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WE-USA Full Metal Black Dragon X-Celerator Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun w/ Split Competition Slide

21 Customer Reviews

by Adam S. on 07/31/2013
"PLEASE, read this whole review, it covers some problems in this gun and how to fix them. It tells some what to do and not to do. Also some possible customizations.

I must have had this pistol for 6 months, I use it in games rather often when I get the chance. I recommend using the holy cow special to get a magazine because even the 30+1 rounds go fast. If you take the care to lubricate this gun often, nothing bad should happen. Also; try not drop the magazine on the nozzle. It will probably break. Many often mention a "leak issue" with the magazines, but I found a way to fix it (at the end of review*) A problem that happened to me was I played a game and dived in a sand bunker. I found that my pistol had leapt out of the holster on my vest and landed in the sand. This still comes back to me as I notice bits of sand in the trigger mechanism, the slide and every where with moving parts. My pistol at the moment has the -14mm unscrewable flash hider from my JG G3 T3 K1 (Great gun btw) and a slightly modified foregrip on the bottom rail. The flash hider actually increases accuracy quite noticeably. The foregrip is just really cool to have, the foregrip is this " UTG / AIM Ergonomic Vertical Tactical Foregrip. My gun easily hits a four inch wide tree from a measured 65 feet away. What I don't like about this gun is how difficult it is to simply adjust the hop up, or clean it. You have to unscrew the front pin with a tiny allen wrench, then you do the normal thing and take off the slide. I guess its not that bad, but kinda annoying. Speaking of hop up though, mine is adjusted to have the little arrow inside pointing to the screw right next to the hop up, you will know what I mean if you see it. The bb drops a tiny bit from 65 feet. I use .2 grams. When I fill up my mags with propane, I fill it in for 15 seconds exactly. I recommend cleaning your barrel with cut up cotton balls and an unjamming rod untill the cotton balls come out clean. Very powerful gun. However, the right side safety fell off, but the left side safety still works perfectly fine. My rear sight snapped when I dropped my gun. I love this pistol. But I clean it often. You should too. (Magazine leak fix below)

* step 1: find the button under the magazine, push it in with something long and thin like a paperclip and slide the bottom mag plate forward. The magazine will stop again at the second hole so do it again.
Step 2 get a slightly broad flathead screwdriver and a regular-small phillips head screwdriver. Use the phillips head to twist the black screw as tight as it will go. Then use the flathead to twist the gas feed nozzle (the sliver and gold thing) clockwise as tight as it will go. This should do the trick. It is also important that there are no bbs loaded as you do this and that you twist the black phillips screw first.

If you get this gun it is very helpful to read this review, and if you did, Thanks.
by Matt R. on 03/14/2013
"I Have Been running this GBB for the last year or two in games, and this gun is awesome! I run this gun all the time...

My setup is Pretty much two 51rd, hi caps and a low-cap and the hi-caps are great!

My advice is get a hi-cap, the gun looks intimidating!

Overall 5/5!
by Julia B. on 10/12/2012
"my freind brought this to a game and this thing was wicked has a nice sound to it when fired nice even weight 30-45 rounds in mag i believe mag release is kinda hard to reach but i have smaller hands so if u got bigger hands this will not be a problem u will probally need a bigger holistr 4 it though especially if u get the xtended version
by Tung H. on 02/18/2012
"This gun is great! It has a nice weight to it. My first impressions were nice.
Fiber Optic front sight
Full metal
Nice kick
takes green gas and red gas and propane
30 round mag

Mag is kinda hard to load
Thats it!
by Paul W. on 09/08/2011
"Best gun I have ever owned. This thing is as bevy as a loaded m1911 it kicks hard. I us this for primary i have 4 mags pluses a 50 rounder.
Mine didn't come with case like others
Jams a little

no leaky mags
Makes people say i want one when they try it

Get it for secondaryl cause comes with 2 mags
My slide locks automatically when empty unlike what others claim
by Ihian F. on 03/07/2010
"i have had this gun for three or more years and it has been very good to me my mag just died on me not to long ago but i went to the 51 round mag,and it kicks but. FOR THE MONEY GET THIS IT WILL DO YOU WELL
by CASSELL B. on 01/02/2010
"i had bought this gun and it is the greatest side arm, but while i was playin i lost the screw that attaches the front sight to the frame.

would it be possible to get a new screw?
by Johnnie P. on 11/16/2009
"After having the gun for a month, I finally got to fire it.

But first, the gun has a nice balanced feel to it; it is heavy enough to make you feel like you are wielding the real thing. Other than having to keep up with a small allen wrench to remove the "nose" the gun disassembles with ease for cleaning and general maintenance.

Now, with a load of propane, the weapon kicks hard, and shoots straight to about 50+ feet, before starting to drop. I love it!! No AEP's for me...ever!

