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6 Customer Reviews

by Victor B. on 06/19/2017
"I had 4 of these, great distance and accurate. Lost 3 so far, all 4 had the fins break off. I sanded them down a little bit to fit in the tube better and it flys super far (+50 meters). And since they as so slim I can put them in the breach of my M79 and the shell after it. Keep a little on so it can compress and get an air seal.
White color is easy to lose for me, I would recommend a coat of Orange or pink paint.

The fins will break off, expect it. But they fly just as good for me.
by tanner f. on 07/21/2012
"i launch this out of my m203 and i love it other than my first shot i loaded up my shell fully and my whole rockets end part flew of like i expected but it still works flawless
by Vincent L. on 06/05/2012
"This rocket is really fun LOL. I just bought it today and i've been playing with it for about an hour now. When you throw this at a wall, it'll bounce back at you. Its like the Nerf football, but the wings is weaker. But for 2.50, its worth it :D

-Relieves hand stress
-Better than the rubber grenade

-Weak wings, but its worth it
by aaron k. on 08/16/2012
"like vincent said This rocket is really fun LOL. I just bought it today and i've been playing with it for about an 48hrs now. When i throw this at my cell's wall, it'll bounce back to me and my cell mate. it is a nerf football. i had to mod the wing a bit i used some old shanks i had around it is alot stronger now. THANKS EVIKE :-D

-Relieves hand stress after a long day in my cell
-Better than the rubber anything

-Weak wings, but its worth it
by Francois M. on 07/12/2017
"if you're going to put this in any kind of grenade launcher ( mine is a GL-06), prepare to be.... disappointed? the entire tail/fin assembly split in half lengthwise. The head is intact though, so I'll make my own tail/fins now, but yeah, definitely not made to have ~9 bars of pressures pushing behind it. I'd say if you want ammo for your grenade launcher, go for balls, no fins to break there, and I sure you can bulk order from fleebay or alibaba for cheaper than they are here.
by Kenneth K. on 07/31/2013
"I bought two of these yesterday for use in a rocket launcher. The first time I fired one it flew great. But the fins ripped off. Some glue can fix all of these problems, though.

Very nice flight path
Looks OK

Very weak
Hitting a tree branch will make it fall apart
Holding it by the tail or wing will make it fall apart
Dropping it in the wrong way will make it fall apart