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Dboy Full Size Airsoft Electric M3181 M4 Grenadier w/ M203 Low Power Airsoft AEG

47 Customer Reviews

by zayne k. on 12/20/2009
dont buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it suxs sooo much!!!
by John c. on 12/03/2008
"this gun is terrible and not worth the money save ur sixty bucks and but something else.
the construction
-all plastic may not seem like a big deal but it is when the gearbox and internals are also plastic. I got the gun and about 1 week later the hop up broke so i replaced it and about twl weeks after that a gear stripped and in the process of opening up the gearbox it cracked. sure i was a little rough but if it cant withstand my fingers then it wont withstand the process of the gears and piston moving for long.
- next the gun had a great rof and fps wasnt that bad but it was too strong for its own good due to the plastic internals.
- i was unable to fit the battery in the regular hand guard so i had to use the ris all the time.
- finally the m203 is actually a shotgun that shoots one bb at like 100 fps. Its terrible.

All in all you will end up bein better off with another choice. This lasted me 3 weeks my utg mp5 lasted 1 1/2 years and my tm is at 2 years now and still goin. So save the money And get something better