Pros: Nice feel, mostly metal, balanced weight, great GBB pistol for the money...and the name rocks!!

Cons: Orange tip is not plastic, it is a metal threaded tip. Would be great for the person who likes extended barrels or silencers...otherwise, the tip does not appear to be easily removed.

Although not a biggie, I was only able to fit 29 BB's instead of the advertised 30...but whose counting?

Because of the allen wrench, and the small screw, the gun would be a tough gun to perform field maintenance on.

The cons do not outweigh the Pros, so I give this WE Dark Dragon a 5/5!!
by chris m. on 09/23/2009
"I've had my gun for about a year and i have to say it is one of the best guns i've ever had. i'v used it extently, and i admit i've abused it a bit, but thats what happens to em'. anyway the only problem i've had with it is i'll fill the mag up fully, and it shoots the first bb full power, but then the next few are week and the third or fourth doesn't even rack the slide, i'm still trying to fix it but other than that this gun is a must if you want a sexy looking gun.
by bill b. on 02/28/2009
"good gun....^^ i like it......^^

good power....good feeling....
by William L. on 08/29/2008
"Good weight and nice feel. Shoots well. But it hogs gas. If magazine is filled up all the way with green gas, lasts more than the 30 shots that you can put in the HI-CAPA 5.1 magazine.
by Alex M. on 08/16/2013
"I bought this gun with the 50 round magazine and the 30 round magazine.

Overall, the gun shoots accurately about 70-100 feet right out of the box.

Here are my issues with the gun.

1. The handgrip. I have larger hands, but the handgrip is pretty large. If you have small hands I would not get this gun. Also, the grip is some weird grip rubber material; I personally prefer the checkered wood or metal but that is personal preference.

2. The Split Competition Slide.
The front end came loose. It is held on by an hex screw and easily tightens; however, it gets loose after one game or so. Not enough to be concerned about it falling off, but enough to be annoying.

3. Rate of fire not that great.
This is not a bad thing. The rate of fire on this gun is good, but not that much better than the other pistols. My KWA 1911A1 (old model not Ns2) gets out about the same amount of rounds/minute.

Overall, this pistol performs very well especially for the price. My issues with it are mainly that it is a bigger pistol and that the slide seems to want to be loose.
by Mykael M. on 06/21/2012
"I got this gun a couple of months ago and have really used it since. The gun itself is amazing, I haven't had ANY problems with it. I have stopped using it because the mag it came with was a baby hi-capa and will only shoot about 4 times before it's completely out of propane. I don't know why, but it just does. It doesn't leak, but it doesn't hold any propane either. That's why I gave it a 4/5. If you're looking for a great, reliable and cheap beginning gun, you can't do better than this.

_Full metal
_Split slide
_Fast shooting
_Optics are amazing
_Fits in most holsters

_Nothing I can think of
by Charlie K. on 05/08/2012
"Great gun for a first GBB pistol.
But there are some issues:

Right safety lever falls off easy. I researched this and found it is a common problem. It doesnt affect the functionality of the gun, but its kinda annoying.
O-ring on the fill valve on the mag is kinda weak. Started leaking after a month of regular use.

Overall its a great pistol. I suggest getting a new fill valve for it simply because it will stop your leaks and its only $5

Great first gbb. it was my 3rd one. 4/5
by ryan q. on 02/05/2012
"This gun was not so bad. I've owned this gun for about 8 months, bought it from here and i can tell you that it does not come with the threaded orange tip. At least mine didn't. This gun's hopper recently broke on me, i let my friend use the gun for a 10 minute round and it was his first time using a gbb pistol/ working a pistol that can simulate how a real pistol works, and i told him the basics. Only cock it once, when the slide pulls back and the slide catch comes up that means your out of ammo , etc. So when the round is over he gives it back to me and i shoot it 3 times and i notice that the hopper stops loading bbs into the chamber. Inspect it the next day and find out that the bottom portion of the hopper is not there. so i am not sure if it was his fault or it was just a coincident. So i would assume that the hopper is fairly cheap just from that. I don't think he was like picking up bbs from the ground or anything but w.e.

One thing i don't like is that when i shoot the pistol it feels like the weight of the pistol grip and magazine pulls the recoil downward. Everything else is fine. I let my other friend use it for a round and I didnt realize he was my teammate so i shot him once and he turns around and hits me 5 times with it to my back, and i had those 5 marks for a really long time. This pistol is also pretty loud too.

-good fps for cqb (roughly 330)
-has night sights on the rear and front iron sights
-can replace the slide since it is a cqb master gun.

-the internals feel like they are going to fall out when the slide is pulled back
-some paint was easily chipped off when i left it in my sweaty glove for 8 hrs
-the metal barrel cover piece gets annoying because it makes a clinging noise when moving
- a little heavy (the pistol grip with magazine in)
-cheap hop up
-and the left safety constantly broke off and would not stay on when i tried re-attached it.