Reviews: WE USA NG3 7" Xcelerator Dragon Full Metal Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback w/ Ext. barrel - Black

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Model: GP-WE-022-B

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by Anthony C. on 2013-06-21 15:30:59
"This is one of the best guns i have ever owned, before i bought all of my guns at walmart and this is my first high quality gun. the gun has a great feel to it and once you start shooting it you will fall in love. i would definatly recommend this gun to any one.
shoots hard
has great kick
is sexy
and many more
none, expect that you don't own one
by Kevin S. on 2013-04-04 13:29:50
-short trigger pull for quick shooting
-looks and sounds awesome
-good power

-screws do need occasional tightening
-Holsters. This thing is too much gun for a regular holster to handle.
-right-side safety is a little loose.

Overall, this gun is absolutely worth the money. That little * next to durability? I was playing a objective game at my local CQB field and slipped while running with the objective. Put my hand down to break my fall without thinking, and the gun took my weight with barely a scratch, and still works perfectly. This gun is built like a tank and will last you quite a long time.
The only issue I have with this gun is that the younger players seem to be drawn to it during team selection like moths to a flame...
by Angelia F. on 2013-03-28 19:01:08
"This gun is great! The build quality is quite remarkable, the gun feels sturdy in the hand. It has a mostly metal construction with the only notable plastic part being the grip. With a 7" design, the gun is very accurate in your typical CQB/room clearing distances. My only complaint is that the magazines are bit of a pain sometimes! The mags are shady. Its hit or miss, some of the mags I have work wonderful, while others need a replacement output valve (between $10-$20). The mags are picky too. They have a unique design that makes them durable and sturdy, but also hard to find other brands that work! Overall, this is a great gun for the price!


-Mag problems that are a pain!
by sockem C. on 2013-03-19 21:59:37
"This gun is Fantastic!
Good FPS
Geat durrability!
Theres many many many more but im to lazy to list them all!
Myn only came with one mag and extra ones are 30 bucks!
Right Slide lock fell off!
The compensator came loose after several hundred shots

Over all this is a must buy for all of you who really like the 1911 series...And all of you who love CQB!
None of teh cons really do anything bad... but for the loose parts just get allen wrenches and titen them!
by Nathan W. on 2013-02-27 15:57:13
"This gun is amazing!

-Nice kick
-Full Metal
-Can be fired quickly
-Hi-CAPA compatible parts
-Looks Intimidating
-Gas Efficient

-Hop-up is a pain to get to
-After several hundred shots, the screws will loosen slightly (easy fix)

All in all, this gun is way worth ordering. It's a beast to use and scares people away! Highly recommended.
PS: I preordered this gun, but it I got it right away as if it were in stock. Thanks evike.
by Kevin S. on 2012-11-16 14:02:39
"Fantastic gun, I love it!
Good kick
Looks fantastic
good fps
Nicely weighted gun

the right side of the safety switch is loose
one of the mags was leaky

Overall, this thing is fantastic. It should be a crime to have this much fun with a single gun.
by Daniel L. on 2012-08-15 21:25:25
"Awesome gun. It feels great, shoots straight, kicks hard, and dwarfs all other pistols of its price.

Shoots very straight (thanks to very long barrel)
Reaches 100 feet with no hop easily
Rear sight is adjustable for precision
Mag release is position so you won't accidentally drop the mag
Mag was plastic bottom to prevent damage if dropped
Mag holds enough gas for nearly two full uses (around 50 shots)
Hard Recoil
Barrel does not move when firing due to front sight assembly

Facts (these can be either pros or cons):
Is very big (and intimidating)
Is very loud (and intimidating)

Hop is a little hard to get to
Can be hard to find a holster big enough

All in all, I love it! The only thing I have against it is that it doesn't have unlimited ammo.
by Susan U. on 2012-08-09 08:43:34
"Very fun,big,heavy,loud,just amazing,it's truly scary
30 Round mags
Decent kick
Hard to find a holster
I can't afford another one so I can duel wield
I would recommend this to someone who wants a good blowback with lots of mag capacity,it's good in accuracy due to the 7 inch barrel,and it's the best airsoft gun I've ever owned.its worth the price!
by Jacob D. on 2012-08-02 15:06:33
"I love this gun, got it in the mail a week ago and been shooting it ever since, has a nice kick to it and sound, although I noticed after the 2nd day of using it the front end got a little wobbly.. that's really easy to fix though, just tighten up the 2 screws in the front and it'll be back to normal, also I noticed its a lot lighter than me other 1911 which surprised me, but seeing how it's built I guess it would make sense.

So, to the pros and cons.
║ Pros:
╟◄Lighter than my other handguns (could be a con to other people.. but I find it to be a serious pro)►
╟◄Good recoil►
╟◄Meat tenderizer at the front for when you need it►
╟◄Front sight having the green tube or whatever, making it easier to aim►
╟◄Great for intimidating/scaring your friends/brother(s) in a BB Gun battle►
╟◄Front end gets wobbly after a couple days of use (easy fix)►
╟◄Forgot to buy a 2nd one for epic dual wielding action►

Overall.. you can't go wrong with buying this gun, little to no cons with this thing and performs well, it is a MUST buy.
by Ruth G. on 2012-06-18 10:03:21
"you see this gun above? you need it. just having this thing in your possesion will thin out the enemy ranks. Seriously.
Fear factor
Shoots hard
It has a frickin meat tenderizer

hard to find holster
Front end wobbly (i heard this can be fixed, but i dont know how)
one of my mags leaks

My only true problem with this gun is that i dont have 7 of them.
by Steven A. on 2012-04-30 08:36:47
"I got this gun as a gift the other day and it's everything I had hoped it would be.

Nice weight
Looks amazing
Hard recoil
Mags slide out easily
Lots of upgrades available

Right safety lever is a little loose
by Sarah K. on 2012-04-25 17:45:07
"I love 1911s. So when I saw this over-the-top, 11" long pistol, I knew I had to buy it. When I opened it I noticed that they used the Styrofoam from WE's "Luger" series, and there was a dent in the box. I continued to unpackage it from the box. I was really excited to shoot it, but more often than not, instead of shooting the bb, it would roll out of the barrel. This kept on happening for while, but then pulling the trigger once would make it go full auto and expel all of the gas. Instead of tinkering with it, I sent it to Evike. When it came back, it used the same Styrofoam, but in a different box, and they replaced the gun. I got it out, shot it, and bbs would roll out of the barrel. Again. I continued to shoot the gun and they now shoot more often than not.

-It looks AWESOME!
-It is a WE Hi-CAPA.
-Has an awesome inner-barrel (the length of the outer barrel).
-Mag holds 30+1 rounds.
-Shoots true and far (when it shoots).
-The weight. It feels amazing in your hand.

-Obviously the fact that two Hi-CAPAs in a row had the same problem means there may be a design flaw.
-On the last shot of gas the slide doesn't go all the way back.
-The WE mags aren't the best.
-the gun is long, so it hits your leg if you use a standard drop-leg holster.

Overall I think that WE could improve the inner workings, but besides that little hic-up, it is a great pistol.
P.S. Always use a "Holy Cow" special if possible.

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