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WE-Tech Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Black

37 Customer Reviews

by Logan L. on 07/25/2015
"Resident Evil is one of the many horror games I grew up with, so this Samurai Edge was a must, especially when I donned my S.T.A.R.S. costume for the 2013 convention season. Aside from looks, though, it's a great performer, and is ripe for customization.

Before I mention a lengthy description of the benefits of having this particular model, allow me to quickly rattle off a few problems:

For one, the Samurai Edges have these plastic medallions set in the faux-wood grips. The gold finish on the lettering of the medallions will wear off after only a few days, if you are actually using it and not simply displaying it on a rack or in a case. I actually found a site that sells metal medallions with a strong, even coat of lacquer. While a set costs a solid $25, these will last a long time, and you may select a color of your choice when ordering. To remove the plastic medallions, simply take off the grips, insert a narrow tool or implement into the medallion's pinhole, and push the medallion out. Don't be afraid to use force.

Also, the safety is a bit stiff, but it's not a big deal. What is a big deal is the orange tip, through which you can't fit an extended inner barrel. If you're sticking to its classic appearance, though, it's not a problem, either. As a plus, the Samurai Edges already come with a tightbore inner barrel, boosting the muzzle velocity to roughly 348 fps with .20g BBs.

Now for the benefits... IT'S A SAMURAI EDGE, an iconic video game gun, dating back to 1999, when it was featured in Resident Evil 3 as Jill Valentine's handgun. Any die-hard fan or even a casual player will easily recognize this pistol in the field.

The Samurai Edge is specifically an M9 with a few features not seen on other standard pistols, such as a slightly extended slide release lever, extended grip panels, an adjustable rear sight, and a silver barrel. Being an M9, it is compatible with a large variety of after-market upgrades and replacement parts, and is ripe for customization. There are parts available to replicate any S.T.A.R.S. member's custom model. You will need the following pieces for each member's model:
-Silver trigger and navy blue medallions for Chris
-standard M9 slide release lever and light blue medallions for Jill (This one is mine.)
-Barry's model is already available on Evike.
-green medallions for Rebecca
-silver frame, black tactical grip, black muzzle brake, and navy medallions for Brad
-silver railed frame and miscellaneous parts for Wesker

Overall, it's totally worth it, and it's almost always on sale for roughly 20 to 25 percent off at Evike.

-Tightbore inner barrel, ~350 fps
-extended slide release lever
-compatible with most (if not all) WE M9 parts
-iconic Resident Evil pistol
-full S.T.A.R.S. trademarks
-compatible with 52-round extended magazines

-paint rubs off fairly easily, especially on the grip medallions.
-orange tip blocks extended inner barrel installation
-not compatible with most (if any) CO2 mags
by Jane L. on 12/03/2014
"As some of you might notice, I made a previous review of this gun a few years ago. I hereby withdraw my poor remarks of this gun. After educating myself, I gave this gun the proper tlc it needed, and by Odin's beard, what a difference. This thing is a tank. It's taken all kinds of abuse and has still saved my butt on the field more times than I can remember.

The product description's fps is accurate, the gun clocks in at around 320 fps.
Incredibly easy disassembly.
Extremely reliable(dropped the thing into a pit of sand and it didn't even phase it).
Mags are easy to lube and maintain once you know how (find a video on youtube for it).
Fantastic accuracy; once hop-up is adjusted, it's capable of consistently hitting human size targets at 110 ft. with .20 BBs.

Paint job wears off very easily.
Does not function well in cold temperatures.

I've had this gun going on 3 years now, and it's the best airsoft purchase I've made. As long as you know what you're doing, I highly recommend it!
by Leonard R. on 12/30/2013
"I've had this gun for a bit and it works amazing. Here are thepros and cons.

Full meta(other than the bottom receiver.)
Heavyweight.(may be a con for some)

Paint scrapes easily
by Jeannette S. on 12/22/2013
"OK like always i wait a while to write a review of any product to make sure that it has lasted or to point out any problems after a long term use all i got to say is good stuff about this gun i had this gun for a little over 6 months and have used it quite a lot specially when i clear buildings at my local airsoft field since inside the buildings only pistols and gas smgs and shotguns are allowed this gun shots really good its really accurate and has a higher kick than other green gas pistols which to me is a pro since it adds more realism to the gun yes the gun is heavier believe it or not its heavier than a glock yes a real glock but i love that fact since it makes it feel good in my hand the gun is well built i dropped it twice one of them was in concrete it fell off my chest holster attached to my plate carried and i picked it up worried that it broke but it didn't it kept shooting like a champ this gun is worth the $89 easily
by Alec W. on 10/06/2013
"This is a very great choice for any Airsofter. Not only does it look cool, it has an amazing FPS, looks intimidating, and is a collectors item. The only downside with the Samurai Edge Standard Model is the paint-job, which seems to wear down easily. Also, I wonder why a CO2 version hasn't been produced yet. That would definitely make a lot of people happy.
-Replica from the Resident Evil Video Game Series, with full trademarking for instant nostalgia.
-Pretty Durable.
-Great Scott, 350 fps!?
-Um, awesomeness?
-Can't use CO2, can't find Green Gas while offline.
-Paint chipping.

