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The Mystery Bag

46 Customer Reviews

by Brody T. on 04/13/2013
"what i got was pretty awesome seeming how i got one of the things i wanted:

-evike resealable bag ($.60)
-bbs ($1.50)
-pocket tool/knife ($3.00)
-zombie hunter patch ($5.00)
-pro-arms camo coin bag???????? ($10.00-$20.00)
big dragon flash hider ($15.00-$30.00)

over all i got my moneys worth
by Richard Z. on 04/09/2013
i got


30 x 110 silencer

Revision Desert Locust Fan Tactical Goggles Essential Kit

zombie patch


evike swiss knife
by Jaromir E. on 04/08/2013
"Was simply awesome!
- H&K baseball cap
- Zombie Killer Patch
- 30x110 barrel extension
- 500 BBs
- little keychain utility knife
by Pao X. on 12/12/2012
"Lets see. My bad weighed 2.8lbs so i thought i was gonna get a pistol LMAO, but i didnt which i didnt really mind. List of stuff i got tho:

2x Airsoft Guide
1x High Cap PMAG
1x Snow wolf Mag
1x Large 9mm Tatical Xtac Knee Pad
1x Magpul PTW ASAP Ambidextrous sling
1x Promotional BBs
1x Evike Durag thingy

all for $15 bucks! I can't complain LMAO.. Now I'm anxious to see what the 12-12-12 Box of superawesomeness will contain!!
by Mark S. on 12/11/2012
"What could be better than not knowing what you got in mail!!! Especially when you pay for usps and they upgrade you to ups ground!!!! Just when I was start to get disappointed with evike they go and release this!!!
Next GET TWO they are worth it

This is what I received

2x field guides-4$ lol awesome

P-mag high cap-

M24 magazine- 10$

Promo bbs-

Evike neck thingy

Y&p USP tomb raider gas nbb-40$!!!!! Awesome except for the fact that I only have co2
by Victor A. on 12/06/2012
"I was extremely pleased.

I got

1 M4 Stock - $85
1 500 Matrix BBS - $2 ?
1 Evike patch - $6
1 Airsoft Con Raffle ticket ?

I definately got my moneys worth. Thanks EVIKE!
by Noah L. on 12/06/2012
"$8 Edition:
Just got mine. Got an evike globe patch, foam rocket, bottle of 500 .20 bbs, and a mil-force bag for pistol mags. Worth it!
by delores a. on 08/11/2011
"Evike is AWESOME
i check like EVERY single day for these!!!
by Kris L. on 08/09/2011
"This was a load of fun. You not only get that anticipation high from waiting for a ups truck, but you also get the excitement of not even knowing what is inside! I would definently recommend everyone to get one if you can. I got mine at an off hour late at night, though it may have been there all day I didnt see it, if you see it don't hesitate just buy it.

What did I get?

500 rounds of .2 evike bbs, haven't tried em yet but i imagine they are nice.
American flag patch with velcrow for you to sew or iron on.
A huge patch about the size of bumper sticker.
Smaller patch
A silver glock springer with a little fake suppressor. Very cheap quality but still fun to plink with, and i didn't have a plinker gun.
Support our troops bracelet
And the big finish...
Revision locust military goggles with all three lenses. I think they value out to about 90$ with the three lenses. I got tan, best part is i almost bought these a few weeks ago. Total win for me. Turned 30$ into over $100, I love it :)
by MP J. on 03/09/2011
"Just got mine in.

CM028 Full Stock AK-47. Brand new in the box. That was the highlight of mine. Even if I hadn't recieved the AK, there were enough goodies to make it will worth the price. It's just fun to get a box and not know what the heck is in it!
by gerald t. on 03/08/2011
"so here it is: I got a csi ak-47 all wood/metal came with two clips verrryy nice, a heavy weight springer, a realitivly weak looking gas pistol, some bbs, a gun case, a flash hider, a bb tracer, camo apperal, and two little plastic dudes with mp5s and pistols, awesooooome. All this out of two boxes :) :)
by blake w. on 03/02/2011
"What a great product!!!! I got a modular operator plate carrier with mag pouches worth over $120!!!! and lots of other great stuff!!!! love you evike _3 :) !!!!!!!!!!
by Carole G. on 02/11/2011
"Holy crap this thing is sweet i got mine today and got over $200 worth of stuff!!!
-m4 ris rail worth over $80!!!
-batteries from 2004
-and a sick heavyweight springer around 325
I have a lot of co2 pistols so it was cool to get a springer and a good one at that!!!

thanks evike!
by Ben D. on 12/12/2010
"GREAT Box i got a 300 round m4 mag a M3x tactial flashlight bbs a short rail and carribners a scope cover amd random littel things lookin foreward to next offering of bax of awsomness
by Eliot T. on 10/16/2010
"OMG This is pwnage i got an m203 an holographic sight and a roll of tolit paper and a pen