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Model: AEG-BOYI-M3181

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by Dominic F. on 2016-06-09 22:38:32
"Great starter gun. I've had mine for 4 years now. It comes with the grenade launcher, which is crap. It shoots one BB at a time and is pump action. It broke after two years. The gun itself fires faster at a higher rate of fire than my full metal $200 rifle. I used this gun in many backyard skirmishes, but I would't take it to a real match. I have had to fix the internals a few times but it still works.
by andrew i. on 2011-11-16 18:46:37
"i bout this gun i love it it makes a good costume prop i love it works nice need to get more mags for it i might just buy this gun again sometime will see what happen buts its a good gun i love it ^^ people who think its bad because they dont no how to take care of it onvessly
by Kristian M. on 2011-07-18 13:16:29
"This is a very good gun for a few reasons.
Its very reliable
It shoots at a great fps for CQB
Even when playing field, it still gets the job done well
However there are two reasons why I dont like this gun.
The PEQ and grenade launcher are terrible to use for sheltering a battery, which means you need to tape the battery to the RIS of the gun
It does not come with a amart charger.
Overall, it is definitly worth $85!
by TED D. on 2010-12-15 22:28:50
"I bought two of these as loaner guns for friends to get into Airsoft. So far they have probably brought 10-15 people into it. They have been reliable for over a year and have shot consistently throughout approximately 30 games. Almost a game a weekend.

i have a chrono and they both shoot 290-300FPS at about 17-18RPS with .20g.
I have surprised people with the distance these things will shoot... 110-125ft. Yes one hundred twenty five feet in a horizontal line, not arcing them. I don't know what people are doing to these things to not make them shoot like mine have.

The mags that came with mine were metal.

Ive never had a jam with the Crossman .20g (I buy those because i have a SAW and it would bankrupt me if i didn't)

For being a cheap gun these have been fantastic. I got my moneys worth out of them both.

I was considering using them as rental stock for my field as a CQB option.
by Hunter K. on 2010-06-12 19:07:07
"Of coarse everyone will think this gun would suck! But let me tell you it is beast and it is a very good gun for the price! I love this gun! i have put 1,000-2,000 bbs through the gun and i have had it for three day and its the best gun ever! I cant stress enough how awesome and beast this gun is!
by christopher b. on 2010-06-06 06:40:17
"this gun is great mostly plastic .its my first airsoft but i love it, get this gun
by Henry A. on 2010-03-13 00:29:51
"The person who complained about the flashlight didn't read the instructions obviously lol. This gun has MULTIPLE places to store your battery. You can put the rail cover on, and have the battery under that. You can mount it in the m203. You can OPEN UP THE FLASHLIGHT (peq2) AND PUT THE BATTERY IN THERE. If you want a different battery, a mini - it can be stored in the buttplate like on a lot of AK47. If you have nunchuck batteries it can be stored in there too.

I emailed Evike if there's any magazines for this gun they told me they dont' sell extra magazines for it. Well when i got it, I tried my JG High Cap. IT FITS AND WORKS!

This LPEG is compatible with JG and other company magazines. AWESOME. The rate of fire is crazy on it! Packs a decent punch for the price too. Charging handle opens dust cover and allows hop up adjustment.

For 65 dollars, it's pretty good. It's my new king of the LPEG wars :3 Doesn't exactly measure up to my MPEGs but that's because this is still an LPEG.'s king of the LPEGS. If you want a M4 to plink around with but won't break after only a few uses, this is it.
by Bruce W. on 2010-02-01 09:27:26
"This gun is great for a person who is just starting out and is on a budget, like me, also this gun is a great deal, $65 for 2 stocks, 2 mags, grip, battery, charger, RIS's, speed loader, and M203 grenade launcher (spring shotgun), with 200-280 fps adds to the great deal, and also I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, it has everything, also I was very satisfied with the service I got, i'll come back to for all of my airsoft needs.
by Ivan I. on 2010-01-21 22:25:01
"I have had this gun for over a year. I was my first AEG, I bought it when I was green and did not know the ways of airsoft.

First thing first, this is not a super amazing gun... but it is a wonderful starter gun. I would rate it as a fantastic CQB gun as it shoots well with a low fps and a high ROF. It fails at medium to long range as the hop up does not seem to work well.

FPS: Mine seems to be 200 and below, it will not even penetrate an aluminum can at point blank range. The gearbox is plastic and this is a cheap gun, so some may be better than others.

