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KWA M4 CQR MOD 1 Airsoft AEG Rifle

19 Customer Reviews

by carter p. on 10/11/2015
"So I got my hands on a KWA pretty recently and let me just say this is on par with most, if not all $300+ guns out there


great trigger response
awesome rate of fire
the metal upper receiver is pretty sturdy
amazing range (250 ft when dialed on a .28)
amazing accuracy


the polymer lower receiver feels pretty cheap yet at the same time feels really durable
is front wired (personal con)

that's about it, the gun out performed my friend's Krytac which should really say something about a gun that's below $200
by Will A. on 05/09/2014
"This gun is the best.

KWA 2gx gearbox
very customizable
rate of fire is great
its a KWA, the best M4 on the market

the cylinder sucks- replace it with the original KWA M33 cylinder, and your fps goes to 380-390 with the m120 spring already in the gearbox.
polymer lower reciever cracked for me in about a month of light use, without drops (replace with a KWA metal lower, works just fine now)
overall 9/10
by Devon F. on 05/03/2014
"Amazing gun, no feeding issues at all. The fps is decent and great for CQB, while the rate of fire is amazing. the only thing could be a little bit more range but that is really it.
by Tony J. on 03/18/2014
Great for cqb limits
RoF is pretty great with a 9.4v nimh
works great stock!

polymer lower receiver (can be pro for some)
plastic hand guard (can be pro for some)
stock is a little bit wobbly
by Eric J. on 01/25/2014
"I have been playing competitive airsoft for about 3 years and I wanted yet another gun to upgrade externally. I picked this gun because it is affordable and reliable. One of my friends bought this gun about a year ago and it is working perfectly on a 9.6v battery without any upgrades. I have been running it on a 11.1 lipo for a while and have not had to upgrade or repair anything. My first impression of this gun was good. I liked the metal upper receiver and the 2gx gearbox. When I shot it on a 9.6 it was much faster than I expected. So i put my 11.1 lipo in it and it was shooting about 23 rounds per second. The accuracy on the gun is nothing great but is is good for cqb. I am planning to put a madbull 6.02 inner barrel into it. This gun has a cqb fps so I might upgrade it but I have used it in bigger fields up against 420 fps guns and the range was great. I would highly recommend this gun to any airsofter. I play competitively on teams and this gun is definitely problably the best sub $200 gun I have ever seen/used. Some people say that kwa makes bad guns but they are most definitely wrong and most do not even own a kwa (their just jealous).

Good range
nice fps for cqb
same great gearbox as the $300 400 kwa guns
sub $200
rate of fire is crazy high
overall great gun
solid feel

plastic lower receiver
magwell is tight
fps (for some)
inner barrel (for outdoor/milsim)
standard m4 furniture
by Bryan C. on 09/26/2013
"it a reallly awosme gun i still have my for about almost two years now it still kicking booty
by Billy J. on 06/26/2013
comes with great mid cap
great reaalism has gas stopper in the front some m4s dont the real m4s do as a owner of a real m4
great for cqb \
accurate as hell a lot more then my combat machine
easy to bring back delta ring so you could switch handguard to rails with complete ease
goes best with 0.25
one of THEE best guns to build off of. (i mean upgrade is easy... rails is easy to install could use in all fields so now downgrade so you dont get bummed about it
some metal
has great range a LOT btetter then my downgraded guns.

plastic reciever (you dont mind until you take it apart)
bad cylynder which is neccesary but could be better
battery hog i mean like extremly bad i used a tenergy 1600 9.6v nunchunk. my combat machine lasted longer.
Wish it came with a ris.
by brandon S. on 06/05/2013
"this gun is worth the money you pay for it. out of the box it is shooting 350 fps(was useing an 8.4 battery.)
the gun is very heavy and will take some getting used too.would suggest getting more mags for it dont get hicaps they are hard to get out of the mag well. upper is metal lower is a carbon fiber polymer. has a high rate of fire in full. need to buy battery seperate


sturdy build
great price
great in cqb games


should be made ambidextrious for us lefty shooters
should come with battery

over all i loved this gun some much and im happy that i got it from evike. my mom even wants one now.
gets 10 out of 5
by Jeffrey T. on 05/15/2013
"All I can say is: wow.
This gun met all of my expectations.
Even with a 9.6v this gun is shooting 20 rps.

