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WE-Tech Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black

37 Customer Reviews

by Christiana O. on 03/10/2012
"Got this gun in The Box of Awesomeness as well, and I must say this gun is amazing!! Immitation wood looks amazing, and the sound of the gun is spot on. Recommended for anyone looking for a great pistol, it will not let you down.

Amazing weight
Immitation wood looks real
Real Resident Evil trademarks
Blowback is awesome

One BB got stuck in the barrel, had to disassemble to reach it
Needs a larger mag
by Jack K. on 02/07/2012
"I received this pistol in a box of awesomeness, and waited until I played in a match to review it.

Cosmetically speaking, I have had no problems with this gun either. The grips, sights, and paints are still in perfect condition after being in my holster, fired, and dropped on the ground.

Its ported slide allows for a much quicker action than other pistols I've fired. Its consumption on green gas is pretty nice, especially for the FPS ratio which is about 330 in 50-degree weather, with a little left after I've emptied it.
by EMMANUEL G. on 12/09/2011
"This will be a short review for now. I like M9s. Isn't this an M92FS? That's not for me to say perhaps. It has a brigadier slide. You can see the bump on the slide next to the barrel above the trigger area.
Accurate? Yes it's accurate. The one thing I like about a gun is its accuracy. I took a vitamin C pill I put it on its edge at 25 feet away. I was missing at first because I was trying not to known down the stand that I put it on so I was aiming high trying to wing it. Yes I did hit the stand and the pill rolled off so I thought it's no good -- I really have to actually aim at the pill dead on.
I walked up to my target and I carefully balanced the vitamin C pill again and I went back 25 feet. I looked at the three white dots for my sight picture in the dim light - and pow! With one shot after walking away from the target I hit the vitamin C pill. Would you like to see a video of me doing this?

Accuracy 5/5 -remember this is shooting plastic BBs
I like the feel, the balance, and also the crispness of the blowback.
Mine shoots at 350 fps.

I can do further testing of this. I have around 6 different pistols.
by Sean A. on 10/25/2011
The attention to detail (both as a samurai edge and real steel m9, is very well executed. It also has some nice heft to it, while having a ported slide.

-Good Fps
-Hefty, similar to real m9
-6.03 Tight Bore pre-installed
-Ported slide allows for a more efficient blow back action.
-Lovely ergonomics (thats just a personal opinion tho)
-And its just down right sexy to look at :)

-There is a little screw on the upper receiver, near where the hammer strikes that may be, or may BECOME slightly loose, occasionally interfering with the blowback action (simply tighten it when u notice it happening)
-Hop-up isnt very convinient.
-The threaded tip is just ugly

I really had to think hard, and be really critical, to come up with any cons (none of which are permanent, or very troublesome)

I cant describe how much i love my new samurai edge :D!!!!!
by Alex V. on 10/19/2011
"I just got this gun yesturday and when i open the box...(amazed) I was so happy that it looks so much better than what the pictured showed on the website. So i took it out and shot a few rounds....."wow" i was amazed, it is very accurate and has a nice kick. A very nice sturdy gun- I recommend this gun..resident evil fan or not this is a really good gas gun.
by Joe K. on 10/12/2011
"I'm not an M9 kind of guy, I prefer my 1911s, but when I saw this I just knew I had to get it. In fact I actually just received this gun in the mail today. To be completely honest, I was blown away by the detail and just sheer awesomeness of the gun. Chrono'd it shooting at 360-370 fps consistently with .20g bbs after I had adjusted the hop up unit. Good accuracy thanks to the pre-installed tight-bore barrel and comes with a barrel thread so you can throw on the excessive mock suppressors. Has a solid feel and a good weight to it. If there is any wort of problem with the gun it would be the safety. For me at least, I find the safety to be difficult to use, but then again it probably is partly due to the fact that I'm so used to the 1911 style safety's. All in all, a good gun with a unique look to it that provides a surprising punch. I definitely would recommend this!
by Daniel R. on 10/07/2011
"All around this is an awesome gun, being a fan of resident evil this is pretty cool to have. Can't wait for those alternate slides to come in, the gold effect on the grip symbol does seem to fade over time which is a little disappointing but in the end i will still use this over my two 1911s.
by matthew b. on 10/07/2011
"To start off i just want to say thankyou we, because i never bought a 105 dollar GBB pistol, and it has beaten out 100% of ever pistol i owned or seen. IN my OPINION i say its twice as better the the Tokyo marui version and a 100 cheaper too.

PROS-----345 fps .2s
------------strong kick back
----------------saves gas
--------------------better then a 200 GBB pistol and ill challenge that
------------------------shoots straight as an arrow with . 23

CONS-----W E mag might leak very little easy fix though look it up on google we have technology people to learn and fix things

Hope this helped you earn yet another token in your armory!

by Matthew K. on 10/04/2011
"This gun is excellent, and Jason if you are having trouble with the hop up, it does infact have a hopup. You just have to disassemble the gun, and its a small screw inside on the barrel. Evike posted a video on it. So just check their channel on youtube. All in all, great gun.
by Jake W. on 10/03/2011
"I've been a Resident Evil fan for years and to see a full metal Samurai Edge apposed to the plastic one made by Tokyo Marui and for half the price is simply great I never thought I'd be able to own any of the Biohazard guns and now I do and not only that this is a great gun and the quality is really good thank you Evike and WE and please let me know how I can get one with silver slide.

great for Resident Evil fans
great quality
Full metal

overtime the gold on the stars logo on the grip starts wear off but maybe thats just mine
I really want the silver side one from the pictures
by jason r. on 09/27/2011
"Just recieved two Biohazard m9's today in the mail. This is my first gbb pistol by WE and now I regret not getting a WE pistol sooner. This pistol is all metal feels and weighs just like a real m92f.
The 26 round magazine is very nice and will go with another 26 bb's without refilling the gas. This gun has decent accuaracy and no hop up adjustment but that can be fixed later on. All an all a good pistol for zombie games and cosplay events.
by jonathan m. on 09/19/2011
"Thank you Evike you guys have no idea how awesome this is. Seeing as this pistol is a all metal gbb of the samurai edge and is only $105 it is a great buy for resident evil fans, I will be buying thus today if I can.
by Aaron S. on 01/16/2014
"I have owned this pistol for a good bit of time and decided to pass on my experience to others in the market for an M9. Here is the quick and dirty for this puppy:

- Good weight and feel
- Good kick that leaves you more satisfied than your ex
- Killer custom engraving
- Durable (to an extent)
- Can't be it at the price of $89

- STARS emblem on pistol grip will rub off
- Could have used better material for the fake wood
- WE Tech mags are...meh...

If you are on the fence about this gun it is well worth the money. At its original price of $120 I would pass on it and look at a M9 PTP.

Quick note: This gun will not fit a SERPA GEN 2 Holster without modification (found this out the hard way).

Be safe out there mates!
by Timothy N. on 09/28/2013
"It's a great gun. It's everything that they said and more, the only complaint that i have with the gun is that when i opened the box i noticed some damage to the s.t.a.r.s. logo.
by Vincent L. on 09/17/2012
"This gun is awesome! I got it brand new and it feels great and looks sexy.

-Shoots pretty good
-Looks sexy
-Looks like as if it was really from Resident Evil
-Nice kick

-Pretty big. If you have small hands, this may be a problem
-Mine shoots 370-380 FPS, although i can adjust it and make it shoot under 350 FPS making it CQB legal (Which is pretty complicated to do) (It is a WE Tech, their guns will never be great)