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PPS Hopup Chamber for A&K SVD Series Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifles

4 Customer Reviews

by Ian L. on 01/01/2014
"great hop up unit... a must have for your a&k svd. the hop up adjuster strips too easy on the stock hop up. get a new bucking when you buy this and it will be the best sniper you can buy.
by Nick G. on 10/11/2013
"This hop up unit is great, especially for $20. It didn't totally solve my double feeding issues, but it does make it possible to adjust hop up without removing the scope mount/scope and receiver cover. Definitely worth the money.
by Max K. on 03/29/2016
"First off, to anyone that says this gun double feeds either before or after a new hop up... You're wrong. It's not the hop up. There is an extremely easy fix... Go to the gym. Work on your arms and then you can forever stop the double feeding issue, because the gun ONLY double feeds when the bolt goes back in a slow stutterly like motion, like when people try to pull the bolt back but can't, so they put a little more strength in and manage to get it. They shoot and complain that the gun double feeds . Every time the bolt goes back a bb is loaded, so if you can't pull the bolt back SMOOTHLY it will double feed. Your welcome.

FOR THE HOP UP: it is not an upgrade from the stock hop up. It doesn't fit inside the barrel assembly that well, and as nice as the hop up wheel is when it comes to not needing any tools, it's reallllly loose. So you are going to have to re adjust all the time. And it seems as if it's not even adjustable, for me it's either all the way up, and any turn less is like having no hop up at all. Like I said its loose so it the wheel can rotate by itself which is really annoying.
Also the gun misfires all the time. Because it doesn't fit just right, the bb won't shoot and gets destroyed and cracked and jams up the whole gun. By the way, this is with .3 golden ball bbs not any crap.

Can work at times, not a complete bust

Doesn't stay adjusted
Doesn't fit the gun very well (Yes, I have the a&k, it still doesn't fit perfectly)
WORSE than stock by a land slide.

This IS NOT an upgrade. This is a repair part for people like me who broke their hop up to begin with and needed to fix it. The Airsoft pro one is probably way better but it's out of stock so...
by Rowdy J. on 08/17/2015
"I got this for the adjustable hop up and i kinda wish i didnt. I had no double feed issues with the stock hopup and now im getting all kinds of misfeeds like double loading, not loading at all, or smashing bb's in half. Ive moved what i assume to be a feed adjuster to no avail. Only out 20 bucks but i couldve spent it on something better. Time to go back to stock it seems