Easily upgradable
Flawless K120 motor
Fps is great in regular temperatures
Very accurate,
Sights come off easily
Adjustable stock

I hate the handguard, probs gonna get a peq - 15 for it
The battery is so hard to get in and out
Cheap red paint on tip of barrel

Overall, this gun is very good. Great accuracy, and great motor. Since it is lipo ready, and attachments go on it easily, I can't wait to see what this gun will do for me in the future.

P.S. - Get a Peq for it, the handguard is so annoying
by Ben W. on 04/11/2013
"After having this gun for a few months now, I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it so far.
The gun is very reliable, I have had no jamming issues or feeding issues whatsoever, but I did have a motor height problem. My guns motor was way too high, make sure it doesnt sound really loud and sounds clean because it can slowly ruin the gears after hard use. I also installed a 12" RIS and it fits with about
1-1/2 to spare. But I do wish that I had bought the MOD2 after a while because going around corners in my CQB Arena is kinda difficult.

One of the best and toughest Gearboxes on the market
Shots nice and clean
No feeding issues with the K120's at all
Sturdy polymer lower and metal upper
The barrel is made from a strong metal, probably steel
Fast stock ROF
Nice add on with the fake gas tube
Easy field stripping

Front Triangle Sight is almost impossible to get off
The motor was sitting too high when I bought it (not KWAs problem)

these cons are nothing compared to the pros on this gun, so
just purchase this gun already and stop wasting time!
by Robert K. on 03/19/2013
"I bought two of these, one for myself and one for my spouse. Excellent quality and tight tolerances throughout. We have shot approximately 25,000 bb's in the last several weeks with no issues. KWA has very friendly and knowledgeable customer support and parts support which is also one of the reasons I chose to get these KWA's. To start: The gearbox has extra reinforcement and an extra screw in the high stress cylinder head area for extra strength where other gearboxes have been known to fail. This gun comes with a m120 spring. They obtain the CQB safe FPS with the cylinder. If you want increased FPS and/or to set it up for outdoor field use, KWA recommends swapping the stock cylinder for their SR cylinder which will unleash more of the potential of the spring by giving you around 40-50 more FPS while still maintaining good ROF. With the SR cylinder and their m130 spring intalled my guns chrono at 418 FPS w/.25's (I'm guessing probably in the 450-460 FPS range with .20's). Thats a bit too much for close range encounters so out of courtesy for other players try to give yourself an engagement limit or use an alternate weapon at close range if you do choose to amp up the FPS that high on an automatic. I will probably put the m120 spring back in because its too hot for half of the outdoor fields I've checked into and definately a no-go at all indoor fields. You have options with this gun because the gearbox can handle it. A nice little bonus is the high quality magazine that comes with it. And these mags look awesome! So much so that I bought two boxes of them. They are also easy to take apart and put back together again should you ever want to clean the internals of the mags. There is nothing you really need to do to this gun to make it perform much better other than perhaps adding a TB barrel, but it shoots pretty tight groups as is. I give this gun and KWA two thumbs up! For under $200.00 the quality can't be beat! And the excellent customer care from KWA after the sale adds to the value as well.
by Daniel K. on 01/22/2013
"This gun is very impressive.
1. Heavy
2. Mags are cheap
3.Easy to get battery in/out
4. KWA
5. FPS (cqb)
6. Sturdy
1. Collapsible stock
2.Red tip paint is cheap
3. Not worth $200
4. Non Blowback

So all in all very good gun, a little pricey.
by AJ D. on 11/22/2012

Great motor

front sight is a pain in the a$$ to get off

by Ben W. on 11/17/2012
"This gun is a high performing and reliable AEG
for under $200

-Rock Solid Externals (like most KWA products)
-Accurate at 175ft
-High Rate of Fire
-KWA 2GX Enhanced Gearbox is incredible
-No feeding issues from the new KWA K120 Midcap
-CQB Field Legal

-Hop Up was sensitive
-Shot a little too hot for CQB
(mine chronoed at 380 FPS but the spring needs to wear down first)

- Also mad that I missed the Black Friday Special, but whatever thats ok.
by Jonathan H. on 02/16/2016
"So I tried this gun out at a friends house and I love this gun! It is amazing compared to some of the $300+ guns out there in the market.

Metal upper receiver
Sturdy polymer hand rail
Cheap but very reliable and sturdy
Easy to use
Decent weight so it doesn't feel cheap but doesn't weigh you down

Feels a little cheap
No rail on hand guard
Front wired (personal con for me)
Low Fps
Fuse breaks easily but can easily be repaired:)

Over all the KWA CQR MOD1/2 is great for cqb! Tons of fun to use and a great beginner/intermediate/pro player gun!!!!!