Reviews: Angel Custom "OMEGA" Pro Zero Trigger System For VSR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

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Model: AC-VSR-KIT05

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by Steven R. on 2015-08-12 18:49:46
"Does not work with the Echo1 M28, the screw mounts are too small for the stock mounting holes and the O ring for the piston was a little to big so it gets caught in the cylinder....other than that I don't see why it'd be a problem with a vsr- 10 clone.... Trigger system is ready for use which is convenient
by Maria K. on 2015-02-08 06:38:58
"when i first got this it looked promising and it was it works great and i don't see it breaking any time soon only bad thing with it is that the screws i got with it were WAY to long for it so i have to cut it down to the right size for it to work

i really like the ac trade mark on it(more personal preference tho)
its metal
light trigger pull

the screws were way to long

since a lot of people can't cut down screws or do not want to i would have to give it a 4/5 cause i really shouldn't have to to cut it down in the first place it should of came with the right size screws.
by Justin A. on 2013-10-28 21:33:32
"I've had this set for about a years now with an M190 spring. This trigger set not only can stand up the the pressure of that spring, but it has a very smoothe trigger pull. The only difference you'll notice externally is no safety. A definate 5/5, though.
by Joe S. on 2013-07-01 14:47:07
"I've been using this for about a month now. I've put around 500 rounds through it, still holding up with an SP170. I plan on using an SP190 soon so I can use .43g bbs.


-Durable beyond my expectations

-MUCH easier to pull back the bolt

-Looks cool

-Trigger pull is next to nothing (it goes off if you accidentally bump the careful)

-Works with the JG BAR-10 VSR-10 (with a slight modification to the trigger guard screw, you have to make the rim of the top of it smaller since you have to use a different trigger guard)

-The key to upgrading your VSR-10


-COST!!! It's more than most rifles!

-Installation required modification (with a JG BAR-10)

-Tiny trigger sear (grease or metal shavings from the piston will cause misfires)

-Can be dangerous (always keep your gun unloaded)

Overall: You get what you pay for. If you can afford to upgrade the rest of your rifle, then you NEED this. Very satisfied. Good job Angel Custom.

*Again, be careful with this as the trigger is extremely sensitive!
by Kevin F. on 2013-06-16 19:59:44
"I am very happy to announce that this zero trigger was a literal drop-in upgrade for my SD702, which in a pre-upgraded version of the SD700. I had slam firing issues that I hope to fix with a zero trigger and piston. However, I heard that the 90-degree pistons were not compatible with the SD700 cylinders because they were slightly thinner in diameter than the VSR-10 cylinders.
The piston that came with the Omega zero trigger fit perfectly in the SD700 cylinder. It was a very snug fit and the cylinder head screwed in tightly so I would achieve perfect cylinder compression.

Very fine job, Angel Custom.
by Mark S. on 2013-04-02 08:53:48
"This is the best quality Zero trigger you can get for the price!! If you by this then you will have to do some mods. Ie cut your trigger guard a bit. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already in the product description. The difference between the Omega and Alpha is that the alpha has a safety but it is just a reinforced trigger system. It should hold up like the Omega idk if it will hold for a 190 spring. But you will still have the heavy trigger pull.

If you ever think you will upgrade your rig to a 190 then get this and save your self a lot of money. If not then go with the alpha.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)