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by Corey R. on 2016-02-22 16:22:23
"This is a really good sniper. I put .36g bbs in it and it cantata through about 20 feet of brush and still go about 150 feet. It does double feed occasionally and when you pull the mag out 2 or 3 bbs will fallout. I recommend this to anyone although I do recommend doing some minor maintenance work on it such as the difficulty of the pullback (I used a couple of sticks, duct tape,and oil and it was much better).
by Dacodah O. on 2016-02-11 19:05:23
"This was my first gun. I've gotten an AEG, a shotgun, and three pistols, but this gun is still my baby. But, I -made- it my baby. Let me tell you how..

When I first got the gun, it was pretty great. It was NOT -dead on- accurate, and there were misfires/flyers here and there, but it was pretty good overall. I used it a lot, and I realized it was a very temperamental gun.
What I mean by temperamental is that it would perform good, but sometimes it would start to fall out of acceptable standards. This led to me taking apart the gun quite a few times and tweaking some things here and there. [ie., tightening grub screws, adjusting the trigger, Teflon taping the cylinder, ect.] So, if you want consistency, you'll probably need to be hands-on with this gun and 'open up the hood' a couple times, so to speak.

After a while, [around 5000 shots] the hop-up started to go, which led to double-feeds and frequent flyers. And so, I knew it was time to upgrade. HOWEVER, to upgrade mean ordering from an online store based out of the Czech Republic. [Evike sells some basic upgrades too, I got the extended charging handle, a bipod, and some Madbull hop-up buckings from here.] has some really high quality upgrades for this gun, and I got an inner barrel, [it takes an AEG type inner barrel!] a silencing piston head, a mock suppressor, [and the adapter it needs because this barrel is NOT threaded] a reinforced trigger catch, a reinforced piston, and a juicier spring.
After all these upgrades, there are hardly any flyers, [these can be caused by bb quality anyway] NO double feeds, and the accuracy is -spot on- with no fly-off. Consistent bb drop every time.
These upgrades were not cheap, I believe they totaled about 200 dollars, and I was scared that they wouldn't work seeing as how they almost doubled the price of the base gun. But they DID work.

So, in conclusion,
YES I would recommend this gun to beginners of airsoft.
Why? Because it's a springer, so it's simple in design. It's got pretty good accuracy and power right out of the box. It can also be somewhat temperamental after some use, but that be fixed by taking it apart which encourages figuring out how the gun is built and works [which isn't that hard, and I recommend on any gun anyway]. It's also the kind of gun that you can EVENTUALLY dump some hefty upgrades into and it will become a beast. You shouldn't be scared that 'there are no upgrades for it around here', and that the high-end upgrade shop is in the Czech Republic, it's worth it to order from there and I've seen upgrade kits for other guns go for more than double what I've put into mine.

It's a great gun, folks. It's my baby.
by Dustin C. on 2016-02-11 06:25:44
"This gun is amazing,it's not really that hard to load each shot, but you do have to pull pretty hard but that's just because the spring is huge and puts out a lot of power. The scope is made by matrix I think and it's like 16 dollars or something like that and with a scope this rifle is even better.

Very accurate
Very powerful
Easy to find parts for
Cheap magazines
All metal,except the foregrip

A little hard to pull back but not too bad.
by Benjamin N. on 2015-06-26 10:35:27
"This is a great sniper. It hits hard and the bolt is suprisingly easy to pull considering all the 12 year olds complaining about it. The gun is made of low quality but durable "metal" and the stock is made of plastic. The only problems I have with the gun itself is that the metal parts have a cheap and incosistant coating. I expect the powdery coating to scrape off over time. The stock seems to be cheaply made out of multiple plastic parts that are welded together at points. It does it's job well non the less and looks good. The mag works great but i'd feel better if they had lips to guide the bbs better. I am not having double feeding issues so i'm happy. Affter a shooting test I found that is is very accurate at long ranges, and most importantly constistant! The included cheek rest is very helpful when using a scope too. Now the trigger I expected to be very spongy after handling it unloaded and uncocked, however, when cocked and loaded, the trigger is fine. I dont feel that it needs any work or upgrades which came as suprise. No I can imagine this gun has many lemons. I got lucky and received an exceptional product. Overall I like how this gun functions, performs, and looks. It could be a little more refined, but as a sniper rifle, this is the best i've ever used. I highly recomend this if you are tired of refilling gas mags or reloading CO2.



