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Airsoft Sniper Rifle Upgrade Kit for APS Type96 Shadow Op MB01 MB05 Snowwolf M99 M24 & Comp. Sniper Rifles

17 Customer Reviews

by Agustin D. on 07/09/2017
"Never chronoed it stock, but my MB05 now shoots about 400FPS with .40G BB's. Which is too hot for my local field, but if your field doesn't have a limit this is a good buy.
by Gregorio V. on 03/09/2017
"Jumped my L96 from 425 to 530 with Valken .20s. Currently using .36 and am loving it. I still have a stock barrel and hop up unit. only other thing i switched out was the trigger box, and that has nothing to do with the FPS. I'm not sure what brand my L96 is, got it from an open box deal.

In my opinion/experiance
-Huge upgrade
-super easy to install, being able just to remove the bolt from the gun without taking the upper half of the gun apart.

-doesn't tell you what spring it is
-makes the gun a little louder
-stronger pull, which makes a louder spring locking noise
by Austin T. on 09/16/2015
"this came with my shadow ops (that i'v had for almost 2 years now) and after buying a bunch of expensive pistons, spring guides and springs i went back to this kit and it made my gun 50% quieter, more accurate, consistent and smother than the expensive parts i bought, I'am never replacing any of those parts except the spring, because it will ware out.


-it only fits smaller diameter springs
(not that big of a problem)
by Daniel I. on 01/26/2015
"This spring, guide, and piston upgrade kit helped put my CYMA M187 around the 520-540 FPS range with .20 on a poor mans chrono. I have done other mods on the gun so I probably gained around 30-40 FPS from the kit.
by Anthony H. on 07/09/2012
"I installed this kid into a few rifles and would have to say, works great!
With proper tuning i was shooting 400fps with .43gs and hitting targets at 280 feet
What most don't realize is with a few DIY mods, and a kit such as this
Much can be achieved

Well Built
Easy Install
FPS boost
280 feet was achieved accurately, 300ft was max range

A metal trigger box will still be needed to install a spring larger than a 170 safely
by Ian M. on 06/18/2012
"I don't see why ppl keep saying this breaks their trigger boxes, I've had this upgrade over a year and I've had no problems with it, upped my fps enough to get kills at 200ft when it's not windy, the only slight annoyance is that it made my gun louder, but all you gotta do is just make sure no one is close too you and take your shots when they are 100ft away or at least 75ft away and they won't hear anything, or if they do it's already too late. Overal cheap price good performance.
by David H. on 05/10/2011
"I have been running this upgrade kit in my well mbo4 (yes I said a well) for over a year now (and yes they can last that long if taken care of, the gun is now 3 years old). The only upgrade in the gun other then this kit is a 6.01 mm tb and up up unit. I had the gun chronographed on a mad bull about a month ago using echo 1 .20's and it chronoed 525-535 (It also has a small spring spacer (~1in) in the cylinder for extra power). If you want a good upgrade kit without spending hundreds this is the way to go!

-price (can't beat it)
-easy to install, if its your first upgrade it'l take 10 min
-Isn't so strong itl break your trigger box

-Probably will not get your gun to 600fps and stay there after wear in. (about a ~$500 setup)
by James Y. on 10/22/2010
Replaces plastic spring guide/piston
Over 500fps upgrade
Easy installation (UTG L96)

Tough pull on bolt (longer reload times) at least you can feel the spring strength

by James Y. on 10/06/2010
"This review was for my UTG L96, I don't know if this will apply for other L96 models.

Great upgrade for the price. Easy install since you only need the cylinder.
I added a metal 1 piece hop up, a 650mm 6.03 inner barrel, and a new hop up nub and bucking and made this an actual sniper rifle capable of reaching 300ft+ and being able to hit a man sized target 8/10 times in the chest. With all those upgrades I was shooting between 540 - 550 fps (stock my rifle was shooting 460) with .2s. I used .3s or .36s in actual game play to get my results. When I installed this kit I could feel a noticeable difference in that the bolt was harder to pull back.

Easy install
Great addition to any other upgrades
Does add fps and range (though not as much without all my previous upgrades)
Replaces the cheap plastic piston and spring guide

Will add more resistance to bolt pull back, hence more time in between shots. (To be expected though)
by Nick T. on 04/10/2010
"This is upgrade kit is amazing! It is really easy to install (took me like 5 mins) and comes with easy to read, step-by-step instructions. It greatly increased my fps and accuracy.

easy to install
Better fps
Better accuracy
Cheap (relatively)
Metal parts

Makes shooting a bit louder, but not too bad

Over all a must buy for the utg l96
by kenny w. on 03/13/2010
"This kit is sweet, I went from 478 fps to 533 with .20 and with .43s it shoots consistently at 371.

you have to get just the right amount of tightness applied to the brass piece that holds the spring in place, to tight or to loose it loses some compression. i think as soon as you start to feel some tension it's good to go, just have to take your time and do some crono work
by John B. on 06/17/2017
"I own a SNOW WOLF M24
easy install - all the parts fit perfectly in the stock bolt
went from ~400 fps (.20 g) to ~530 fps (.20 g)
i recommend up grading your sear
by Samuel O. on 01/14/2014
"Pretty good upgrade for the price. I'm using this set in my DE Shadow Ops L96 Sniper Rifle.

- Strong material, aluminum is very strong and scratch resistant.
- FPS is increased quite a bit.
- Pushes .43 gram BB's easily and with great accuracy.
- Ball bearings are nice, spring doesn't twist and get stuck on the spring guide.

- After a few hundred shot, I took apart the cylinder to check how everything was and I noticed the spring was bent in multiple places. I'm not sure why or how, but after a while, the spring was weird looking. Power output was mostly the same though.
- Padding on the front is thin; I recommend a sorbopad to dampen and quiet the rifle.
- Very powerful at 100 feet or less. I made my friend bleed in the back at 80 feet. He was very unhappy.
- I had to get a metal trigger box because the plastic one is too week and the piston in this package has a 90 degree end for the metal took to catch on.

Final thoughts
- For the price you should consider it to test if getting those higher end upgrades is something you'd like to do. Angel custom parts are very good. That will be my next order; Angel Custom parts! Hope this helps. Happy Airsofting!
by Vaughn B. on 03/11/2013
"This is good for the price but it does seem like it is either a cheap metal or a really strong plastic. That shouldn't stop you from buying it. It works very well and will hold up to any challenges that you throw at it. For 30 bucks you can't go wrong. This is in my Snow Wolf M24 Sniper Rifle and i absolutely love it. The spring it comes with is a bit longer than the normal spring which makes the bolt harder to pull back but that isn't really a big deal. Overall I would give this product a 4/5 stars because of the cheap look it has to it.
by kr y. on 04/24/2011
"Well I have had this kit for awhile, and after the first few times firing it broke my plastic trigger assembly, so I decided to buy the Pss96 zero trigger to replace it. Now it works great. For FPS I got about 430 with .3g bbs. But this set is nice and not too pricey. 4/5 stars because it broke my stock trigger (was a lil old anyway).
If you want more accuracy you should get a tight-bore barrel.