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GET YOUR SPRING ON! - 25% OFF (exclusions apply, see details)   Use code: SPRING 42" Deluxe Padded Rifle Case with External Magazine Pockets - Black

33 Customer Reviews

by Steven P. on 06/22/2016
"I did not buy this bag from evike, however I bought it from Code Red airsoft who bought is from evike and I am very pleased. This bag holds well, and the side pockets fit most mags (I have tested AK mags, M4 mags, mp5 mags, and scar mags all of them fit). Tis bag has a very roomy inside allowing carry for very wide guns but is will not fit an lmg. Overall I would definetly recomend this gunbag.
by Ryan B. on 07/17/2015
"This gun bag is great! The sling works well unless using a shorter rifle, but I just use it as a two-point sling. The padding is very thick and is tight enough to hold a smaller rifle or smg.
by Barry H. on 07/17/2015
"This gun bag is extremely high quality and well worth the price. The thick padding provides great protection for your rifle. Five external pockets can each hold a single magazine or various other accessories. The handles velcro together to provide a comfortable grip, while the sling provides another carry option. All in all an excellent value.
by Prasith K. on 07/17/2015
"At this price point, this is a superb gun bag!

- thick padding;
- two zippers that allow you to close the bag in the center for convenience;
- clear window for your business card or your name tag;
- two types of carry handles: use either the hand loops or the shoulder loop;
- 5 large mag pouches that easily fit an AK mag/pouch or 2 M4 mags/pouch (although a little bit tight)
- very sticky velcro that closes the mag pouches very well.

Bottom line: GREAT buy for a well-designed bag! 5 out of 5 stars!

Team "1st-Sword"
by Tim C. on 07/17/2015
"Nice bag - good storage and is very sturdy.
Hold my DBOYS SCAR when you remove the clip.
by Jason B. on 07/17/2015
"It's very nice, has pretty thick padding, and fits my JG AUG with a scope. The magazine pouches will hold a 2000-BB bottle! Overall, an excellent (and mandatory, if you go walking in public with it) rifle bag for the price!
by Philip G. on 07/17/2015
"Best bag for the price. Each pouch can hold 2 m4 mags. Perfect size for an m4/mp5/g36. Too short for an m16 or other long rifle. Lots of padding. All I need in a gun bag.
by Christian D. on 07/17/2015
"very good bag, lots of padding and pouches i use it for my KWA M4 CQB but can easily fit a regular m4, u can fit in 10 m4 mags if you shove them in the pouches. the sling it comes with is good too, i use it on my gun.
by Nigel A. on 07/17/2015
"Very good rifle bag but a slight draw back of only able to carry 10 m4 mags if you really cram them in but I only have 9 so I dont find a problem with it.
by blase b. on 03/24/2015
"great gun bag. thick padding, name pouch, holds plenty of mags, and dirt doesnt stick to the inside. 10/10
by QUOC-TRUNG V. on 06/30/2014
"Perfect bag at great price (20$). It is padded and also has pouches for 5 mags. It is very sturdy.
by Jordan D. on 02/05/2014
"This Rifle Bag is great for small-medium size AEGs/Shotguns. It has a jumbo zipper, a few mag pouches, an adjustable strap, and decent padding. Definitely worth the money!
by Jordan B. on 02/04/2014
"The bag does a good job at holding your gun as well as up to 10 magazines and it's at a really good price
by Arthur P. on 05/17/2013
"Great gun bag! It's affordable holds 5 mags, Yes there is no strap to hold the gun in place but I found with my KWA m16 BR its big enough heavy enough that the padding holds it snug in side the case there no issue with the gun moving around whats so ever!

My only issue was the shoulder strap was broken; the metal clamp that bonds the strap to the bag didn't close so if you shouldered the gun bag it will fall right off testing the padding out upon impact on concrete wasn't happy about that but any duffle bag strap that has working clamps will work.
by Dave S. on 11/29/2012
"This bag does exactly what it needs to do. Perfect for M4 length and under guns. I have a 7in. supressor on my M4 and it will fit as long as the stock isn't extended. But, if you still aren't sure if you're gun will fit, measure it. If it's over 42in, they have this bag in the same style but longer. The mag pouches are a plus too.

If you're thinking about buying this gun bag, go ahead and do it.