Range/Accuracy: Not great at all. You could maybe hit someone with a clear shot at 50 feet if you spray automatic. Don't expect to sharpshoot or penetrate bushes and other obstacles. A red dot sight is not even recommended.

ROF: This is what is fantastic about this gun, it sprays like crazy, at least 20 RPS. At close quarters with .12 ammo, you can tear things up. Just wind that hi-cap as quick as you can.

Quality: Not fantastic. Better than a gun you would find at academy or wal-mart... but the RIS creaks and shifts, as does the hand grip and fore grip. The pistol grip on the receiver and the receiver seem solid though. The laucher looks badass, but is not really useful in a fight unless you run out of ammo, but even then not all the rounds work in a fully loaded clip and some escape into the launcher body and rattle around. It is mostly there for looks. Don't put heavy metal things on the rails as they are not strong and will fall apart.

Accessories: The stocks are both good, i prefer the crane stock because they have a secret hiding place for bbs in the tubes and i thought that was cool. The RIS is not that great, creaky and flimsy, but it holds things. You must use the PEQ box to hold the battery if you want to use the RIS, it is not a light. The launcher is basically a spring gun with a non adjustable hop up and about an 8 round clip. Mine seemed to shoot to the left with .2s and go way up with .12s. Like i said, just for looks. I prefered to use the hand guards, because they seemed the most solid and held the battery the best. Of course i could not use attachments, but they are not really necessary with this gun, except maybe a flashlight, which i just attached to the upper receiver rail, it looks kind of badass :-) The clips are fantastic, i would say the best accessory, they work in all my friends guns and if you lube them and take care of them, will treat you will. The strap was flimsy and broke quickly, but served its purpose.

Recommended ammo type: .12's
Recommended Range: Short and CQB
Recommended experience: Newbie, FNG, whatever you want to call it :-P
Bottom Line: If you are new to airsoft, get this gun. It would not be upgradeable, but it is very cool to have and is good enough that you can sample the game. Out in the open you are outgunned if other players have quality guns, so stick to CQB situations and keep your head down. I removed the stock and the stock slide thingy and the muzzle flash and the handle and use the hand guard on the barrel and carry this gun as my backup sidearm. Its good for a quick spray and pray situation where you just need to throw a bunch of bbs at a close enemy. I have had it for over a year, and it has not let me down. I have since gotten newer guns, but I still use it now and again or let the new people to our group use it. Nothing like getting shot with your own gun. :-)
by Gee L. on 2010-01-20 14:10:26
"this gun is garbage, a friend of mine bought it even after me and the rest of my friends told him it probably wasnt a good idea, now all he does is complain about it... stuff just keeps breaking on it, we chronoed it for shs and giggles and it peaked at 300(when it was still working),

effective range is absolute garbage,hop-up is a joke, rate of fire is average, definately not 20rps like ive read, if u see alot of these reviews saying the gun awesome, alot of them are coming from people who chose this as their first aeg, of course theyre gonna worship it to make themselves feel better about their first choice bc no ones likes to feel ripped off.

and heck NOOOOOO this gun is not good for beginners, infact its bad for beginners, newbies entering airsoft who get this gun are gonna get discouraged after buying their first aeg and having it break on them a week later.

of course it works out of the box, but it will NOT last, and since the internals are plastic its not even worth fixing so your just gonna end up spending yet another couple hundred dollars to replace this broken piece of crap...plastic body is never a bad thing, i actually prefer an abs body on certain guns but how dare anyone trust a gun with plastic INTERNALS!! save your money and the headache and get something better,this hunk of junk belongs at wal-mart, end of story.
by zayne k. on 2009-12-20 11:50:18
dont buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it suxs sooo much!!!
by Manuel M. on 2009-09-30 04:47:29
"Most people think that this gun would suck. No this gun came shootin over 300fps out of the box. It does have a plastic part the its good plastic. the only metal parts is the inner and outer barrel and the RIS system under the carrying handle. The M203 is REALLY delicate. Mine broke after it got hit by like 4 bbs. The gun itself is amazing but most of the parts are real crappy but its a good deal. Oh another thing, the orange tip does come off but if you want to attach a silencer you need an adaptor because the threads are inside the barrel. also if jou got a JG m4 a lot of these parts will fit.

p.s. the gun runs out of ammo easy so buy extra mags if you buy this gun because the gun shoots about 700 rpm

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