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Dboy Full Size Airsoft Electric M3181 M4 Grenadier w/ M203 Low Power Airsoft AEG

48 Customer Reviews

by Michael J. on 11/10/2008
"This M203 that come with the M4 is the marui type, you pump to fire like a shotgun.
by chris a. on 10/16/2008
"if your a beginer for airsoft buy this or if you are low on spare parts and a side arm buy this. the gun it self only shoots like 50 to 85 ft but has a realy high rate of fire.the grenade launcher stinks but looks cool,the ris is ok, the peq box is cheap plastic and the magazines are metal so over all i give it a 5 stars but the gun itself is only worth 4
by jeff r. on 09/22/2008
"i just got mine today and it is not as bad as everyone says it is... it comes with alot of great things that u can fit on any other m4's that you may own and the ROF is pretty impressive for a plastic gear box... its fun to use around the house or with your friends but if u are trying to go pro with it think again...if u really wanna go pro get a jing gong m4 they are good and durable and strong as hellllll lol...all in all its a good gun for only 50$ it and see for your self
by Henry M. on 07/21/2008
"Very fun gun to have! I like this gun cause it has good velocity, and includes a lot of stuff.
by joe m. on 06/30/2008
"For the price this is a very nice gun. There are many cool stuff that comes with this, however the crane stock can't support a battery, the grenade launcher is like a spring shotgun, and the peq2 doesn't do anything. The gun itself is reliable (at least for me). I reccomend this for any beginner or anyone who wants a inexpensive airsoft rifle.
by andrew s. on 06/28/2008
"for the price it is a pretty cool rifle. the onley thing i didnt like about it is the m203 works like a shotgun. but other than that its reliable and the crane stock is the best stock ive ever used.
by Jason C. on 06/27/2008
"The crane stock can be used as a nice cheek rest even if it is not used as a battery storage. This gun is just alright. Not a metal gearbox. But has lots of cool accessories. Get a JG M4 instead if you want a reliable M4.
by Myles W. on 06/26/2008
"I have this gun its ok i mean it nothing come paired to my g36c and ak 47 but it still is ok and it good for the price but there are very few metal parts but you can upgrade and change bodys and gaers and it would be a great gun in battle i dont use it much but when i do its comes in handy
by Tupac S. on 06/26/2008
"OH yea buy this gun it gun for a backup hey it worth the money FOO
by Tupac S. on 06/26/2008
"WOW This bb gun was strong and very made a big hole in the cardboard!!! !!! BUY THIS GUN IT WORTH THE MONEY !!! !!! bad thing is the orange cap broked off when i first got it BUY IT I SAID FROM TUPAC HEY IM STILL ALIVE
by christopher b. on 06/06/2010
"this gun is great mostly plastic .its my first airsoft but i love it, get this gun
by Ivan I. on 01/21/2010
"I have had this gun for over a year. I was my first AEG, I bought it when I was green and did not know the ways of airsoft.

First thing first, this is not a super amazing gun... but it is a wonderful starter gun. I would rate it as a fantastic CQB gun as it shoots well with a low fps and a high ROF. It fails at medium to long range as the hop up does not seem to work well.

FPS: Mine seems to be 200 and below, it will not even penetrate an aluminum can at point blank range. The gearbox is plastic and this is a cheap gun, so some may be better than others.

Range/Accuracy: Not great at all. You could maybe hit someone with a clear shot at 50 feet if you spray automatic. Don't expect to sharpshoot or penetrate bushes and other obstacles. A red dot sight is not even recommended.

ROF: This is what is fantastic about this gun, it sprays like crazy, at least 20 RPS. At close quarters with .12 ammo, you can tear things up. Just wind that hi-cap as quick as you can.

Quality: Not fantastic. Better than a gun you would find at academy or wal-mart... but the RIS creaks and shifts, as does the hand grip and fore grip. The pistol grip on the receiver and the receiver seem solid though. The laucher looks badass, but is not really useful in a fight unless you run out of ammo, but even then not all the rounds work in a fully loaded clip and some escape into the launcher body and rattle around. It is mostly there for looks. Don't put heavy metal things on the rails as they are not strong and will fall apart.

