Reviews: AIM Russian Classic AK SVD Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Sniper Rifle - OD Green

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by Dylan C. on 2016-06-26 08:34:31
Hurts alot

Gas only last one mag
Mags are expensive (35$)
Mag wobbles a little

If your willing to buy several mags to get over the gas then this is a must have.
by Za S. on 2014-05-12 08:39:50
"The SVD Dragunov is a well-made gun unlike the real one. I shot someone at 200 feet and the guy said that it felt like being shot by an assault rifle from close range. It has a solid construction and a nice weight and feel to it. It has an average of around 550 FPS with .20 BBs for the first 10 to 15 rounds. Then it goes down to about 520-530 FPS. For the last 3-5 rounds of the mag the bolt does not go back all the way and the BBs arenít loaded, but if you cycle the bolt it will fire. Over all it is a very nice sniper rifle, but I would suggest it as a secondary weapon for the foreign militiaman because of its weight and mag capacity. The stock does not come attached and is easily secured by three screws. The front sling mount is located at the front of the hand guard. It still can take the standard AK bayonet and sling.

Realistic Blow-Back function
Evenly distributed weight
High FPS
High mag capacity for a GBB Sniper
Light trigger pull
Easy access to GBB internals
Low profile
Long Barrel for increased accuracy
Very accurate with iron sites
Realistic safety that only works when the bolt is cycled

Gets heavy after a while
Not very accurate at long ranges without a scope
Gas only lasts one mag
A little loud

Over all the SVD Dragunov is a well-made gun. I would suggest the Matrix AK style rail mount so you can mount a red dot sight for close range targets or a scope for medium and long range targets. It is worth your money and is very reliable. Again, I would suggest this as a secondary weapon because of its weight. I would suggest using.23 gram BBs so that the gun is more accurate at long ranges. Itís a little loud but when youíre vegíd up it doesnít matter and the slits in the hand guard allow you to put vegetation in it.
by Max S. on 2014-01-07 11:42:05
"Was the last on at the Evike Superstore and it was the floor model!

Didn't have any signs of wear or test use, mag wobbles but never comes out with out
pushing the mag release. Full metal with a great black paint job, and very sturdy OD green poly grips that don't wobble or move at all like the A&K Springer. The cheek riser looks good but gets in the way of looking down the sights for an adult, kids though it's helpful. Hefty and Long gun! This has the longest of any barrel in airsoft and the accuracy to go with it! Even stock I'd still buy a 6.03 tightbore or possibly find a Miracle Barrel and throw some heavy .36 . 40 or .43 gram BBs down range, this gun definitely has the power to push it! Doesn't sound like a .22 has a much beefier slide sound but has a lot of power! My one of the few cons with this gun is that I can't seem to be able to adjust the fps down to be field legal at place here around So. Cal so for now I use it with friends in the mountains to play in private. I found an SVD scope mount and just ran a 6x scope and zeroed it in and was keeping heads down all day. The mags to stick, lube them up and your good, buy spare o rings these do fall out after a while so find a way to keep them in the fill valve. The front sight did get loose after a short while, just take a torch and melt solder they used to fill the screw and it'll fall out then take an allen wrench and tight it up any time it gets loose but for me so far it hasn't. And loading the mags can be a pain by hand, I found that loading the first BB then pushing it down with a penny or guitar pick and Then using a speed loader makes things a lot easier but definitely not something you want to do on the field so get extra mags, I though do wish I bought the Co2 mags because only new cans of Propane or Green gas can really fill that mag properly.

- High Power
- Good built quality
- Decent Hop-Up with .30g
- Decent Accuracy
- 22 Shots, auto reload
- Large Gas Mag capacity
- Durable internals
- With a proper PSO-1 scope thing looks like the ultimate bad guy sniper!

- Front sight gets loose *just tighten
- Mag Wobbles
- Difficult to Reload Mags
- Takes a lot of Propane/Green Gas * Buy Co2 version and keep it well lubed
- Have to buy an SVD only scope mount not SVD/AK or it will slide off, may take some testing
- Didn't come with a very good Manuel * May just be me, i did buy the floor model

Enjoy it if you get it! - Captain Max, Rebel Scum Airsoft Club, Lake Arrowhead, Ca
by Tim H. on 2013-11-22 10:14:55
so darn heavy and the blow back function hits you like a kick!

but there are cons!

this time the weather is verry cold ... so you could just fire about 4 shots till the gas is empty

so verry accurate and powerfull... snipers must have !!!
by Michael M. on 2013-03-17 16:36:35
"This is not to bad of a gun for the price. many great things about it that makes it stand out from the rest but also some cons that draw it back.

power .28g was 500-520 fps
decent accuracy
looks amazing (full metal besides stock and foregrip)
blow back feels like im shooting a .22 long rifle
easy to open and get into internals
mags are easy to clean

trigger did get stuck at some times and wouldn't fire
with all GBB it wont shoot too well under 45 degrees Fahrenheit
mags are tough to load

over all if your willing to take time to tune the gun and work past some flaws its fun to shoot. its just not my cup of tea to engage targets at distance. its mags are too heavy and hard to reload
by Fidel V. on 2013-02-18 01:05:25
"If you are looking for a compact light weight sniper rifle with good range, look no further!!

High power right out of the box with no modification needed.
Compact and portable, I am a fan of lighter equipments.
Spare magazines are decently priced.
SVD scope is awesome. I got the bipod too!

Won't work well in the snow due to cold weather and gas compression, but this rifle has the co2 magazine available which completely solves the problem.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)