Heavy hitting @ around 500FPS
Suprisingly light bolt considering above
Spring (no need to refill CO2. Yay!)
Aftermarket upgrades and parts availible
Iron sights
Cheek rest
Tight fitting mag
No double feeding like the A&K gen 1
Quick and easy access to internals
Acurate at long ranges


Cheap coating on metal parts
Poor quality control
Some parts feel unrefined
No lips on mags
Stock is cheaply made
Stock pad is smooth plastic
by Julie W. on 2015-06-01 14:45:32
"I've had the gun for a good 3.5 years and it still holds up great , the only problem with mine is that the stock broke on it a month ago, however this is replaceable and after 3.5 years that's what I'd expect with any gun
by Caleb P. on 2015-05-28 18:04:25
"I've had this sniper for about 14 months now.
full metal
large midcap
good range when sighted in
high fps
when you take the mag out, 4 bb's will always fall out
awful hopup (hard to get to and hard to find)

do NOT use any bb's that lighter than .30g! this sniper will NOT be accurate with light bb's.
I highly recommend this sniper as it needs no upgrades out of the box.
i also suggest saving money and getting the ak scope mount (~$25) and any scope instead of using the SVD scope ($125). I use a AIM 3-9x40 scope and it works great.
I also suggest getting an allen (hex) wrench tool with multiple wrenches on it to find the right size to adjust your hopup.
by Patrick G. on 2015-01-22 20:03:54
"Update to my previous review.

At the time of my first review, I had only had the gun for a few days and hadn't even skirmished with it, in addition to being a noob at the time.

From the beginning, I had double feeding issue, and an issue where it would not fire every few rounds, in addition to making a very loud sound occasionally when fired that sounded like something slamming against something else. However, at the time, the gun fired most of the time, so I ignored these issues.

After about a month, the weapon began to fail even more, hardly firing 50% of the time, but being a noob and using black bb's, I did not notice even though I was getting no kills (Which I attributed to being a noob).

The hop up is nigh impossible to get to, so accuracy was skewed, but it did shoot hard and accurately when it actually did not double fire or misfire.

I stopped using it when I got a tri shot airsoft gun.

I used it again about a week ago, and it would not fire 90% of the time. I just wanted to test it out. When I brought it back inside, the stock fell off. Both the stock receiver on the gun and the stock had broken.

I do not know if I got a specifically bad gun, though this is likely because it had problems immediately. But just based off of my gun specifically, I have to give it two stars.
by Dylan L. on 2014-11-08 12:01:16
"I've had this gun for a year and a half now. I waited to write the review, because I wanted to see how it worked over time and I was not disappointed!! This gun shoots very hard at a minimum of 470 fps with .2 gram bb's. ( evike chronoed it for me) it is very solid and the only plastic parts are the stock and hand hard, but I haven't even had any problems with them either. I'd recommend bb's higher than .3s because I use .3s and the hop up still curves them too high fully unadjusted.
In short:
All parts are metal except hand guard and stock
Shoots above 470 fps
Accurate (even with iron sights)
Looks awesome!!
Tons of replacement and upgrade parts
Takes aeg springs
Easy take apart(one lever)
Very hard to cock (I reccomend extended charging handle)
Safety doesn't prevent bolt from moving(just doesn't let it fully cock gun)

Over all an amazing starter sniper rifle for beginners or veterans!!!
by Patrick G. on 2014-10-14 22:39:58

-Shoots straight, hop up came in perfectly adjusted. Would recommend anything above a .25 and below a .30.
-Durable/Sturdy, nothing feels like it will break on this weapon.
-Magazine feels sturdy, it is not a high cap of any kind, no winding required
-Easy cleaning, low maintenance.


-Mag wobbles a bit
-Mag does not hold 60 rounds, probably closer to 30 or 40.
-Double feeds frequently which can easily screw up your next 10 or so shots and dirty the internals of your gun
-Bolt pull is a bit heavy, after maybe 150 or so pulls it got easier. After it gets much easier, the extended bolt handle really doesn't matter. Just use a glove 'til it gets looser.
-Front sight tends to drop at random times. It's adjustable with a wrench, but I just taped it from the bottom to stop it from dropping.
by Quinn D. on 2014-07-31 20:52:47
"I received this weapon on time and in good condition as I was buying to try the "sniper" loadout in airsoft. It is very good in terms of build quality, many will tell you the bolt is tough to pull back, and it is, but with a little lubricant anyone can pull it as much as they like. Buy this gun if you are an experienced sniper, but if you have never used airsoft snipers dont bother. I recommend first time snipers to use a proper bolt action such as an l96 or bar-10.
by annamaria h. on 2014-06-10 14:19:21
"I just got this gun and its AMAZING! I've been shooting a box approximately 150 feet away and have been hitting it every time. It's not hard to pull back at all after you break it in. I am 13 and pulled it back no problem. I recommend gloves, airsoft lube, and .30 gram bbs.
by Charles L. on 2014-05-21 03:36:52
"Gun is nice and sturdy all around. OD green is a nice mix. Shoots very accurate and straight as I was using .20's however I will be using heavier bb's. Mounted a scope mount and scope and a bipod, looks very aggressive.
Only issue I have is it sometimes shoots 2 bb's out and the pull. I have since gotten use to it however it is still a struggle sometimes. I will lube it and try it out otherwise I will be using it in the field. I would recommend saving your money and get the AEG version. Everything about this gun is GREAT. Love the looks and the way it shoots, wish I would have gotten the AEG.

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