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Dboy Full Size Airsoft Electric M3181 M4 Grenadier w/ M203 Low Power Airsoft AEG

48 Customer Reviews

by Gee L. on 01/20/2010
"this gun is garbage, a friend of mine bought it even after me and the rest of my friends told him it probably wasnt a good idea, now all he does is complain about it... stuff just keeps breaking on it, we chronoed it for shs and giggles and it peaked at 300(when it was still working),

effective range is absolute garbage,hop-up is a joke, rate of fire is average, definately not 20rps like ive read, if u see alot of these reviews saying the gun awesome, alot of them are coming from people who chose this as their first aeg, of course theyre gonna worship it to make themselves feel better about their first choice bc no ones likes to feel ripped off.

and heck NOOOOOO this gun is not good for beginners, infact its bad for beginners, newbies entering airsoft who get this gun are gonna get discouraged after buying their first aeg and having it break on them a week later.

of course it works out of the box, but it will NOT last, and since the internals are plastic its not even worth fixing so your just gonna end up spending yet another couple hundred dollars to replace this broken piece of crap...plastic body is never a bad thing, i actually prefer an abs body on certain guns but how dare anyone trust a gun with plastic INTERNALS!! save your money and the headache and get something better,this hunk of junk belongs at wal-mart, end of story.
by zayne k. on 12/20/2009
dont buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it suxs sooo much!!!
by John c. on 12/03/2008
"this gun is terrible and not worth the money save ur sixty bucks and but something else.
the construction
-all plastic may not seem like a big deal but it is when the gearbox and internals are also plastic. I got the gun and about 1 week later the hop up broke so i replaced it and about twl weeks after that a gear stripped and in the process of opening up the gearbox it cracked. sure i was a little rough but if it cant withstand my fingers then it wont withstand the process of the gears and piston moving for long.
- next the gun had a great rof and fps wasnt that bad but it was too strong for its own good due to the plastic internals.
- i was unable to fit the battery in the regular hand guard so i had to use the ris all the time.
- finally the m203 is actually a shotgun that shoots one bb at like 100 fps. Its terrible.

All in all you will end up bein better off with another choice. This lasted me 3 weeks my utg mp5 lasted 1 1/2 years and my tm is at 2 years now and still goin. So save the money And get something better