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Model: AEG-BOYI-M3181

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by banger s. on 2009-09-22 16:48:20
"Friend bought this with my guidance of "metal gear box" and "at least $60". Somehow, he still ended up with a plastic gearbox M4... so anyways, it's decent.

DBoys, all plastic except barrel and outer barrel, plastic hopup, the "cocking" mechanism cocks back and the hopup cover pops out.

12 hours charge? Bull. Battery came in low, so 2 hours it was becoming warm.

ROF is crazy, honestly, about 20RPS (chrono) stock on a 90% charge. Will empty clip FAST.

Hopup is rather poor, without it turned on and shooting .20's, it will literally drop after 5 feet (no joke).

Hopup all the way, and pointing up, it will reach the 50-75 feet mark, and a bit more with .12's (suprisingly, aim is still quite straight on with Crosman glow-in-dark walmart seamed BB's).

Sling is useless, you can pull it apart with your hands, and the M203 is a shotgun...

WITH A MAGAZINE. Weird, but yes, the M203 has a magazine, and you NEED the 203 to place the battery in (it's not like the Wells or cheap eBay M4/M16's where you put the battery under the RIS).

The "flashlight" is fake. It's a hunk of plastic... lol. Charger gets a bit warm for only being on for a couple hours, but works none the less. Good feel, but M203 is wiggly - secured by one screw and a "pop" type of spring that sort of clicks into place.

And M203 shoots rougly 250FPS, with MAJORRRR hopup. MAJOR as in sends .12's literally a 50 degree angle up (no overexaggeration). Not corrected with seamless .20's, need roughly .25's or .28's to make it work out, but for the price, great gun.

Pros: ROF, ok build, two METAL magazines. Hi cap empties rather fast though.
by brad c. on 2009-09-14 13:28:40
"Now your probably thinking for only $65 this gun must be junk... Well You are WRONG!!! This gun is awesome. Its truly amazing on eof the greatest airsoft deals. Ill start off with the shooting. It has 3 modes, full auto semi auto and safe. It shoots porbably over 350 fps, it says it shoots 200 on the page but its stronger. Next the accessories.. This may take a while cuz there are soo many! Ill start at the stock and work down. It comes with two interchangable, retractable stock. It comes with the LE stock on in the package. I upgraded mine to the other stock. It has a rubber butt pad and is more comfortable. It comes with iron sights connected onto a sturdy carrying handle. You can carry the gun with the handle and it wont break. There r to different sizes for the front iron sights. Next the mags. It comes with 2 different mags. A high cap and a low cap. Now the hand gaurd. It comes with an m16 style hand gaurd and a ris rail. The rail has rail covers. It also comes with a fake laser. Its actually a battery box. You can take off the lower gaurd and put an awesome m203 style grenade launcher. Its pretty much a shotgun in diguise. It shoots 1 bb and you have to cock it every shot. It also comes with a starter pack of bbs and a speedloader and a battery charger. Oh the other stock that comes with the gun, i saw it on websites for over $100.. u get it for $65 and all the other stuff!!! All in all this is totaly sick.. 2 words BUY IT!!!!!!
by alwin s. on 2009-02-19 13:53:53
"hey i got this gun, but i wasn't sure if i charged it too long or enough. the manual says to charge this gun for 12 hours. it has a short type battery pack with 7 1.2v 1100 batteries. and the chargers output is 8.4V/450 mA. Sorry to post a question here. my computer wouldn't let me in to the forums pages. :P

