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KWA Full Metal KM4 / M4 SR7 DEVGRU Airsoft AEG (2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)

43 Customer Reviews

by nick r. on 11/30/2011
"This is an awesome KWA AEG. The ROF is great with a 9.6 nun-chuck battery which is what I recommend for this gun.

KWA internals (Some of the best on the market).
Rate of fire is very good.
Gun is solid as a rock.
KWA crane stock is a genius design. Very simple. Best design on the market IMO.
A great CQB/mid range AEG.
Very good looking. The Matte finish is excellent, the KWA trades nice and the RIS system has a very clean look.
Insane trigger response. Very clean firing KWA gearbox.

Not a long range AEG obviously. Not really a con.
My hop up was being picky but it seemed to resolve itself haha.

If you want a CQBR type M4 then get this or the G&P. Both are very good guns.
by Dylan S. on 11/08/2011
"You get what you pay for. The fit and finish on the SR7 is amazing. It's weighty enough for me to know I have a quality piece of hardware in my hands but isn't terribly heavy and can be maneuvered easily. The matte finish is sleek and functional (no fingerprints). With an Intellect 9.6, this gun rips! Amazing feel with every shot; I can feel the strength of the gearbox. Accuracy still impressive for such a short gun but it's obvious this was made for indoor/CQB use. I'm upgrading from a JG M4-S and the difference is just astounding. The JG was a great starter gun but I was ready for a top-of-the-line performer and that is absolutely what I got. If you're interested in this gun and play alot of CQB, don't hesitate. Amazing.

Sturdy construction
Sleek matte finish
Great ROF
Range/accuracy impressive for a CQB gun
Easy battery installing (nunchuck type)
Solid rails, solid crane stock, no wobble
Best $350 I've spent in a long while

KWA hi-cap included has a very snug fit, almost too much so
No problems with the gun itself whatsoever

I use an Intellect 9.6V and MAG brand 130rd mid-caps. Loaded to about 90-100 bb's they feed flawlessly.
by Jeanette V. on 08/09/2011
"This is one of the best cqb guns ever. Very little upgrades have to be made and it has the best rate of fire with a an 11.1 lipo battery. If you are looking for a great cqb that is well made and has a great rof look no further than the KWA SR7.
by Chris B. on 06/28/2011
"This is a great gun for CQB and its pretty good a field. I was amzed when I felt the weight of this thing. It was all metal except for the pistol grip and the crane stock.

Good fps around 350 (CQB legal)
Nice rpm of about 25 rps with a 9.6 volt battery
Nice Accuracy
2GX gearbox
Full Metal
Crane stock
Good length
Nice weight not to heavy not to light
solid externals
solid internals

Not the best accuracy for a short barrel
Can only fit a nunchuck battery in it

Great gun very solid amazing for CQB and decent for Field
But this gun you wont regret it
by T.J. P. on 02/25/2011
"Personally to me KWA is better than G&P so I would go with the KWA.
by penelope S. on 09/20/2010
"plz i need to know somthing!!! which gun is better internal this or the g&p cqb-r custom full metal ??? please i want to know
sorry for asking through a review but i don't know where else
tell me an email that i can use thanks very much!!!!!1
by Nathan M. on 07/24/2016
"I bought this gun 2 years ago with amazing expectations. Before I was using a stock g&g combat machine on an 11.1 lipo and I was really just looking for a more reliable gun that I could upgrade later. Probably 6 months after buying the gun I began my extensive internal upgrades. I built an insanely fast gun that used a massive brick battery. From there I switched the internals to a new gearbox and new gun and threw a Polarstar jack and just recently put in a protech. I've now added an R-hop and a 6.03 tightbore. Although I only used this gun "stock" for 6 months or so but I was more than happy with it. The FPS and rare of fire were great with an 11.1. I never worried about anything breaking or anything of that sort. My only con with this gun is the 2 piece hop up. I really wish I could use a prowin or a retro arms hop up.
by Devon W. on 04/14/2015
"First off, this is one of the best performing stock rifles I've owned and I loved it. It performs great especially for a stock rifle.

