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Angel Custom Advanced PSS2 APS Type 96 Precision 100% CNC T7075 Aluminum Piston

8 Customer Reviews

by Austin T. on 11/13/2015
"first off this is the same as the angle custom one, it only increased my fps by like 10, but it did give me a little better accuracy and a little more range, no real complaints other than my gun got a little louder then before over all i rely liked this product and would recommend it to some one looking for a good metal piston.

-increased fps slightly
-little better range and accuracy
-is metal

-made my gun a little louder
by Matthew D. on 11/13/2015
"Paired with the Laylax piston head in my TSD SD96. Much better than the stock piston/UTG upgrade kit piston as well. Fps only fluctuates within 6 fps, 419-424 fps with .40 bbs.

Great air seal with laylax piston head
more affordable than the laylax piston

by Donovan E. on 10/29/2014
"this is a great product, i bought it for my utg l96, it increased accuracy 100%!! and the consistency of hitting a target, well worth the money, but make sure you buy the Angel Custom spring guide with it for best fit!
by Brandon G. on 09/04/2014
"this is a great product, i bought it for my utg l96, it increased accuracy 100%!! and the consistancy of hitting a target, well worth the money, but make sure you buy the polarstar spring guide with it, or else the trigger will not catch/ fit into place with it.
by Larry G. on 09/04/2014
"Here is the real deal when it comes right down to sniper parts in general. Not all parts are compatible with different makers. With this being said for example AGM L96 MP002 & the AGM MP001 only have a few parts that will interchange:hopup,trigger assembly,back end of the bolt and handle. For the rest it is just extra parts taking up space in your closet. Note: people should not confuse these two items I just mentioned with the VSR series due to them being totally different in size and parts. I know first hand that the PolarStar items that are for VSR-10 will not fit (WONT FIT) at all on the AGM MP001 & MP002. The parts are of high quality and would have used if I had a VSR-10 which I thought I had to begin with. You also need to not fall into deep with some of the reviews due to unexperienced individuals passing along unwarnted information. Hope this helps you the reader in the future from wasting time and money and gettin on to more important things like having an airsoft battle.
by Shawn G. on 02/26/2013
"Great build quality. Fits my UTG L96 with the "Angel Custom PSS2 Power Accuracy Piston Head for APS Type 96 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifles" This WILL take the larger 9mm springs. It fits my Laylax and Angel Custom springs.
by Walter C. on 03/06/2012
"A must have if you own or want to work on your WELL MB-01 series sniper rifles. This piston will make a world of difference. Polar Star and Laylax pistons are also very nice but they are in my opinion too pricy with no justification. I do custom sniper rifles for the local Airsoft community and I can honestly say that the recent Angel Custom parts are nicer than Laylax in terms of performance and build quality. I highly recommend this item and you can safely expect more than your expectations buying these.
by Dustin N. on 08/06/2011
"At a glance, it is just as nice as the Laylax / PSS2 one, but the anodize seem to be even nicer. This piston is much nicer, lighter and more durable than the original and will increase FPS and accuracy much more because of it's ability to simply work smoother and create better air seal with the piston head. A must have!