Reviews: WE-Tech Open Bolt M4-SOL Carbine Airsoft GBB Rifle - Black

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by Andrew T. on 2014-03-29 18:01:24
"This gun is by far the best one I've ever owned. The gun is awesome. The wight and functions are so realistic. I have two problems though. My dust cover won't close with the bolt forward. This is fixed by locking the bolt back and closing the dust cover. The other is my rail is like a millimeter off. That isn't a big deal either. I went to take the orange flash hider off and it was really on there. I ended up unscrewing the outer barrel extension before the flash hider came off. I was hoping the outer barrel would come off because I wanted a 10" 416. The flash hider came off not long after a little boiling water touched it. If you want an hk416 that is realistic go far this one.
by khalen l. on 2013-12-09 19:05:51
"This is a great gun if you are looking for realism.


1.)This gun has the same kick that a .22 magnum AR has.
2.) It shoots pretty hot at about 470 fps with .20 with the CO2 magazines, I would
recommend getting the RA-Tech NPAS for this gun. No need to get all the steel upgrades as they increase wear and tear on the gun.
3.)The trigger is crisp and the action is smooth as butter.
4.) Good range.


1.)The accuracy is substandard with the stock hop up bucking. I would recommend upgrading to the REAPS A+ bucking or the angel custom Guardian V bucking to increase range and accuracy. 300 feet is not a problem with the REAPS bucking installed. You do have to file down some of the edges on the barrel where the bb goes in so that the REAPS will fit properly but a little file and round the edges down and you are golden.
2.) I hate the hop up adjustment on this gun, it is probably the worst designed hop up adjustment system. In order to adjust it you have to pull out the bolt carrier group.
3. The flash hider is plastic which makes it hard to take off and replace because it is glued on very well.

Overall thoughts: This is my favorite GBBR and anyone who wants something that is easy to maintain and will give you very realistic recoil and little upgrading needed to have a 300 foot gun, $35 in upgrades and you will have a superb gas gun.

Tips: Get the REAPS bucking for this gun, I don't like the REAPS for the AEG's but on gas guns they perform very well. Also get the NPAS as it will allow you fine tune your hop up. Use Tech T gun sav grease for the o-rings for this gun and some standard high temp automotive axle grease on the metal parts.
by Ruani T. on 2013-11-15 15:42:54
"The gun shoots well. It has a nice kick, rate of fire, accuracy, and looks quite pleasing to the eye. Mine came with a faulty trigger disconnect, but it was quickly repaired by the trusty Evike RMA team! I can only say good things about the gun, except maybe upgrade to RA-Tech parts if you want a more reliable replica. Other than that, I would highly reccommend this if you want to deviate from the standard M4A1 that seems to be flooding fields.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)