Great performance right out of the box
High ROF
FPS is under most normally field limits

The new 2GX gearbox -_- This makes it extremely hard to upgrade but if you don't want to upgrade this is the perfect rifle for you.
by Kevin I. on 06/04/2014
"No... Just no... i have no idea what KWA was thinking when they put in that HORRIBLE spiral cord to connect to the battery... Plus to polish that mistake they shove a external fuse in our face. Both of these make the stock pretty much un-upgradable. Otherwise this gun is GREAT. i love it with all my heart im upgrading most of the externals EXCEPT THE STOCK BECAUSE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE... so yea :D

Shoots GREAT
nice weight
High FPS
Nice Range for a CQB

Stock is horrible
spiral cord
external fuse
Non removable front iron sight
Front sling mount clip flops around making a loud ting noise...
by Caden N. on 05/02/2014
"Love this gun, 4 stars because the externals are just about G&G quality. If you are like me and are deciding for your first airsoft gun, it seems that G&G and G&P are a better choice, but let me tell you that KWA makes quality weapons that will be way more reliable and better than any other brand (unless its systema or TM).

$60 gift (I recommend using it for the K120 mags 6 pack)
Very well built
K120 Mags are amazing.

Heavy (I'm 13, so its not that bad but definitely not something for anyone younger.)
The groupings can vary, pop in a g&g green bucking and the bb's will soar.
by Edwin R. on 01/07/2014
"This gun is an amazing gun and for the price, it's pretty much a steal. Most people buy this gun to make it into Mk18's which is the same reason why i bought this gun. Performance wise this gun performs great, you don't really need any internal upgrades because its more of a plug n play gun. However i did have One problem that was a real pain in the gluteus maximus, installing a DD MK18 RIS was really difficult, it required unusual modifications just so it can fit. It seems like you can only install types of external parts for KWA guns. try doing some research if you plan to buy this gun if you plan to do a lot of external mods. Overall i give this gun a 4/5 its an amazing gun and im sure you wont regret it if you get it! (that rhymes) :D

-Great ROF.
-Full metal.
-Pre-installed RIS
-(dat) trigger response.

-some parts come loose, but it's an easy quick fix.
-hopup is only replaceable with KWA parts only :c
by Michael K. on 08/25/2013
"I was using this gun today with my friends and used about 2 KWA Mid caps with this gun. I loved it. The trigger response with the 7.4 Lipo battery was great! I imagine with an 11.1 it would be even better. The guns nice compact size made it easy to peak around corners and even with a small design it could really reach out and touch people across the field. But, the externals do have a few flaws... some easily fixable though. The back rubber plate that holds the battery in the crane stock would (if the stock was pushed all the way in or 2 positions away) the back rubber plate would fall off at least once a game. Some duck tape could easily fix this problem just after every game remember to duck tape it a little bit. Also another sort of big problem was that the pin holding the guns upper and lower receiver fell out of the gun which is really a con, although the upper and lower receivers are extremely hard to separate, you'd have to bang the gun very hard on the ground or drop it from a distance about 8 feet or higher to separate the receivers. That was a big con though because I was very paranoid of that happening. To temporarily solve it I put a twig in between it to hold it for a little while which seemed to actually work:). It performed flawlessly and the trigger response gave me an edge over all the other players on the field. I would get to a middle position and easily be able to pop out of cover put 3 bbs into my target and get back into cover knowing I hit my enemy before my opponent could even get a shot off. Also the rail system is a very nice edition, my friend was using the KWA Commando today and he would have done much better with a flashlight and a fore grip to blind the enemies because he found it very annoying not being able to see me because of my extra attachments.

Trigger response
Compact design
Magazine quality-feeding ability
Full metal body
Range and accuracy
Hop up

Butt plate of stock (fix with ducktape)
Pin that holds the receivers together comes out easy

Really no other problems very easy gun to use I recommend getting one!
by wesley r. on 03/30/2015
"This gun is great if you never take out a body pin, the second you touch anything on the inside your done for. the 2 piece hop up sucks. the rof is pretty bad. the fps is perfect for pretty much everything besides dmr, which this gun obviously isnt for. I would not reccomend this gun. If i were you looking for a gun I would go grab a G&p m4. the wiring also sucks in this.