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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) eRocket for Airsoft 40mm Gas Powered Grenade Launchers and Your Stress

7 Customer Reviews

by Victor B. on 06/19/2017
"I had 4 of these, great distance and accurate. Lost 3 so far, all 4 had the fins break off. I sanded them down a little bit to fit in the tube better and it flys super far (+50 meters). And since they as so slim I can put them in the breach of my M79 and the shell after it. Keep a little on so it can compress and get an air seal.
White color is easy to lose for me, I would recommend a coat of Orange or pink paint.

The fins will break off, expect it. But they fly just as good for me.
by tanner f. on 07/21/2012
"i launch this out of my m203 and i love it other than my first shot i loaded up my shell fully and my whole rockets end part flew of like i expected but it still works flawless
by Vincent L. on 06/05/2012
"This rocket is really fun LOL. I just bought it today and i've been playing with it for about an hour now. When you throw this at a wall, it'll bounce back at you. Its like the Nerf football, but the wings is weaker. But for 2.50, its worth it :D

-Relieves hand stress
-Better than the rubber grenade

-Weak wings, but its worth it
by aaron k. on 08/16/2012
"like vincent said This rocket is really fun LOL. I just bought it today and i've been playing with it for about an 48hrs now. When i throw this at my cell's wall, it'll bounce back to me and my cell mate. it is a nerf football. i had to mod the wing a bit i used some old shanks i had around it is alot stronger now. THANKS EVIKE :-D

-Relieves hand stress after a long day in my cell
-Better than the rubber anything

-Weak wings, but its worth it
by Francois M. on 07/12/2017
"if you're going to put this in any kind of grenade launcher ( mine is a GL-06), prepare to be.... disappointed? the entire tail/fin assembly split in half lengthwise. The head is intact though, so I'll make my own tail/fins now, but yeah, definitely not made to have ~9 bars of pressures pushing behind it. I'd say if you want ammo for your grenade launcher, go for balls, no fins to break there, and I sure you can bulk order from fleebay or alibaba for cheaper than they are here.
by Kenneth K. on 07/31/2013
"I bought two of these yesterday for use in a rocket launcher. The first time I fired one it flew great. But the fins ripped off. Some glue can fix all of these problems, though.

Very nice flight path
Looks OK

Very weak
Hitting a tree branch will make it fall apart
Holding it by the tail or wing will make it fall apart
Dropping it in the wrong way will make it fall apart
by Jonathan J. on 07/31/2017
"They work... sort of. Fire them with green gas shells and you'll get poor distance. Fire them with CO2 and the fins break off on the first shot, then the whole tail gets shredded within a few more shots. Super glue does not hold for repairs. If you trim the diameter with a knife of scissors to make it less of a tight fit in the barrel, it flies much better with green gas but is still far less durable than the Nerf brand ones. As of this review you can get Nerf Aero Flyer's from HasbroToyShop on e bay for the same price as these off brand ones here.