Reviews: PolarStar Muzzle Thread Adapter for the APS Type 96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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Model: AD-PS-MCT-APS96

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by Jarrod E. on 2010-11-06 16:14:59
"This is the Adapter you would need if you have the UTG l96.. I know this because i have bought it and it works...

YES! It Works With UTG/Maruzen Type 96 Rifles

Seems to be made out of a light metal yet the Outer smaller thread might be a Plastic? i cant really tell.. this concerns me because if you were to attach a surpressor and you accidently hit the surpressor against a Wall it might Crack the Outer threaded nub CLEAN off...

The Best part about this is that inside the adapter contains a Small O-ring so that you can actually Pass a longer inner barrel through the adapter straight to your supressor which is why this adapter is more Expensive.

Lastly, the L96 rifle is Long enough already.. if you are planning on extending your inner barrel you will probably have alot of trouble finding a Rifle Bag to accomidate such a Long Rifle ESPECIALLY with a Surpressor on the end....

**Note: When Skrewing the adapter onto the barrel, there will come a Point when there will be ALOT of resistance as if you are about to OVER Tighten the threads.. this is not the case.. what happends is when your skrewing on the adapter the stock barrel will slowly come through the O-ring giving you the resistance.. so just continue skrewing until your Adapter is Flush with the outer barrel...

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)