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Model: AEG-KWA-SR7

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by Lorenzo Z. on 2013-01-28 16:41:45
"Got this gun for my birthday great gun no complaints nough said
very happy
by Conan G. on 2013-01-02 21:48:35
"This gun is amazing! I just got it for Christmas, and I have to say, It rocks!


Comes with amazing, flawless feeding mid-cap
Comes with rails
Great accuracy for such a short barrel
Full metal
Very strong build
Shoots crisp and hard
I use a 9.6 Intellect and it shoots like 380 fps at about 24 rps
Battery goes in stock(which is awesome)


absolutely, positively, no Cons at all!

BEST M4 EVER, GET IT!!!!!!!!!
by Justin W. on 2012-08-12 14:24:57
"The greatest CQB M4 ever designed. I have gone to fields where people have crazy scars and acr and my gun is still the talk of the field.

full metal
very very durable
shoots around 350 so indoor works
great rpm
good mag hold lots o bbs

none this gun rocks
by Carter C. on 2012-08-08 11:12:45

I've had this gun for about a year now and haven't had any problems with it.
Its the most sturdy build of a M4 I've had. Also it looks sweet with a suppressor. Mine shoots 24 rps and about 380 fps. It shoots the same fps as an sr10 and 12 but at half the size.
by Evan G. on 2012-07-20 14:26:34
"I got this about a year ago and all i have to say is that it was worth every penny. In fact i love it so much that i have but close to 500 extra dollars upgrading it. The only thing that i recommend is to upgrade all the internal parts like the pistons, gearbox and so on if you want to run a lipo battery. Also if you plan on buying a silencer you will have to shave down the tip because it is close to impossible to take off and buy a silencer that fits all guns.

Shoots hard
Full Metal
Great FPS
High rate of Fire
Great Motor

Some of the parts are very delicate inside so take it in to fix your gun don't do it yourself unless you know what your doing.
by Sandra F. on 2012-03-30 06:40:01
"I've had this gun since december and i love it its great for most fields runs about 390 witch is right under the max fps for most fields and can be used for indoor and outdoor fields!

everything about it
lipo ready
great rate of fire

don't buy from a store you will kill the motor within a half a full day game and u will want to put lock tight on the reciver bold and motor plate and ect. other than that its great!

must have!
by Gene C. on 2012-02-17 13:33:33
"Great rifle, just got it today. Fielding it Sunday but I decided to fire off a few mags out my door. It has a slight feeding problem that I'm doing research on, but it only happens occasionally. It's a very very loud rifle, and a great kick behind each shot, you can feel the power behind it. The rifle is built so well, it feels like it's all metal (it is, actually, save the crane stock and handgrip, which kinda feel like metal anyway). My friend has the same exact rifle and dropped it out of a 3rd floor window onto concrete and not a scratch.

Great construction
Firepower you can just feel
Fluent full auto
Great range, perfect for field games as well

Slight feeding problem, something to do with the hop-up not being properly in place
Mag it comes with has to slide exactly up the magwell, otherwise it won't go in. I just find it annoying to reload on the go.

This gun will last you a lifetime and a half. Seriously buy it.
by Connor N. on 2012-02-11 11:42:15
-Good Weight
-Metal parts that need to be metal, are in fact metal.
-Amazing range for the size.
-Looks different than any other M4/M16.
-Solid feel
-Great FPS (Most think under 400FPS is bad, but most stations only allow guns under 350)
-Sounds amazing
-A little kick when firing with a LiPo, makes it feel a lot more realistic.
-2GX allowing better control of the BB.
- 3 different center sling mounts. Great for right, and left handed players.

-The gun comes with an orange flash hider to meet US law, yet getting it off to fit a silencer may unthread your 14mm- thread. (Happened to me, not really a con, but just watch out.)
- The gun doesn't have a built-in microwave so I can eat lunch while in the game. (KWA needs to work on that)
-Seriously, there's nothing wrong with this gun.

Overall, this gun is well worth the price. It's speed, sound, and overall construction make this gun earn its 5/5 rating. KWA has outdone themselves again with this KM4 SR7. If you're looking for a gun, you've come to the right one on the right website.
by Justin L. on 2011-12-13 19:37:20
"Ive had this gun for 5 months now and i am totally loving it. the trade marks are simply unbeatable, the mag it came with feeds flawlessly, and the fps and range is outstanding. the fps had a constant 365-370 fps right out of the box with a 9.6 nunchuck battery. the range goes atleast 150 yards. i sighted this gun in with my holo sight and i can hit a quarter from 30 yards. this gun is simply amazing and is well worth the money.
by Evan G. on 2011-12-11 17:48:09
"I got this gun a few months and i love it. I recommend this for any veteran player or new person. If you dont plan on going to a park don't even bother buying a gun like this. Although i do recommend buying it online because i bought it at a store and the motor broke on me the first day.

realistic weight
all metal
great range
looks awesome
feels great
good fps
shoots straight

the mag jiggles a little
by nick r. on 2011-11-30 10:23:57
"This is an awesome KWA AEG. The ROF is great with a 9.6 nun-chuck battery which is what I recommend for this gun.

KWA internals (Some of the best on the market).
Rate of fire is very good.
Gun is solid as a rock.
KWA crane stock is a genius design. Very simple. Best design on the market IMO.
A great CQB/mid range AEG.
Very good looking. The Matte finish is excellent, the KWA trades nice and the RIS system has a very clean look.
Insane trigger response. Very clean firing KWA gearbox.

Not a long range AEG obviously. Not really a con.
My hop up was being picky but it seemed to resolve itself haha.

If you want a CQBR type M4 then get this or the G&P. Both are very good guns.
by Dylan S. on 2011-11-08 13:53:39
"You get what you pay for. The fit and finish on the SR7 is amazing. It's weighty enough for me to know I have a quality piece of hardware in my hands but isn't terribly heavy and can be maneuvered easily. The matte finish is sleek and functional (no fingerprints). With an Intellect 9.6, this gun rips! Amazing feel with every shot; I can feel the strength of the gearbox. Accuracy still impressive for such a short gun but it's obvious this was made for indoor/CQB use. I'm upgrading from a JG M4-S and the difference is just astounding. The JG was a great starter gun but I was ready for a top-of-the-line performer and that is absolutely what I got. If you're interested in this gun and play alot of CQB, don't hesitate. Amazing.

Sturdy construction
Sleek matte finish
Great ROF
Range/accuracy impressive for a CQB gun
Easy battery installing (nunchuck type)
Solid rails, solid crane stock, no wobble
Best $350 I've spent in a long while

KWA hi-cap included has a very snug fit, almost too much so
No problems with the gun itself whatsoever

I use an Intellect 9.6V and MAG brand 130rd mid-caps. Loaded to about 90-100 bb's they feed flawlessly.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 40 reviews)

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