Accessories: The stocks are both good, i prefer the crane stock because they have a secret hiding place for bbs in the tubes and i thought that was cool. The RIS is not that great, creaky and flimsy, but it holds things. You must use the PEQ box to hold the battery if you want to use the RIS, it is not a light. The launcher is basically a spring gun with a non adjustable hop up and about an 8 round clip. Mine seemed to shoot to the left with .2s and go way up with .12s. Like i said, just for looks. I prefered to use the hand guards, because they seemed the most solid and held the battery the best. Of course i could not use attachments, but they are not really necessary with this gun, except maybe a flashlight, which i just attached to the upper receiver rail, it looks kind of badass :-) The clips are fantastic, i would say the best accessory, they work in all my friends guns and if you lube them and take care of them, will treat you will. The strap was flimsy and broke quickly, but served its purpose.

Recommended ammo type: .12's
Recommended Range: Short and CQB
Recommended experience: Newbie, FNG, whatever you want to call it :-P
Bottom Line: If you are new to airsoft, get this gun. It would not be upgradeable, but it is very cool to have and is good enough that you can sample the game. Out in the open you are outgunned if other players have quality guns, so stick to CQB situations and keep your head down. I removed the stock and the stock slide thingy and the muzzle flash and the handle and use the hand guard on the barrel and carry this gun as my backup sidearm. Its good for a quick spray and pray situation where you just need to throw a bunch of bbs at a close enemy. I have had it for over a year, and it has not let me down. I have since gotten newer guns, but I still use it now and again or let the new people to our group use it. Nothing like getting shot with your own gun. :-)
by banger s. on 09/22/2009
"Friend bought this with my guidance of "metal gear box" and "at least $60". Somehow, he still ended up with a plastic gearbox M4... so anyways, it's decent.

DBoys, all plastic except barrel and outer barrel, plastic hopup, the "cocking" mechanism cocks back and the hopup cover pops out.

12 hours charge? Bull. Battery came in low, so 2 hours it was becoming warm.

ROF is crazy, honestly, about 20RPS (chrono) stock on a 90% charge. Will empty clip FAST.

Hopup is rather poor, without it turned on and shooting .20's, it will literally drop after 5 feet (no joke).

Hopup all the way, and pointing up, it will reach the 50-75 feet mark, and a bit more with .12's (suprisingly, aim is still quite straight on with Crosman glow-in-dark walmart seamed BB's).

Sling is useless, you can pull it apart with your hands, and the M203 is a shotgun...

WITH A MAGAZINE. Weird, but yes, the M203 has a magazine, and you NEED the 203 to place the battery in (it's not like the Wells or cheap eBay M4/M16's where you put the battery under the RIS).

The "flashlight" is fake. It's a hunk of plastic... lol. Charger gets a bit warm for only being on for a couple hours, but works none the less. Good feel, but M203 is wiggly - secured by one screw and a "pop" type of spring that sort of clicks into place.

And M203 shoots rougly 250FPS, with MAJORRRR hopup. MAJOR as in sends .12's literally a 50 degree angle up (no overexaggeration). Not corrected with seamless .20's, need roughly .25's or .28's to make it work out, but for the price, great gun.

Pros: ROF, ok build, two METAL magazines. Hi cap empties rather fast though.
by brad c. on 09/14/2009
"Now your probably thinking for only $65 this gun must be junk... Well You are WRONG!!! This gun is awesome. Its truly amazing on eof the greatest airsoft deals. Ill start off with the shooting. It has 3 modes, full auto semi auto and safe. It shoots porbably over 350 fps, it says it shoots 200 on the page but its stronger. Next the accessories.. This may take a while cuz there are soo many! Ill start at the stock and work down. It comes with two interchangable, retractable stock. It comes with the LE stock on in the package. I upgraded mine to the other stock. It has a rubber butt pad and is more comfortable. It comes with iron sights connected onto a sturdy carrying handle. You can carry the gun with the handle and it wont break. There r to different sizes for the front iron sights. Next the mags. It comes with 2 different mags. A high cap and a low cap. Now the hand gaurd. It comes with an m16 style hand gaurd and a ris rail. The rail has rail covers. It also comes with a fake laser. Its actually a battery box. You can take off the lower gaurd and put an awesome m203 style grenade launcher. Its pretty much a shotgun in diguise. It shoots 1 bb and you have to cock it every shot. It also comes with a starter pack of bbs and a speedloader and a battery charger. Oh the other stock that comes with the gun, i saw it on websites for over $100.. u get it for $65 and all the other stuff!!! All in all this is totaly sick.. 2 words BUY IT!!!!!!
by Andrew E. on 02/04/2009
"i've had this rifle before and i had no problems with what so ever with it. but the m203 shotgun is another story. the rings that hold the m203 to the barrel broke. if this happens to u use black tape an it will stay right on.