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The Mystery Bag

46 Customer Reviews

by alex m. on 03/09/2010
"My box of awesomeness came in yesterday!
I got Holographic sight( $80 ), Mp5k clip( $17 ), an Army Of Two mask( which had a small broken piece to it, but i easily fixed it...$80), and a couple of other random things. Like a blowback slide for the the Glock, and a scope mount! I'm definetly going to order another, or buy a box for a friend as a present. I say it's a great gift, only bad thing is I wish they would actually tell u what some parts are...some were so broken i couldn't tell what it was, but overall GREAT PRICE.
by kyle p. on 03/08/2010
"I just got mine and im sooo happy i paid $39.00 for the shipping cost and the box and got the
CSI JG Airsoft 47 Semi and Full Auto Electric Rifle - Metal GB worth $200.00 when i looked it up on several website on sale at most for $130-140, i am extremely happy and will continue to shop here.
by chris t. on 03/08/2010
"woo just got my awesomeness and let me say it is quite awesome. in my box i found one awesome folding pen, an awesome evike sticker, and a tactical ak 47 with folding stock and full r,i,s hand Gard. ya thats amazing for 30 bucks. the box for the gun says csi but im pretty sure its JG which is at least $100. im not a fan of the ak-47 but i am now (until i get my m4 working). thanks evike definitely going to keep shopping hear
by Ben B. on 03/04/2010
"Friggen awesome i got a brand new CM028S, 1 extra high capacity magazine, a barrel condom, and a black set of hand guards and pistol grip
by Aaron C. on 03/02/2010
"This is the 1st time I've been able to cash in on this deal, since I've been ordering a bunch of stuff lately, I went for it.

Scored a 'CSI' (Jing Gong?) Aks47, folding stock, with battery, charger, 2 mags, Evike pen, & barrel cover.

The gun itself is definitely not top of the line, but for 30 bucks, it's a steal! I tested it, it works great so far. It really just had some small blemishes & scratches, but i don't really care about that either.

by Scott D. on 11/28/2009
"I have bought 2 of these and both of them were well worth it. Some of the stuff in it is so good that I am dumbfounded by the awesomeness.
by Barry M. on 09/27/2009
"I heard someone got this and got a systema ptw cqb version for only $$30 and so i bought the bag of awesomeness!
by miguel c. on 09/23/2009
"lol yeah but you could also get like a giant turd or a block of salt :) jk guys evike is awesome!!!
by sam a. on 09/05/2009
"This bag is SUPER awesome! You could win like anything!
by kyle d. on 03/14/2011
"so i got my box of super awesomeness today and it was decent, i got...
- a somewhat used face-mask but still good
- 1000 .2g bbs
- a XL Mil-spec desert camo long sleeve tactical shirt
- a HA-119 springer pistol with silencer
- camo lighter
- and a broken spiderman type of thing that hangs on a wall
- evike rubber bracelet
- some sort of just add water towel

so it was ok, definitely over 30 bucks so cant complain
by Ben A. on 08/30/2010
"I got my case a while ago. It was well worth the $40 I invested in it with the shipping.

I got:
Magpul Hi-Cap Dark Earth Magazine
Replica Magpul CTR Stock
Bag 500 Matrix .20g BBs
Plastic Mp5-Type Magazine (Holds 500 Rnds.)
Evike Carabiner
Broken Tactical Flashlight (I couldn't fix it)

Overall it was worth at least $40, not a lot more, but you get your money out of it, especially if you were to order it with another order and get free shipping.
by jesse g. on 06/01/2010
"a boat is boat but the mystery box could be might even be a boat
by Keith S. on 01/06/2010
"so i recived my box last week and it came with some great stuff! i got one mp5 mag, one ak mid cap, a bag of 12g hi polish bbs. and a molle vest. the vest was a very nice vest with many pouches on it. i tried to look up the vest to see what it was worth but the only tags on the vest were "TRC gear" and "Vipper USA" i could not find any info on either brand. so i have this nice molle vest and i have no idea who made it.

on closer inspection of the vest, ie: taking some of the velcro off, i found that it was broken.

the vest has some metal cables running through of these was snapped in half. so it came broken.

other than that, seems worth the $40 i paid for the box and shipping.
by Debbie C. on 09/26/2009
"Dose any one ever win anything good?? I dont want to spend 30$ for nothing
by Laurie Davis D. on 09/23/2009
"this is a really cool idea and its full of awesome items. and i just got lucky, but they also have internal parts in the box, so you could just get only part of an airsoft gun if your unlucky
but still its a cool idea