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Phantom Custom WE USA "CQB Master Alpha" Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Two Mags - (Package: Pistol)

75 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan T. on 03/30/2010
"I just received my gun today, and let me tell you. It is great! The first couple rounds I shot out of it were accurate and strong (about 300~320fps) and the overall feel of the gun was great as well. I also noticed that the gun had a good weight to it as well. Kinda more realistic in my opinion. I own a KJW M9 as well and let me tell you, the CQB is a far superior gun, especially for the price. But there are a few minor problems I had. First, it seems as though my outer barrel is loose and slides back and forth when the slide is locked back. I don't quite know if that is normal? Also, it doesn't look to good with the orange tip either. So, overall I think I found my new favorite side arm.

- price (@ $110 w/ 2 mags it a great deal!)
- great accuracy
- strong (nice recoil as well)
- weight
- look good too (you might look like a bad a$$ with it)

- outer barrel seems loose (don't know if it's normal??)
- orange tip (can't seem to get it out without breaking the thing)

@Jonathan T. - Yes, the outer barrel wobble is normal and it does not affect the performance of the gun what so ever.

by john b. on 03/25/2010
"alright well lets see where to begin,
the gun is great honestly i like it more than my primary at times, the orange tip is removable with some work, the guns performance is very good

shoots accurately
great mag cap
feels good

my safety came off of one side
tighten with allen wrench like others said
orange tip looks gay at first

overall great gun
by Cole O. on 03/23/2010
"I just received this gun a day ago, and I love it already. I bought it because of the 2 mags that come with it, along with this I bought another mag, and a double mag pouch.
I'll do pro's and cons before I go on.
330 fps seems to fire as far as my 400 fps co2 pistol
Really nice kick
Great for the price (2 mags)

None that I can find.

Okay so my first mag I loaded and as I was gasing it, my propane decided to not stop coming out when I took it out of the mag. My propane adapter is bad, so I haven't really been able to test the true power of this thing. I got about half of a mag off before my gas ran out. I gased it up 3 more times (about 2 three second fills) and it finally epmtied. Don't buy the madbul adapter with this.
by Erik T. on 03/20/2010
"I love this gun. I have had it for almost 4 months now and I can say I am impressed. The fps is great. The recoil is awesome. The only thing I had a problem with was the looks. When I pulled out the gun it kinda looked funny. You know how I solved the problem? Bought a 25 dollar all metal laser and the gun looked like a beast. This is the best pistol I have ever had and would buy this airsoft gun again. Nothing has gone wrong and it is truly amazing.

One this I happen to see a lot when I'm looking at reviews for this gun, is they don't know what the allen wrench is used for. People think they just use it to tighten the screw that holds the front peice in. Then they think the company is stupid cause they don't do it themselves. Well people it is used for taking this gone apart! Pull back the slide to the little notch, pop the slide catch out then unscrew the front peice with the allen wrench! Take it off and you can go to the hop up and clean the gun out. Very nice gun, great preformance, no problems whatsoever. This is a must buy. Also it comes with 2 mags! 5/5
by Matt G. on 03/19/2010
"wow! truly an amazing gun. I say that this pistol is as accurate as a normal AEG with a stock barrel. and will reach out there a ways. i am VERY VERY impressed by this pistol. great buy! almost a must have for CQB
by austin g. on 03/15/2010
"i just purchised this gun and i was better then i expected. it has alot of power ( almost as strong as my friends AK) but one huge problem i have come across is the Mags. The Mags seem to be very leaky, the mags worked at first but now im lucky to get to use the full clip before the Mag's gas is empty =(. but if you can get a leakless Mag this gun has to be by far the best 110$ investment.
by Shawn K. on 03/08/2010

-Nice Weight
-good feel
-dual safety
-330 fps
-Nice Kick
-Very accurate out of the box
-Large amount of ammo per mag


-Unlike other blow back pistols I have used this one kicks like a Rhino making firing many shots in quick succession accurately difficult. (Still more accurate with successive target acquisition)
-make sure you get a large pistol holster I had to modify mine to make them fit.
by MARC V. on 03/04/2010
"Okay this CQB Master is the best GBB pistol around for under $115..
Heavy, Very Accurate, good Fps for a pistol, Sturdy, Built well, looks nice with laser engravings and holographic CQB master logo and other markings.

The only cons to this pistol are:

The front end is loose but is an easy fix just tighten the screw with the allen wrench provided, but i noticed my comes loose after firing many rounds (may be the movement of the Blow back action).

If you use propane your gun is gonna smell like butt, especially with the silicon oil added.

Mainly no cons this gun is a great price and comes with an extra mag that comes in handy for that fast reload..

by Kristin D. on 02/20/2010
"I'v Had this gun for about a month now and its awesome. iv never had another gas blowback pistol but i dont think they get too musch better than this unless you wanna spend 200-300 dollars on a pistol. if your on the fence about this gun, its a sure thing. its gonna fire when you need it to and it gonna hit where you need to.

hard kick, very realistic
hard hitting. this gun hurts from 15 feet.
31 shots
very accurate

the slide locking back does not work because when your at the end of a clip your almost out of gas and theres not enough to keep it back. but it works if you just filled up the gas and run out of bb's.
mag's were a little loose. just taped them at the bottom and now i have to pull them out.
hop up a little hard to get to but once you get it set its great.
by john b. on 02/16/2010
"great gun, full metal, i would like to know how to take the orange tip off, i think it screws off but i dont want to try anything too forceful without knowing what i am doing,
great weight
good on gas
louder than most gbb in my opinion
looks good
accurate even at a good distance
large mag well, makes mag changes a lot faster
hi cap 50 rd mag can be found here on evike

orange tip (although i dont really think its a huge deal because i am going to get it off)
safety gets in the way at times
mags seem to hold up well
not a whole lot to say here

great gun overall, i wouldnt have picked another to be honest, if you have an answer to my question about the tip either post it here or write me an email [email protected]

thanks guys
by Jon w. on 01/29/2010
"Wow bought this in hope i could use it to stay sharp during the winter when its to cold for the range. Couldnt ask for a more !!!
by Jason Z. on 11/02/2009
"One of the best Airsoft gas blowback I have ever used. It has everything you need and more.

Easy to work with with dual safety.
330 FPS
XL Mag well enables quick loading
extended slide release
sturdy and powerful
great pricing
DEAD accurate
Fast ROF

by Miles H. on 09/28/2009
"This is one of the best firing guns out there for the price and the quality is incredible. I bought this for my girlfriend and now my entire squad wants one for games. As previously stated, great pistol and one of the best out there.

The ONLY issue we found with it was that the gas ran out from time to time before the mag was empty, but seeing as it comes with two mags that's not really much of an issue.
by Jim Z. on 09/13/2009
"This is a great gun, just bought it. It Is DEADLY accurate. I recomend this gun to anyone out there looking for an airsoft pistol. This is downright the best airsoft pistol for its price, no questions asked.

I was wondering, I bought the silencer to go with the gun, and i can't seem to figure out how to attach it without killing the orange tip. can someone help me out with this?
by Adrian C. on 09/09/2009
"I just got my CQB Master and I really like it. It has a solid construction and feels great in my hand. Everyone that I showed it too really like it as well. It shoots really hard and far out of the box even with .25s. an adjustment too the hop up will get it shoot really good with the .25s. The only complaint I have is the mag that came with it had a bad filler valve. The extra mag works great. This is a great pistol to get.