PS; Easily customized for your own RPD STARS experience, you know, silencers, grips, frames, slides, etc...
by Michael B. on 09/24/2013
"Ok so I just got this gun in the mail, and the first thing that I noticed was the weight of this gun. What I noticed was that its a hell of a lot heavier than the .45 Glock 17 firearm that I trained on. yes I mean a REAL gun. But other than that I would say that it is a prefect reproduction of the M9 in the Resident Evil movies. Which by the way I am a huge fan of.. I kind have a thing for Michelle Rodriguez.. But that's a completely different thing... Anyways back to the M9, over all I like the detailing in the grips and on the slide. I do think how ever that the barrel could be a bit more secure. I have yet to test it. but I am working on that right now.
by Amber M. on 03/28/2013
"Let me start off by saying WE-Tech has come a LOOOONG way with their pistols since they first started. This is no exception to the statement, I've had it now for a couple weeks and fired about 20 - 30 mags through it without any problems. When you recieve it you should lube it up just like any other GBB or AEG... Let's get to the Pro's and Con's

Realistic weight (similar to a real M9 loaded),
Nice kick to it,
With propane I can get about 2 to 2 1/2 mags,
S.T.A.R.S. Logo's,
Good FPS,
Nice range with .25g's
CRISP blowback,
Full Metal other than the grips,
Nice Engraved trades,

A slight wobble in the barrel, but thats common with any M9 gbb,
I didn't get this sooner.
by Marcos R. on 01/07/2013
"Just got this the other day, first thing i noticed is the weight. It has an amazing feel to it, very realist looking. Has a great fps very strong. Recommend not to shoot in cold weather. Great for cqb, also buy extra mags.

pros: weight, fps, the look of the gun, also pretty decent recoil, has many upgrades

cons: the black tends to scratch of fairly easy as well as the gold on the grips also sometimes doesn't stay cocked back when the mag is empty

your man the airsoft expert
by Erik N. on 12/26/2012
"Works very well
Orange tip is metal, but if you want to get rid of the orange just wipe some Goof-Off on the tip and the paint just comes off.
by Kristopher N. on 08/08/2012
"Just got this gun today. Ready to fire out of the box, just had to add gas and BBs. Looks beautiful and feels real. It fires smooth and is super accurate. My one issue is I'm not sure if the orange tip is removable, as some of the pictures show it without. It's not a problem, but It'd look much cooler on display without the tip.

Great look/feel
Just plain Cool.

by Gabriel M. on 08/02/2012
"This is a great gun, its all metal and it has a great feel, Reliability, Performance.
Great Performance
Great Reliability
Awesome Feeling

Wobbly Barrel
by Justin M. on 07/22/2012
"Amazing piece put out by the WE Tech company once again. I find that there M9s have less wobble and play between parts than the 1911s. And who can honestly hate on the design of the M9?

For any Resident Evil or M9 fan, it is a must have. Performance is on par with most GBB; nothing to cry about or celebrate. The biggest issue is that since it is a custom cut slide, it won't fit in hard shell holsters designed for M9s. Everything else seems to work flawlessly though.

Plus, you just can't beat the price for a gun that doesn't blend in to what everyone else owns.
by austin f. on 04/08/2012
"This gun is the best GBB you can buy for this price. some propane misfeeding is the only problem i have with this gun.

1. shoots hard
2. shoots accurate
3. good blowback

1. has some minor propane misfeeds(easy to fix)

all in all this is the best gas blowback gun ive ever bought. anybody thinking about buying this gun it looks cool it shoots cool best GBB EVER.
by Colt W. on 03/28/2012
"WOW... just wow
i didnt expect the weight the be as "realistic" as it is, an thats just awesome. i prefer the heavy weight guns, but this has got to be the coolest pistol ive bought. WE has yet to let me down, from their 1911 to this, amazing.

it also comes in a standard WE box, but it has a nice lining to it.

it feels very good in my hands, the grip is excellent. I would recomend lubing it up with silicone oil before firing as it feels a lil stiff.
i also took a vice grip to the orange tip, an gave a slight twist an it came off with ease.

BUY THIS GUN, if your not a RESIDENT EVIL fan, it will be very athsteticly pleasing, an if you are a fan, you will not be upset
by ALEX L. on 03/17/2012
"So I've had this gun for a little more than a week now and I have to sat it is a good buy. I bought it for $80 each (coupon) and bought 2 of them. For the price of $100 you can't go wrong. It is quite cold where I live so I couldnt get more than 10~15 shots out of the mag but then that will most likely improve when it gets warmer. And one last thing, the front sight is quite loose so I would use some super glue right when you get it to save you from any headaches in the future. That being said, obviously the sights are not adjustable.

-Great price
-Nice finish
-slide locks well
-resident evil fans will love it

-Front sight is loose (this shouldn't discourage you from getting it)
-Quite large (people with small hands may find this gun too big but that is a M9 thing in general)

Thats all I have to say :) recommend it for resident evil fans, and for non-resident evil fans this is a cheap side arm to get that won't let you down. Lots of upgrade available.