Reviews: UTG Tactical Handheld Xenon Flashlight with Weapon-Mount and Remote Pressure Switch


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Model: FL-UTG-TL099PR2

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by David F. on 2016-07-26 07:40:33
"This tactical light is good for the money, however when compared to other tactical lights every light is brighter than this light. It's got a softer light that isn't as white as you'd like. I'd suggest getting a brighter light. Batteries wouldn't take a charge right out of the box either, tried on two different chargers. Had to go to the store to buy 6 batteries and that was 20 bucks for 3 pairs of batteries for this light.

Light is well made and good if you just need to have a light real quick it's ok I guess.
by Andrew C. on 2014-05-05 20:57:48
"This is a fantastic flashlight. Upon opening the box the first thing I noticed was that it looked not only tactical and low profile but also very sturdy. The batteries it comes with are fully charged and should last a while. Though it doesn't have a button like a normal flashlight (the button only works when you are pushing it) it has a multitude of options.
1- you can hold the button or use button as a strobe 2-twist the rear cap to keep the light on 3- use the pressure switch (much like the button) in addition, the light is EXTREMELY bright for a single bulb useful for short to mid-range combat maybe even long range if concentrating the beam. Now for pros and cons.

-full metal, very sturdy
-very bright, can light up a large room or half a forest
-adjustable beam
-comes with good batteries
-low profile, tactical look
-choice between pressure switch and button
-fairly low price

-mount is a bit stiff out of the box
-not water proof, though is water resistant
-batteries are expensive
-no toggle on/off function other than twisting the rear cap

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)