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G&P Tactical 4x32 Rifle Scope for Airsoft (20mm Weaver QD Mount)

15 Customer Reviews

by Olga G. on 09/14/2016
"If you want a scope... you're gonna want to buy this one.
by Eddie S. on 03/24/2016
"This scope works well. I love the magnification. Great buy.
Holds the sight in
Easy to adjust

Need custom lens protection
by Robert S. on 07/14/2015
"Lets get right to it


1. Easy to zero
2. Durable
3. Full metal
4. Looks awesome


Only one and it is not that major
It is very heavy just a heads up
by Bruce Y. on 06/30/2015
"This Acog 4x32 is amazing for the price it's coming at. It delivers a good amount of range for engaging enemies and scouting across fields. If you're looking for an Acog this is the one for you and I would totally recommend it to other airsoft players. Also, the fiber optic on the Acog is no-working, it's just for the display and looks.

Good and Sturdy
Good Weight to it
Good looks

You have to look pretty close to view the whole inside of the scope.
by Jared M. on 06/12/2015
-Looks awesome
-Doesn't need batteries (fiber optic is fake though)
-Seems durable

-None for this price!

*You'll want to get a lens protector or make one yourself - the glass comes looking so pristine, clear, and ready to get shattered by that one stray BB*
by Khryztien C. on 06/03/2015
"Just got this scope (6/1) and I'm liking it.
+Metal construction
+Clear glass
+Easy adjustments
+Great price ($60 right now!)
-Not illuminated (+ for some people)
-Fiber is just for show

Overall looks great and feels great. For $60 this is worth it.
by Christopher W. on 04/30/2015
"So i just got this amazing little scope in today. I LOVE IT! if your skeptical just get it you wont be disappointed. This scope is clear as day(trust me i need glasses and this thing makes my vision crystal). Reticle is straight and perfectly clear. As stated the fiber optic is only mock so dont expect it to be functioning. It has a good weight to it another non disappointing thing about it, the eye relief for all you people who never used a real acog is correct at 1.5" so dont go thinking this is just a hack job scope. The only real steel acog that is going to give you a decent eye relief is their 6x48 acog's which sit about 2.7". If that is a problem with you go with a microdot scope. This scope is for my ICS L85 and sits right where my face goes everytime. My suggestion is if you use this scope and are worried about the eye relief. Then use basic goggles and a snipers veil which has very good airflow when on the face and will allow you to cheek up at the right length... this also fits fine on my echo 1 full metal XCR.

Good Clarity
Eye relief is true to Real Steel counterpart
Good price
Reticle is clear and precise
Ease of sighting in

None unless you dont care for the eye relief but to me 1.5" is more than enough i use eye goggles instead of bulking goggles which make a huge difference
by Samuel T. on 01/23/2015
"OK, so i ordered this scope while it was still on preorder about a month ago. i took the gamble hoping it had crosshairs on not just a red dot with only crappy youtube videos to go by. finally a few days ago it came off pre order. i had paid for 3 day shipping and it got to my house in two days! and im in nyc! the scope is made very well, the REPLICA fiber optic is not functional and the crosshairs are not illuminated. the crosshairs look like regular 4 lines but where they intersect there are bullet drop compensators. the scope has a good weight, the optic is extremely clear. there ae no trades, and i markered over "for airsoft use only" and its like it was never there. also one person mentioned in his review that the reticle is crooked, this is not the case. because of the almost zero paralax on this scope it will "move" left orright depending on the position of your head, you will also notice that the crosshairs will tilt depending on ow you hold the gun. overall i am very happy with the scope and recomend it for anyone looking for a acog style replica
by Eric K. on 06/24/2014
"I purchased this optic around the end of 2013 and have used it every since. I have many optics but this one takes the cake. I was incredibly impressed by how clear the glass is, easily the nicest scope I have. Very clear, and the markings on the glass are very well done.

The entire assembly itself is not particularly heavy or light, just a satisfactory weight. I have mounted it to one of my rifles (a CYMA 0.48m, basically an AKM) and it held the zero very well. Plays quite well with rails of all materials and also held zero on my G&P XM177E2 (with a real steel dovetail mount on the carrying handle) whilst I ran around a 2 day operation. I have used the optic as an actual scope/sight, and as a binocular of sorts when I need to identify enemy movement. I have only used it on an AEG and do not know how well it will hold zero on a P*, EBB, or GBB, however my AKM has the recoil of a .22 and it has been fine.

Externally the sight is a solid black, save for the red tube and silver "For Airsoft Use Only" markings on the right side. Contrary to the photos, the markings are actually quite small and relatively thin.
by John N. on 02/24/2014
"Excellent replica of the ACOG.

4x zoom
Reticle, true to the real thing.
Feels like solid construction
Very accurate replica

'For airsoft use only' on the side.
by William G. on 07/12/2013
"Got this with my new M4. Before now, I just stuck with ironsights. Now, I don't want to go back to ironsights ever again.

This scope is crystal clear, with very good eye relief. I am able to use without difficulty. Even during the night, I can see everything perfectly. I can see where everything is, where my rounds are going, etc.

If you have 85 dollars to spare, look no further. This is the scope for you.
by Mark T. on 09/12/2012
"Great scope. well balanced, looks well on my M4, P90, and FN2000.
by Aren L. on 07/11/2012
"Sturdy, hefty, a nice non gloss finish, cool faux fiber optics, clean lens and reticle (crosshairs not a chevron)
The only concern is the lack of lens covers and unlike the images, my right side has "for airsoft only" put into the metal which will require paint for the best look. Trades would be nice, but not present. Cheaper than the competition and no worse quality: if anything it could be better than the rest.
by Garrett B. on 03/30/2016
"I purchased this scope when I ordered my GE M4 on AMS Gunbuilder last summer.

Pros: Good zoom
no batteries needed
clear at most far ranges.
heavy, (may be a pro or con)
full metal
feels sturdy enough.

The only real problem I have with it that is a pretty big deal for me and probably many others is the eye relief. Or how close you have to look into the scope to get a clear view. This makes it really uncomfortable for you to stick your neck way up the stock to aim. when I wear my goggles my lens touches the scope ring to get a clear view. If I had to get any closer it would be worthless.

You get what you pay for 3/5

would probably buy the trijicon 4x next
by Kevin C. on 07/01/2014
"The scope feels good, its durable, glass is clear, sight adjustments are crisp, obviously looks great. But theres one small problem, the reticle is completely crooked. At first I thought I could get used to it, but when shouldering the gun to fire the natural human tendency is to make sure the crosshairs are straight. Once the gun is tilted even a little the bb's fly off to the direction where its tilted, making your shot completely off target. Despite the great build quality the crooked crosshairs are a deal breaker.