Reviews: AIM Co2 High Power Gas Blowback AK SVD Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle - OD Green

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by Zech B. on 2016-07-09 16:18:55
high FPS
co2 gets easily stuck in mag
hop up needs a super small allen wrench (hex key) to adjust
mag is wiggly
often dosent load bbs

First of all I really like this gun even tho there are lots of cons i like how it fires (when it acctually loads in a bb) but i would not get this gun until another better virson comes out because there are other little problems that i didn't say that are very frustrateing . second I had to return it twice because the outer barrell fell off completely. that was very frustrateing.
by Kevin M. on 2015-08-18 17:34:23
"I'ave had this gun for a few months, its been really consistent shooting, however I had a hiccup, but this was entirely user error. I disassembled this gun before using it, and a pin fell out of the back of the bolt. If this happens, MAKE SURE TO PUT IT BACK CORRECTLY. If it is not put back correctly, the gun doesn't load bb's half the time. This is because that pin goes through the back of the bolt, which hooks through a spring on the back of that plastic inner-bolt. To fix this, when you push the pin through, put it in at an angle so the pin and the bolt form an obtuse angle towards the front of the bolt. this is to 'hook' the spring. You'll know you got it when you feel some resistance to make the pin straight. I found it helpful to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to guide the pin back straight from the other side.

The pins which hold this gun together have fairly low tolerances, so i recommend putting some hot glue over them so they don't bang themselves loose during normal play.

There is one other thing I found annoying with this gun. There are set screws holding in the decorative metal 'gas pipe' which would aid the semi-auto action were this a real gun, and to hold on the fore-grip. On mine, the one holding on the fore grip was stripped, so the fore grip is a little too lose (it wiggles a little), and I can't fix this. I haven't tried removing it, because I don't know if i'll be able to find a suitable replacement.

When getting this, BUY A SCOPE, because the built-in sights are trash. They support vertical, but not horizontal adjustments.

The leather cheek-rest works if you don't use a mask, but if you do, you NEED to take it off.

The construction of the gun is sturdy, the metal feels very strong. The parts which need to be durable are, but i'd prefer if the inner bolt was metal instead of plastic (i think that'd be the first thing that'd break). The trigger has a comfortable pull weight, and the kick isn't too powerful. One thing i'd change with the main body of the gun, is to put a piece of silicon between the front part of the upper receiver and the bolt, because when that bolt comes forward, it REALLY comes forward. The metal clanking is enough to give away your position from a hundred yards.

I haven't used this too much yet, so i'll update this review as I get to use it more.
by Fidel V. on 2014-07-24 18:02:59
"If you are looking for a compact light weight sniper rifle with good range, look no further!! I got the OD color but here is the review anyways.

High power right out of the box with no modification needed.
Compact and portable, I am a fan of lighter equipments.
Spare magazines are decently priced.
SVD scope is awesome. I got the bipod too!

Won't work well in the snow due to cold weather and gas compression, but this rifle has the co2 magazine available which completely solves the problem.
by Mike C. on 2014-07-24 18:02:30
"I've used this rifle in two games, and both ended up being some of my best in terms of KDR. It's accurate, it's powerful, it's got great range, and aspiring snipers should totally get one.

Even though magazines are expensive and adjusting the hop-up is a hassle, these are very minor complaints for a rifle with this kind of performance.

Also: Normal AK scope mounts are compatible with this rifle. Trust me, you're going to need one.
by Daniel R. on 2014-07-24 18:02:02
"Okay, so i got this gun yesterday and it wasn't a pain to assemble, although loading it is kind of troublesome but not impossible (don't use loader it comes with because it doesnt work and the cheap plastic scraps off onto your bbs and into the mag anyone who knows airsoft knows this is a bad thing). Okay the gun shoot good and hard and the recoil is like that of a .22, so its nice. THe trigger however is very sensitive and does double fire and even triple fire, this is no good because the Co2 isn't given time to charge properly. I would like to know if anyone can tell me a good way to fix or replace the trigger system.

Shoots hard and far out of box (when it fires single shot)
recoil is satisfying

Hand guard is a little wobbly (nothing a shim wont fix)
Double or triple fires due to very loose trigger causing weaker shots
magazine is kind of a pain to load but i don't see you reloading a 22rd mag if you're a good sniper.

Overall if you can fix the trigger or if there is a better fitting one available i'd give this a 5, it is a good gun though.
by Andrew H. on 2014-07-24 18:01:29
"Had to convert a magazine to a 1/8" bulk feed CO2 bottle. The 12 gram canister changing is completely insane. After the following adapting, it is a dream weapon. Used a dummy CO2 adapter and drill a hole in the side of the mag to attach a 1/4" standard CO2 quick-release nozzle. Use some teflon tape for the nozzle-threading into the dummy CO2 adapter. If you are somewhat mechanical, this should be a reasonable task. The magazine shell comes off pretty easy if you have a metric allen wrench set: 2 screws. Watch out for the two levers at the top that are part of the ammo feed mechanism. You can see the lever at the back of the mag to the left of the gas nozzle. You can press it down with your finger to see how it works. Those fall off when the magazine shell is removed if you have it tipped the wrong way, so work on a clean work surface and pay attention.
by Andrew H. on 2014-07-24 18:00:31
"The gun is great

I recommend sticking with the black.

For one co2 cartridge you get about 2.5 mags of shots. I'm working on upgrading one of my mags to a bulk co2 tank using some parts I found on the internet from co2 experts.
by Ian B. on 2014-07-24 17:58:53
"I love this gun so much. You can't even see the bbs, because they are so fast!

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)