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Matrix 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Sniper Scope w/ Mounting Rings

18 Customer Reviews

by Brian L. on 03/24/2012
"This Scope is Awesome! the 3x to 12x variable zoom on this scope is flawless, and the eye relief is decent. When mounted, this makes any gun look like a beast. Currently it is mounted on my SR25. Only negative to this scope is the scope mounting rings it comes with. Because of its massive size, the scope requires mounts that have a higher profile or else if you have a full length rail, the front of the scope is touching the rail. A riser will also complete the job, raising the scope slightly off the rail so that there is enough clearance.

Big scope
variable 3x to 12x

Mounting Rings need to be Higher Profile to raise the scope off the rail
by Dobae P. on 07/07/2016
"Powerful zoom, and great design.

It has mil dots on the inside not lines other than the cross itself. And it comes with 2 ring mounts and a 2" extended scope tube to dim the sights.

Pros: Zoom slider is easy to work and also has a so far unnoticeable (+ 0 -) eye relief adjustment directly in front of your eye. This will help focus the further away shots.

Cons: You could have recieved a broken scope as I did, my Red reticle doesnt work at all on all powers, Green does but I may never use color at all any way.
by Michael F. on 06/21/2014
"Horrible scope, very dissapointed. Sadest thing, is that it has the potential to be a great scope, ESPECIALLY for the price, but it doesn't focus. At x4 zoom it's clear. However any higher zoom, it won't focus. I mean x12 is focused... but only at about 500 feet... The whole point of zoom in airsoft is to track where your bb lands, which way the grass is blowing, etc. I try using the focus adjustment, and it just gets more blurred. So the obvious solution, turn it the opposite way (for less blur right?) but the least blur is still overly blurry. So basically i have a nice sniper rifle, nice (looking) scope that is very large, but it's essentially a 4x50mm scope, NOT a 4-12x50mm scope. In all honesty as well as my sniper rifle is shooting, i think i need more like a 6-24x55 or something. Even if i have to invest 200$ in it, that'd work better.

One thing i like is the scope shade (which is removable) it adds about 3" from the end of the glass. Makes it look better. However the most important part i like about it is that the scope cap is a perfect mount for a scope shield. Go to homedepot, get yourself a small piece of plexiglass (shoot it on the ground to make sure it's bb proof), cut it, then mount it to the scope cap. The scope caps are loose on the scope (constantly end up sitting crooked), however if you take some tape you can lesson the space between scope caps and scope, creating a much more firm connection.

Great with x4 zoom (only)
50mm is less tunnel vision

Doesn't work past 4x zoom, at least not for me. I assume it works for others since it has good reviews, i guess i just got the bad one.