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by Chris W. on 2010-06-09 12:31:11
"Just got my box of awesomeness and I got a HFC G23 pistol, a hardballer shotgun, a bag of promo bb, a lanyard, a roll of toilet paper, an carabiner, decal, card, cuff link. Awesome!
by Zack H. on 2010-06-07 17:02:03
"just got mine in today! had a $100 scope, $100 metal m4 body, $20 spring pistol, $5 spring pistol, 2 pens, 2 compass', extremely large jacket, mock suppressor, and a dead guy flag. it was definitely worth it lol.
by Matthew B. on 2010-06-07 16:03:04
"Totally worth it I got a jumbo black sharpie marker included with mine... Just like the lotto.... you win some you loose some. You lost a marker i won one.
by Garett K. on 2010-06-04 14:14:40
"my friend got about $500 worth of stuff from this today! GO EVIKE!
by jesse g. on 2010-06-01 12:09:35
"a boat is boat but the mystery box could be might even be a boat
by Jonathon V. on 2010-05-01 07:31:15
"Bought this and i got a ak-47 worth about 120 bucks, 2 high cap mags, and a mag clip to hold them together while playing, also came with a battery and charger! great deal!
by Toby G. on 2010-04-10 09:21:44
"I got one of these a while back, very awesome!
I got:
x1 HFC GLOCK 17 Full Size Spring Pistol (Looks 100% the same as my Glock 17)
x1 HFC NBB PPK Shoots about 200 but also on the first shot like 500, accidently foudn that out the hard way...
5000 rounds black matrix bbs.
Very good deal, the Glock is valued at about 40, and the PPK probably about 25, and 15 for the bbs... so all good!
by mike a. on 2010-04-01 21:24:33
"I bought this and it came with the systema magnum gear box, buy this buy 3 of them!!! Omg! I Just bout this for my brother for his Bday, and we put it in his JG S-system, and it is shooting really hard
by Tom D. on 2010-03-21 10:09:41
"My Friend got a $230 gun for only $30 its nuts he got an ak47 with the ajustable shoulder rest its time this comes out im deffinitly gettin it no dought about it
by alex m. on 2010-03-09 20:46:51
"My box of awesomeness came in yesterday!
I got Holographic sight( $80 ), Mp5k clip( $17 ), an Army Of Two mask( which had a small broken piece to it, but i easily fixed it...$80), and a couple of other random things. Like a blowback slide for the the Glock, and a scope mount! I'm definetly going to order another, or buy a box for a friend as a present. I say it's a great gift, only bad thing is I wish they would actually tell u what some parts are...some were so broken i couldn't tell what it was, but overall GREAT PRICE.
by kyle p. on 2010-03-08 14:53:50
"I just got mine and im sooo happy i paid $39.00 for the shipping cost and the box and got the
CSI JG Airsoft 47 Semi and Full Auto Electric Rifle - Metal GB worth $200.00 when i looked it up on several website on sale at most for $130-140, i am extremely happy and will continue to shop here.
by chris t. on 2010-03-08 13:46:38
"woo just got my awesomeness and let me say it is quite awesome. in my box i found one awesome folding pen, an awesome evike sticker, and a tactical ak 47 with folding stock and full r,i,s hand Gard. ya thats amazing for 30 bucks. the box for the gun says csi but im pretty sure its JG which is at least $100. im not a fan of the ak-47 but i am now (until i get my m4 working). thanks evike definitely going to keep shopping hear

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 46 reviews)

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