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Model: AEG-Lonex-02

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by Johnnie L. on 2015-05-05 23:16:59
"I ordered this rifle about a month ago. As soon as it came in the mail, i immediately slapped on all of my accessories(MOE handguard, MOE pistol grip, tan stock, T1 replica)Leaving the rifle looking even sexier than when it first arrived. I used it in game for the first time about a week later, and went on a 7 kill-streak and wiped out the entire opposing team in my game with the rifle! This thing performs amazingly! Its got a full metal body, a bolt catch, is wired to the rear crane stock, and is crazy accurate. would definitely recommend!

-full metal receivers
-functional bolt catch/release
-Absolutely insane ROF(using a 9.6v NiHM!)
-Super accurate at long ranges
-crisp trigger response
-dial hop-up , very easy to adjust
-420+ FPS!

-Very picky buffer tube. I don't believe its Milspec, but I struggled simply trying to put my own crane stock on
-trigger guard wobbles a lot

The pros DEFINITELY outweigh the cons with this rifle, certainly worth the buy!
by Matthew H. on 2014-09-16 06:46:49
"I purchased this gun two months ago and have now used it a couple of times. I am very happy with it. For the money, it is the best gun I have ever seen. I have worked on many guns (g&p, KWA, Ares, combat machines, JG, CYMA, etc), but this guns internals beat them all. The box I received said this was the newly updated Lonex gearbox. Here is a rundown of the gearbox:
-Steel spring guide w/ bearings
-Steel 8 mm bushings (super reliable)
-polycarbonate, half-tooth piston with all steel teeth
-heat treated, high torque gearset. They are no longer self-shimming
-low resistance, anti-heat wiring
-Ported piston head with bearings and corrected AOE
-polycarbonate air nozzle w/ inner o-ring

As for externals, it is rock solid with no wobble or creaking. The finish is very nice, and the gun has a nice amount of weight, without being unmanagable. (I'm 6'0" and 175 lbs)

To top it all off, the stock barrel and bucking are extremely nice. The gun is very accurate stock. It blew my roommate's KWA out of the water. The only con is that the stock motor is the Lonex A5, which is a TERRIBLE motor. I replaced it with a Lonex A2 and deans wired it, and my new ROF is 20 rps on a 7.4V 2500 mAh 20c battery.

In Conclusion
-fantastic gearbox
-great barrel and bucking (average hopup unit)
-comes with a flash mag
-fantastic externals
-takes well to upgrades ( I have changed the barrel, cylinder, motor, flash hider, and handguard)

Bad stock motor (slowish trigger response and ROF)
by David C. on 2014-05-15 12:29:11
"I recently purchased this Lonex M4 after I found out my CYMA AK-47 was a lemon. With Lonex being a smaller company, I was a little nervous about investing in one of their guns. However, as soon as I used it, all my fears dissipated. Honestly, it's one of the best M4 I've seen. The outer metal/polymer construction is rugged, the internals are some of the best stock ones you can get for this price, and the FPS is perfect for field use. I also really like the flash mag included with it. It saves so much time when loading.

-Great price for such a nice gun
-Durably built, inside and out
-Good ROF with 9.6V battery
-High FPS
-Flash mag included

-The mag wobbles a little bit

All in all, it's a great M4 and I would highly recommend it to beginners and veterans alike.
by chris l. on 2013-12-27 13:06:35
"Lonex makes really good guns, i purchased this gun and got it in three days
Anyways this gun has really good internal parts along with a full medal body (they were not lying about that) its has good amount of weight to it like an ar15. This gun has amazing accuracy and range to it with .23g bbs. I would reconmend this gun to u no matter if ur a con or a pro
by Dunren C. on 2013-12-12 18:40:46
"This is a great and very reliable gun!
-390-410 fps w/ 0.23 bbs so really good for field. Left huge welts on my friend after a game from 75 ft.
-25-32 rps w/ a 11.1 Lipo. By the way, it's actually Lipo ready! yay!
-very good range and accuracy out of the box HOWEVER, I got a 6.03 tightbore and it is better now.
-FULL METAL body is pretty strong and doesn't feel cheap like some brands.
- Sights are right on target but I got a red dot scope.

-Evike doesn't sell the RIS versions but if you do get a rail with it like me, get the AIM Sports ones. They are the only ones that fit for some reason. The gas tube does prevent you from screwing in one screw but it doesn't have any wobble anyways.
-Stock is a little wobbly but it's not a big deal.
-Can't put stock to the 1st position. The battery stops you.
-Plastic Flash Hider. I was expecting a metal one.
-Too hot for some fields, but who cares.

Overall, for the price you can't beat it. Despite the little cons, the fps and rps and everything else out of the box is amazing. Best gun under $300 you can get!

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