I'll write a review anyways. I just got this gun yesterday, and it came with some pretty nice parts. Its my first AEG, and its pretty darn heavy considering that it has a plastic gearbox. the grenade launcher is great for show, but theres a metal hook on the back where you install the back of the m203 that is machined wrong. if you have something that can cut up metal, then its fine, but then i also had to cut off some of the inner plastic for it to fit better. even tho i might have overcharged my gun, it shot great! i was pretty impressed by it, because everyone was saying how it sucked and its a piece of crap. but so far, it isn't. the two stocks are great, and the foregrip has a weight inside that makes it weigh like about a pound. the hi-cap and regular mags are both metal, and they work great. the scope mount rail for underneath the carrying handle is also metal. i would not reccomend getting the $8 dollar red dot sight for this, because i cant get it to line up correctly. but the iron sights are metal, and they are fully adjustable.
by D-trick H. on 2009-02-06 19:47:00
"dude, this gun is awsome, it feels really good, ive had it
and i thought it was great, the fps is wayyy more than it says, it has to be like 350-380, it hurt, thats all i know, but if ur just looking around for a nice CHEAP gun that u just want to screw around with, this is it
by Andrew E. on 2009-02-04 06:02:54
"i've had this rifle before and i had no problems with what so ever with it. but the m203 shotgun is another story. the rings that hold the m203 to the barrel broke. if this happens to u use black tape an it will stay right on.
by Tom D. on 2009-01-21 18:43:27
"I just have to say,im impresed with this thing. I have bought a nice m-203 for it{an R.I.s. version m203,yeah,the rails are strong enough!}it is the best rifle ive ever gun. buy it
by John R. on 2009-01-18 19:35:08
"I bought this gun a long time ago, at the time I didn't know too much about airsoft and it is a good beginner gun. I still use it because it doesn't have too high FPS and for the CQB arena I play at, it gets the job done (and fits within their under 350 FPS rules), however, I am a little worried about its reliability since it is all plastic. With that said though, its still shoots good and hard but maybe not for too much longer... Still not a bad gun. But not for experineced players, it is crap compared to high quality AEGs (Classic Army, Echo1, Tokyo Mauri)
by Tom D. on 2009-01-17 04:40:51
"a great gun overall. it is one of the most expensive guns that can have all sorts of other name brands,so this is the cheapest place that there is for it. it is ok with the R.I.S.,a little loose,but,the M4a1 hand gaurd will do you well. the only thing is,when you are rough with this thing,the front forarm next to the reciever will bust. not a pretty sight. ugly crack. oil is plentiful in the gun,so dont worry about wear or can find extra mags easilt,just remember,star is the best for your mags on this M4A1. god gun.BBBAAAD M-203,keep it on till you can buy a good shel firing 203. great ,buy if you dont got nuddin else,or if you more into compact,buy the cheap G36c for 30$ they have.
by David D. on 2009-01-07 15:36:44
"this here is a great gun it does what i need it to do nothing more nothing less but intime dont knowhow but i do know when and where but my trigger broke is there anyone out there knows how to take it apart to get ti trigger housing so i can replace it i hate to part with this one, its my first so if theres anyone out there let me know!
by GARY H. on 2008-12-17 17:25:12
by John c. on 2008-12-03 15:50:08
"this gun is terrible and not worth the money save ur sixty bucks and but something else.
the construction
-all plastic may not seem like a big deal but it is when the gearbox and internals are also plastic. I got the gun and about 1 week later the hop up broke so i replaced it and about twl weeks after that a gear stripped and in the process of opening up the gearbox it cracked. sure i was a little rough but if it cant withstand my fingers then it wont withstand the process of the gears and piston moving for long.
- next the gun had a great rof and fps wasnt that bad but it was too strong for its own good due to the plastic internals.
- i was unable to fit the battery in the regular hand guard so i had to use the ris all the time.
- finally the m203 is actually a shotgun that shoots one bb at like 100 fps. Its terrible.

All in all you will end up bein better off with another choice. This lasted me 3 weeks my utg mp5 lasted 1 1/2 years and my tm is at 2 years now and still goin. So save the money And get something better
by Chris a. on 2008-11-28 05:29:14
"Honestly the gun isn't to hot. I bought this gun a long time ago. It is good for a beginner gun. But if you are a dedicated airsoft player, don't buy the gun. I did not know much about airsoft when I bought it. It looks very cool so I bought . I recommend to get a better gun and don't be cheap.

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