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Matrix Tactical M3 Illuminator Combat Light w/ 120 Lumen Xenon Lamp - Dark Earth

3 Customer Reviews

by Kevin W. on 09/28/2009
"Much better than I expected! Very high quality, fits perfectly on my KSC G17 and my real G21. Also fits all my WE Hi-capa.

Looks "BEST" out of all the lights I have seen for pistols.
Easy access switch. Much better and easier than remote pressure switches.
Fits Tornado holsters.
by Mike H. on 09/28/2009
"i love it!!!!

it looks great on my kwa glock 18.

i got it yesterday and out in the batterys, but me being stupid i turned it on while i was looking at it....
i was temperarally blinded!

Looks awesome

kind of hard to put on and pull off
kind of expensive

Over all i would buy this 100 time over!

by Shawn H. on 03/15/2015

I bought this to set up a training pistol I could use with my real world holster setups, some very expensive.

The picture LOOKS like the Insight / Streamlight M3.

The picture lies.

The bezel is almost twice as long as a M3. This means any holster you have for a M3, the lamp assembly is going to stick out of the bottom.

The body is a 1/3rd longer and also wider than the real world version.

In short, this WILL NOT FIT in a regular holster for the M3.

The build quality of this replica is sort of sturdy. The body should take some abuse. The bezel is metal, and I didn't check to see what the light cover was made of. The switch is flimsy, and bends. The momentary rarely works, and is sticky. Constant does work. It is about as bright as the real one. I haven't tried the zoom (adjust beamwidth) feature.

It is ok for the price if you are buying the gun/light BEFORE you are holster shopping, or if you're using a soft holster system. It is NOT ok, if you are trying to use the real holsters. Had I not sanded the sides down in a failed attempt to make it fit, I would send it back. :(

TL;DR - not an accurate replica, like a bloated version.