Reviews: First Factory - 3 Element Piston for APS2 & Type 96 sniper rifle

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Model: PT-FF-PSS2-3E

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by Larry G. on 2009-09-22 13:40:22
"Here is the real deal when it comes right down to sniper parts in general. Not all parts are compatiable with different makers. With this being said for example AGM L96 MP002 & the AGM MP001 only have a few parts that will interchange:hopup,trigger assembly,back end of the bolt and handle. For the rest it is just extra parts taking up space in your closet. Note: people should not confuse these two items I just mentioned with the VSR series due to them being totally different in size and parts. I know first hand that the PolarStar items that are for VSR-10 will not fit (WONT FIT) at all on the AGM MP001 & MP002. The parts are of high quality and would have used if I had a VSR-10 which I thought I had to begin with. You also need to not fall into deep with some of the reviews due to unexperienced individuals passing along unwarnted information. Hope this helps you the reader in the future from wasting time and money and gettin on to more important things like having an airsoft battle.
by andrew b. on 2008-10-25 22:13:07
"dude wtf does it or does it not fit into the agm jg l96 sniper rifle?
by isaac z. on 2008-06-30 17:41:03
"well if u get this get the cap for it also it dosent come with it this is great for ur L96 and i would only get it if u have the upgraded spring for it. Also buy the guide that is in back u can find all of this by searching APS2

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)