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by Conner R. on 2013-04-15 16:28:12
"This? A.m.a.z.i.n.g.
A great piece of work. The combination of G&P's award winning 8mm Gearbox with the Full Metal Magpul Externals? Beautiful. The MOE Stock, Grip, and Hand guard are all made with precision, thanks Magpul.
I've seen that people have been wondering which battery? I use a 7.4v Lipo. You do NOT need a 11.1v. Even with a 7.4v it shoots extremely fast. I even use a 8.4v NiMH (Stick Type) as a back-up and it is perfect. Also to answer any other questions like, "Which Battery?" or "How is it housed?"

Its housed in the rear buffer tube, the new version does not wire to the front.
ONLY STICK TYPE WILL WORK! G&P makes certain batteries for it, but if your like me and you don't trust lipo's? Get a 8.4v, 9.6v, or even a 10.8v NiMH Stick type. (Make sure the wires are long enough for a 10.8v.) Its more reliable.

"Wont it be too long?" Yes it will stick out of the buffer tube, but like me you probably don't keep the stock not adjusted. The stock will cover the battery, its a much better approach compared to an external batter pouch. Plus, having the battery non-exposed; it helps your gun keep its sexy look.(;

Mag wobble is an issue, so put a tight line of electricians tape around your mags. It works perfect and gives them some character.
What else? Hmm..

Be careful with Rail Systems. G&P's have a different thread pitch so not all barrel nuts will fit. The threads are slightly larger. I have read that if you just sand some of the paint off, it might work with most. DO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Its very important you don't mess anything up. Other than that, its a great gun. Internals? Leave them alone, they are great (if your not techy)

Fun Fact : I installed a 363mm 6.03 Madbull TBB and a ProWin Hopup. Its now shooting at a constant 100 yards or 300 feet.

Barrel Length - 14.5 inch
Inner Barrel - 363 mm
Threads - Positive + or CW (Clockwise)

If you have any questions, im Conner Riley bellow in the Facebook Comments.
Overall 9/10. (Mag Wobble) EASY FIX
Buy it. (:
by Austin L. on 2012-12-10 19:56:47
Decent FPS
CTR stock is AMAZING
I like the MOE handguard. A lot.
The metal body looks and feels fantastic!
Really lightweight
The polymer is amazing; love this DuPont. I prefer it over metal, that's for sure
It's Magpul and G&P, pretty awesome combo

Wobbly mag. The P-Mag that comes with it wobbles a bit, and that's quite frustrating to me. It also wobbles with my E-Mags.

Charging bolt isn't as crisp as it could be

Bolt catch is non-functioning, but most aren't anyway.

Picky on mags. This is the greatest downfall on this weapon, and I'm starting to think that Magpul did it somewhat intentionally. This body doesn't seem to work well with any mags EXCEPT for Magpul P-Mags, and that is a big pain in the butt. I was planning on getting P-Mags anyway, but my friend got me some E-Mags for my birthday, and it doesn't work as a $350 guns should. The magwell is so big (reason why the mags wobble) that it doesn't grip the magazine that well. So, because of gravity, the mag is pulled down toward the ground and away from the hop up chamber. The fix to this? Either get P-Mags or push the mag up into the gun while shooting; this doesn't take a lot of effort, and I hold it by the magwell anyway, so it's not that big of a deal for me.
by Ty F. on 2012-10-23 19:31:29
"First off, right out of the box the first thing you notice is the amazing build quality, feel, and look of this amazing piece of airsoft weaponry. This gun is by far the best gun I have ever owned and shot. Its is amazingly accurate and powerful. With the acog sight i put on it here from evike, it looks even cooler and makes the gun even more accurate. It's also very lightweight for a gun that's full metal. Also it is the envy of the field it will be the nicest gun out there!

Pros: 380-420 fps
Amazing Quality
Magpul - Nuff Said!
All Around Amazing.

Cons: None! Get this gun!
by Mary A. on 2012-10-05 02:34:27
"This gun is by far the best gun I have ever owned 380-400 fps really accurate add a mock silencer it's basically cheating range about 200 feet the thing that could be bad is that its wired with small deans

Really accurate

small deans because they're hard to come by (you can just rewire it with the large dean that they have here and are used most on batteries)

Other then the small dean this is the greatest gun I have.
by Gavin H. on 2012-08-05 16:47:29
"This gun is amazing! I got it back in February and it still works like it did right when I got it. There has even been a few times when I have scared my own team mates when I fire it.


Looks awesome
Crazy ROF
High FPS
Good Weight
Metal Body


by chris J. on 2012-02-28 17:12:52
"I ordered this gun a while back and so far it has worked flawlessly. I haven't have to fool around with it because of a jam with Matrix high grade .20 gram bbs this gun is un stoppable!

Nice fps(380-400)

Looks beast on the feild

Nice rof

Deffenetly worth the money

It's a magpul so it's always going to be all around great!



Thanks evike for a wonderful gun!
by Christopher P. on 2012-01-01 17:10:38
"This gun is awesome. The foliage green is probably the best color :) The gun shoots very hard, with .25s I had a steady 380fps. The pmag is good, I would say silicone it a little before using it. The stock is a pain to take off, I filed the bottom hole with a dremel then attached a zip tie to the spring clasp, so all I have to do is pull the zip tie down and the stock sli des right off. And finally the battery, it does fit a little snug but 7.4 fits good. All in all this gun is awesome, and everyone loves Magpul!
by Stephen S. on 2011-02-24 17:43:41
"This has been a great gun in the field. With it all having the magpul logo everywhere that make is very sexy and for one very light weight. I clocked this bad boy with .2s at 421 fps, but shot true. No problems feeding with pmags and flash mags. The hop up is very strong, I broke my finger nail off trying to tune my hop up in.

Next to this gun I run my kwa sr12 and I can say I have no problem putting down my sr12 over the pts. Also mine came with a black Bird Cage flash hider. The battery does go in the buffer tube, I use a 7.4 lipo stick on a mini deans. "I would NOT try to use a 11.1 so I don't kill my gear box faster."



Being near all magpul.

Very light and STRONG metal body.

Strong fps for field.


The fps is too high for cqc fields but should calm down once you break it in.

Being wired to the back my be a con to some but I see it as a pro so I can use my sr12 upper on this with ease.

...No more cons. :)

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