parts are easy to come by if anything ever does go wrong.
by Michael C. on 2009-12-22 13:43:52
"Here's my review of this AEG:

full metal
metal internals
great rof with 9.6
accurate with .25 and tightbore
good trigger responce
great hi-cap
fear factor
great support weapon
excellent iron sights
TONS of aftermarket parts
2-step takedown
fun to use

motor went bad at 8 months
hop-up went bad 7 months
stock accuracy with .20 is poor
by Andrew D. on 2009-03-24 22:30:48
"I've had my m15a4 for 6 years now and everything on it is stock besides the battery and the spring. It has a very high rof and I haven't had any complaints. The only thing wrong with my is the motor moves out of place but that's an easy fix.
by Jesper K. on 2009-03-06 14:44:37
"Hello guys and girls, im a dude sitting in denmark with this wonderful gun tho I didnt buy it from here:P

I cant really say anything bad about it.. its because I love it so much:P


accu.. pwns ass
Battery butt stock.. damn is it big?! it can hold a giant 8cell 9.6v battery
Atm I have a full tun set 130spring and a magnum motor in it.. its loud yum yum theres no big "spring sound" or eltric sound like "wheew wheew wheew" when you press the trigger .. anyway
theres no woble or play to it all everything is tight*lols* and nicely putt together.
The parts thats plastic are, Pistol grib, stock, foregrib those are also ABS on the real version of the gun
the stock have a nice made allu or iron*shrug* pipe going through it from the body which makes it more tough so dont be afraid to sit on it or run into a wall:P(dont do it on purpos tho:P) foregrib is nice and tight tho some says it gets loose with the time but you can tighten it.. :P i
it also have a really nice trigger pull, you dont have to pull it to much and its not like it shots as soon you put your finger on it(unlike with the ptw) theres a strong metal body in it which can hold up to m150spring which is quiet nice if you're thinking of doing some long range shots
and the charging handle are not wobbly ^^
the gun is nice and heavy, the weight is balanced and most of the weight are in the back when you get a battery in it which in my case is a big one(kinda squeezing it in) I know what you're thinking.. dirty minds..


Mhmm.. the thingie that holds the sling in the front.. its alittle loud when you're running :P but usually
when you're running its not because youre sneaking up on someone ^^,
its sligthly big.. but who cares:D
If you're thinking of buying it "mhmm should I??" do it.. its worth it and if youre going to put alittle more money in it you'll never regret it
if youre more of a cqb person you probably should go for a carbine of this, or perhaps buy another forgrib and barrel to make it into a carbine version so you always got the chance to changing it back if you're going to play outside and you need some accy and some long shooting distance..

hope it helped lads n ladies:D

*Krrhhhghgg* Out!
by Alex E. on 2009-01-17 06:34:52
"Let's see, I bought this gun 3 years ago... damn, that's a long time. Anyways, I give it 5 stars. Here are the reasons:

Awesome Externals (real trademarks, metal, good plastic stock and foregrip)
Aftermarket parts are widely available (both internally and externally)
ROF is a beast with a crappy 8.4v battery
Stock allows a large battery to be held
Nice and heavy (for some this is a con, but I think a gun like this SHOULD be heavy)
Looks beautiful; nice finish that doesnt wear too easily, matching colors, white trades, ect

Accuracy was horrible until I upgraded it with a completely new hop-up unit, new bucking, new barrel, and new nozzle (for better airseal)
Power is lacking, as mine slowly crept down to only 285 fps
Gearbox recently cracked using only the stock spring (but that was after 2 years of heavy use)
Wiring is cheaply done
Not very affordable to some....

This gun is NOT MADE TO BE LEFT STOCK. If you get this gun, expect to spend another $200 or so to get it to where it is skirmish worthy. Trust me on this one, this is the best gun to upgrade, as it has such a nice metal body with such nice trademarks, and very high quality plastic, but the internals just suck.

If you do not upgrade this gun, I rate it 3 stars, because of its performance and gearbox durability. I rated this gun 5 stars because I did not leave it stock, and it looked so beast without having to touch the externals.

Thanks for reading. I hope Evike gets these back in stock....
by John M. on 2008-10-16 21:00:19
"Yes only 2 stars, wanna know why? Well I personally love this gun, it looks great, feels real, looks real and all the things you would come to love about an airsoft M15. Let me just share my experience with the rifle, as I said it WAS an amazing and beautiful rifle it even fired with great FPS and accuracy up to roughly 100-150 feet. Classic Army did a great job on the rifle itself but the gearbox is a POS. I only had the rifle a week before the gearbox ceased up into a rock rendering the rifle useless. Now this is just my experience, but heed my advice about the gearbox for Classic Army it is useless. Yes I kept it clean and looked after it like it was my metal child, but I barely got 6 120 round mags through it before the gearbox failed. So if you want this rifle, it looks great but for the price you may just regret buying it as I have because while it looks AWESOME it won't last. I never even got to use it in an airsoft game! Good luck with your decision. BTW if anyone has a solution to my problem your advice is welcome.
by Robert G. on 2008-06-08 00:21:40
"I own this gun, in fact i even bought it here. its almost four years old and it actually shoots better then it was new. I've upgraded it so much and its always been so reliable, definantly my most reliable gun. have no idea why its discontinued because its worth every penny.
by Vinson L. on 2008-05-10 18:49:23
"Long AEG with great accuracy that holds almost every kind of batteries!

- Armalite Model laser engraved
- Metal Body
- Long barrel for dead beat accuracy
- Metal Carrying Handle
- Metal Bushings
- Steel gears

- Not intended for anyone if the gun is taller than them!
- 9.6V large type battery does not fit without modifying it
- It is known that Classic Army internal parts have trended down

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)