Reviews: Classic Army FN Herstal Licensed SCAR-L Airsoft AEG Rifle (400 FPS) Black

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Model: AEG-ScarL-200932

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by Cristian V. on 2016-05-26 17:14:33
"This gun worked amazingly. I go to an outdoor field, so having 380-400fps was amazing! After adjusting my scope, I was hitting people at great distances. Shoots really straight. Only thing that offset it was the wind. My MK16 cane with a barrel extension, and with that on, my fps went up almost 10fps! The mags it comes with feed great for hi-caps and it accepts many M4 mags.

•Great Out-Of-Box performance
•Highly customizable
•Fully ambidextrous
•Very fun and sleek
•Hop up is clear, so pulling the charging handle actual shows if you have bbs loaded and how many are loaded.
•The 500rd hi-cap is so fun to spray with

•Had to remove the stock to put in a 9.6v, but it wasn't too big of an inconvenience

by Wendy B. on 2016-05-26 17:14:14
"Great gun I highly recommend it. It has a surprisingly good ROF out of the box. The other reviews say you can't put a 9.6v in it but I managed to pretty easily using a tenergy butterfly type.

Good fps
Good ROF
Feels good in your hands
Very accurate

Maybe a little heavy so I bought a sling but nothing big
The stock is really cheap feeling but also doesn't feel like its gonna break either

Overall its the best and most accurate gun I've ever had
I am also going to get a monster motor to increase the ROF even more
by Adam G. on 2016-05-26 17:13:56
"This is my 1st real airsoft gun(the springers I had 10-15yrs ago don't even rate next to this), so I had both high hopes & expectations for it & I was not disappointed.
Even though it says battery not included it did come with a 8.4v on top of the two 9.6v's & smart charger I ordered for the gun so I am very happy about that. I tested the gun with the 8.4v just to see what the gun could do & stress test it.

Very accurate @ 75+ feet with little or no hopup, good ROF on semi double & triple taps made easy, feels solid in your hands. I put some 3000 rds out of it switching between semi & full in 15-20min the motor & battery got really hot as expected & preformed as well as I hoped until the battery got too low to keep up, it had passed my test...... then I put the 9.6v in & I saw what it really could do & had to pick my jaw up off the floor.
by Samuel R. on 2016-05-26 17:13:14
"I bought this gun five days ago and at first I was really happy with it. It had good fps and I love the look of the scar. But when I played my first game with it the folding stock broke, so I wasn't able to keep it full length. and this gun has a very small battery compartment so if you plan on getting a lypo or any other type of battery, this gun probably wont be able to hold it, unless you drill a hole in the back of the stock an attach a pouch like I did

- high fps (around 410 or 430)
- all metal (except the stock)
- takes m4 mags
- is lypo ready

- stock brakes VERY EASILY
- its a pain to get a different battery for it other then the one it comes with
- the iron sights that come with it are not very good (it would be a good idea to get a scope)

I dont regret buying this gun but you may have to replace the stock like I am going to do.
by Janusz W. on 2016-05-26 17:12:36
"I just purchased this gun for myself for Christmas, and i have to say this gun is amazing. I borrowed my friends chrono and it was shootin 409 FPS with .20 and 391 with .25. Here is my list of the pros and cons.

No Wobble
Feels Great in your Hands
Shoots amazing
Rails fit all optics: Picattiny rail
Great build
7mm Bushings
Cool Echo1 trademarks
Metal and polymer are amazing quality
Heavy, realistic( could be a con for some people)

CONS: I personally havent found any major cons to this gun
The rear sight sucks, popped off on second day of use
Not sure if it was just mine, but i need to shove my mags in really hard for it to stay

Otherwise this gun is great, i recommend it to anyone that wants it.
by Christian W. on 2016-05-26 17:12:08
"this is The MOST Amazing gun ever. have had it for a year now and with a 9.6v battery the gun hasn't changed a bit. its awesomely amazing. sometimes on single fire my gun will fire three bb's at a time but i think its just my mag. BTW the mag this gun comes with a mag that holds 480-500 rounds. this gun right out of the box is already upgraded and everything. it comes with a good battery (8.4 i believe).

by Karen S. on 2016-05-26 17:11:47
"i got this gun last year, and i have constantly had fun shooting it, yet the gun has some downsides.

Fps is hot.
very nice construction
intimidating look
working charging handle

CANT fit a 9.6
rof is kinda bad out of the box

Overall i would buy this gun if i were beginning airsoft or looking for a gun other than m4s which everyone has. if you put the time and effort into it, it can be one heck of a gun.
by Shelby S. on 2016-05-26 17:11:22
"The ECHO 1 ASC or the SCAR L is pretty good for beginner and competition style skirmishes but the only thing that i dont like about this model is that the stock wont fit a 9.6 battery unless u take the back of stock off and make some changes with the battery space but i would just suggest u get the scar h because the battery compartment is bigger and u dont have 2 make room for a 9.6 because they put more room in the stock
- FULL METAL upper reciever
- comes with barrel extenson
- rail system
- folding sights for when u want optics
- battery compartment is crap cant fit 9.6
- wires r exposed when stock is folded
by James K. on 2016-05-26 17:11:01
"this guns a beast. awesome feel great look high rof and fps. it is not full metal but the only thing i didnt like about the gun is that the folding stock feels like is gunna break soon but i might be wrong this is my first echo1 purchase and it was a great buy a 9.6 v would probably be nice but it is not needed at all. I personally i got the holy cow 5$ sale and put a red dot on mine because the sights are crappy and probably used as backups. GET THIS GUN!!!

good fps
good rof
echo 1
highy durable plastic and some metal

folding stock is a little wobbly no big deal unless u have OCD
evike lies not full metal but close enough
mid cap jams a ton

m4/m16 use same type of mag so gets an a&k box mag for an m4 and then put it on this for LMG!!!!
by Christian W. on 2016-05-26 17:10:41
"Amazing gun!! i have had it for about 4 months and not a problem. great look and feel. i recommend getting a 9.6v battery for it. i love this gun and you will too.


high fps (370-440)
fast rof
folding stock
great feel



get this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Russell B. on 2016-05-26 17:10:20
"GREAT!!!!! Jmy bro got this gun for me and it rocks he had it built for lipo and it kicks butt and nevr stops shooten i highly recomend this gun!!!!!!
by Christa P. on 2016-05-26 17:09:56

full metal
version 2 gear box
3 way adjustable stock
nice rate of fire out of the box
good distance
easy to adjust hop up
lots of rail space

wire connecting the battery in the stock to the body
gear box is a pain in the but to remove

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