Reviews: Angel Custom "THOR" CNC Aluminum Piston w/ CNC Steel Teeth for Airsoft AEG Rifles

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Model: PT-AC-AEG01
Location: D10-133

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by Evan D. on 2015-03-13 08:26:02
"Decent piston. replace the teeth for some steel teeth and it'll last quite a long time.
by spencer h. on 2015-02-16 19:00:27
"This piston is absolutely awful, the attachment point for the piston head gets absolutely destroyed within just 50 or so shots even though i had it professionally installed. Don't waste your money!
by Andrew N. on 2014-10-05 16:52:14
"A lovely piece but it is slightly too small to stay in the guides in the gear box. It first twisted in the aluminium, Angel Customs gear box and then in the stock G&G. When it does this, it jams and damages the piston and I had to pull the gear box apart with the spring fully compressed twice.
by James D. on 2014-08-14 01:13:07
"I put this in my stock, Echo-1 G36c because the teeth on my polycarb started to wear down and eventually shattered into 3 pieces. This piston is amazing. Looks nice, great construction.
Overall, Good buy. Would recommend.
by richard w. on 2014-08-14 01:12:10
"a wicked piston for high power springs i run this piston in my ics m4 sniper with a sp 170 spring and torq gears never had any problems with it..and you can also run it in high speed set up to..i drilled holes in it to lighten up the piston for high speed...
by Alex E. on 2014-08-14 01:11:49
"had this for awhile it hasnt boke/broken anything. gives some really cool recoil with a m130 it rocks the gun and feels really cool on full auto. it doesnt really show any drop in fps/rof. overall god buy
by Carlton A. on 2014-06-09 11:52:37
"Probably one of the worst pistons out there. The teeth break and bend within 1000 shots (I was only using a M90 spring!)
Don't buy it. Find a SHS blue Piston and use that
by Patar W. on 2014-01-23 02:33:43
"This piston is amazing, but, highly recommend that you be an experienced tech for this piston. The reason i say that is because this is a 14 tooth piston, which requires you to remove the last tooth off your sector gear, if you dont, you will have the piston come forward before the gears are out of the way, shredding it and making it sound god awful. This is important that you do this! Now, this is considered short stroking, so, you will loose FPS with this piston since it isnt being pulled back nearly as far. BUT this will give you a faster cycle time and trigger response, but only by a small margin. I use this piston in my custom gun, V.2 gearbox with a Madbull M110, Modify Torus Gearbox shell 8mm, 8mm bearings, Angel custom cylinder (red silent piston kit), SHS piston head, G&P cylinder head, this piston, standard ratio CNC steel gears by BRAVO, and a Lonex A3 motor. Shimmed correctly i am getting 24.5 RPS on a 11.1 lipo which is perfect for me because i am on a profesional team and my gun must be milsim legal (25rps down) and my gun shoots 330FPS with a +/- 2 fps with .28g BB's, which roughly equals about 390~ FPS. Overall, i really like this piston, and its extremely strong. I have used a lot of different pistons, Raptor Airsoft, Madbull, AIM, and out of all of them, i feel like the teeth on this piston are stronger, or just better made. Now, dont let the fact that its an aluminium body fool you, because it is still very light. It is heavier than a Madbull piston, but, only by a little. Which, for a set up either below 30rps or over an m130 spring, this piston is perfect.

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)