Reviews: VFC Elite Force M4 4CRS Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle


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Model: AEG-UREX-2279065
Location: A4-079 V7-M05 WN2-M02

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by Victor L. on 2015-03-18 21:14:02
"Outstanding gun, great quality

-Full metal(Could be con depending on person)
-Working bolt catch
-Hop up wheel is stiff so it doesn't change easy in middle of battle
-270mm 6.04 tightbore

-Stock may be wobbly at first but easy fix(maybe it's just mine)
-Flash hider impossible to get off so if you are extending barrel and you want to put a mock suppressor to cover it, get this one: I have tried it and it fits nicely.
by Jacob L. on 2015-03-01 16:47:49
"Incredible performance. The OEM by VFC says it all. This rifle is accurate, lightweight, and perfect for CQB. Now while I say it is good for CQB it is just as accurate as my G&P that has a Madbull 6.03 tightbore barrel. Just get yourself a 7.4 stick type lipo and you will be set with this rifle. I do recommend getting the Elite Force plastic midcaps. They feed incredibly. All in all a perfect stock rifle.
by Ryan K. on 2014-11-30 19:59:24
"I personally love this gun I don't have it yet but will soon but my friend has let me use it plenty of times and the rate of fire is amazing and is dead accurate I can't recommend this gun anymore it is just flat out amazing its a must have.
by Brian P. on 2014-11-27 12:04:46
"this is one of my favorite guns i run it with a sorbo pad one of the very best cqb guns excellent internals alot like classic army back in the day.

the upper and lower reciever i think is aluminum ? but the rails are definetly magnesuem since they deform when shot at (i found that out when people shot at me odd) not to bad though though i wouldnt know what to replace the rails with if they break.

still an excellent gun and one ill use for many years to go :)
by tanner j. on 2014-01-01 15:25:52
"i bought this gun a little over a year ago from a friend who bought it from Evike. this gun has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! it does require some minor upgrades to get to my approval level. i bought a 4in QD KAC suppressor for it off Evike and put on a 363mm 6.01 Angels Custom tab into it and it now out ranges and is more accurate than any sniper rifles ive seen on the field, indoor or outdoor. it is the only gun i feel is necessary to put 4x Acog on. it is pin point accurate on semi. i only use semi btw. in my indoor field i can precisely hit any target with this beast! i highly recommend this to anyone! i also just recently installed a M120 motor in it but have not yet played with it. it makes it a lot smoother though! i find 7.4 lipos with a deans conversion are best for this gun.
by John C. on 2013-09-24 15:47:55
"What can I tell you about the m4crs? You deserve to buy this for yourself immediately. I'm not going to do the whole pro v con thing that everyone does. I haven't found any cons yet. Tough, accurate, nice rate of fire, with enough rail space to put anything you could desire on it.

I play outdoor with this little unit and have not been disappointed. I put my madbul python in there and a supressor for some more inner barrel length and I can hang thats incorrect...I tear people to pieces with this thing. I got SO lucky with this rifle. I bought it on a whim for the metal body, and the crane stock, thinking that if it bit big time, I'd gut it and throw in some craziness. No need at all...this thing is ready to go.

Loki, as I lovingly call him, was born on a crisp Tiwanese morning. He traveled the ocean long to find the shores of Southern California, where he waited patiently to be purchased through Evike. Upon arrival, he did glorious battle in my hands, rending mere mortals from the plain of reality. gun. Get you one.
by Antonio T. on 2012-05-23 14:35:09
"I started playing airsoft 10 years ago and took a 4 year break recently. I have 4 different Tokyo Mauri models, while being good enough quality to last that long and still function very well, they are plastic. I bought this gun 2 months ago after getting back into it and cannot say how satisfied I am. Its SOLID. the only wobble comes from the stock (not the buffer tube), which is manageable and to be expected with that style of stock.

The function is fantastic. Im running an 11.something LiPo in it with no troubles at all. The rate of fire is insane with this battery, cannot even compare to my TM guns. The overall build quality is superb and I've heard that the internals are amazing as well from several air-smiths.

I have been using this gun for mostly indoor CQB and have yet to really get the hop up tuned in at long distance. I cannot attest to its outdoor function, but I'm assuming its as awesome as indoors.

Accepts mid cap P-Mags (I highly recommend them)

-Solid, all metal, superb performance
-functioning bolt catch!!!
-hop up is not the usual m4 style, its more like the type used in g36s. I find it easier to adjust.
-Umarex claims that the barrel is tight bore precision but i cannot verify

Minor stuff thats not at all an issue
-Its tough to get the stock flash hider off....boil the tip of the gun in a small pot of water to loosen the glue.
-the hop up unit *might* be plastic, not a deal breaker but something to think about upgrading down the line.
-mine came with a small factory defect of the distal iron site, the lever to lock it still functions but is off center, no big deal. Ive seen others of this model and theirs appear normal.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)