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Matrix Tactical M3 Illuminator Combat Light w/ 230 Lumen CREE LED Bulb - Black

16 Customer Reviews

by Andrew B. on 05/03/2016
"This light is great for my atp auto. The light is plenty bright and a blinding for airsoft. I'm glad I got it and I recommend getting the pressure switch too!
The light is durable, made of polymer and metal and its built to last
Highly reccomend
by phillip s. on 12/28/2011
"i bought this light for my m4, and also got the pressure switch for it too. i gotta say i was very impressed with this light. its very bright and gets the job done.
by Noah B. on 05/25/2011
"All I can say is wow! This flashlight is amazing! I have a flashlight that I take camping and this one outshines it by far! one thing I found is that the bar that holds it on the rail is way to large I had to sand it down a milimeter or two just to get it on to my M4 rail. it is also bigger than I thought it would be so dont expect it to be small.

Super bright!
nice look
pretty good plastic
very good price $

modification required to get it to fit a standered rail
not metal (also a pro because the price would almost double if it were)
by Chris C. on 04/28/2010
"This light is almost too bright. we have a field at my buddy's place that is probably a good 100 yards+ long. I could see across the whole field with this thing. I currently don't have a pistol this thing can fit on but i lent it to another player last weekend and it fit on his glock perfectly. That was a bad idea as i was now blinded during the game. This light gives you an advantage over anyone with a standard Xeon bulb light. My g2 with the P61 upgraded bulb looked like a pea shooter as this light ran circles around it. Going to buy G&Ps LED bulbs to put in my G2 and P9 tac lights.

Bottom line. GET THIS LIGHT!

Only con: Not adjustable, the Streamlight TLR-1 has an adjustable clip so if your rail is too short on your pistol, you can slide the part that secures it to the rail back to fit different pistols. I can get a TLR for $80 new, but i still think this light is brighter that streamlight's. Might end up using it on my real steal...
by Steven C. on 10/06/2009
"This light is RIDICULOUSLY bright! I, too, turned it on while looking at it and saw purple spots for 5 minutes. It will definitely blind your opponents out in the field, which is why I bought it. Well that, and to see in the dark :)

This light fits my Echo1 G36C perfectly, as well as my *real* Springfield Armory XD-M9mm. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to fit on my WE Caspian Hi-capa, but that's not a big deal since it will mainly live on my G36C anyway. It's just nice to know that when the zombie apocalypse happens, I can toss this puppy on my XD-M and be ready to go!
by Mike H. on 09/04/2009
"i love it!!!!

it looks great on my kwa glock 18.

i got it yesterday and out in the batterys, but me being stupid i turned it on while i was looking at it....
i was temperarally blinded!

Looks awesome

kind of hard to put on and pull off
kind of expensive

Over all i would buy this 100 time over!

by Martin B. on 05/03/2009
"Best Combat Light I have ever seen or used. The CREE LED is blinding and the selector switch, I think is better than a pressure switch. There is a bar underneath the RIS system that allows for quick interchange between your AEG and pistol (with rail). Both look and handle amazing. I was a little scared of the price, but IS worth the money! JUST NOTE: Does not come with batteries and needs CR123A

Featured here on :

5 out of 5

Silenced Operations
by Kevin W. on 02/09/2009
"Much better than I expected! Very high quality, fits perfectly on my KSC G17 and my real G21. Also fits all my WE Hi-capa.

Looks "BEST" out of all the lights I have seen for pistols.
Easy access switch. Much better and easier than remote pressure switches.
Fits Tornado holsters.
SUPER BRIGHT! (The CREE LED is probably the best LED bulb powered by 2 CR123A you can find)

by Ron H. on 12/19/2014
"Overall pretty good flashlight. I got mine at the evike store and it fit flawlessly on my kjw kp05. Very bright and looks nice, however the product wasn't perfect

Affordable (kinda)
Fits almost any pistol

While activating one of the switches, it came off. Not good
Very hard to take on and off, however it's very stable
I had a lot of difficulty putting this on a standard picatinny rail such as the kmp 9 and a g&g cm 16

Overall: A good buy if you're looking for a light on a 1911 or m9, but not much else
by Greg M. on 12/20/2012
"First off thank you Evike for having great products and frequently updating them! This light is super bright in low light/night time games you can see 100 meters. This light is well suited for CQB, as the trigger mech to turn the light on is next your triger finger. Feels natural when holding it equiped to your railed handgun.

. Light weight but well constructed
. Very bright for 50$ 200+ lumens!!!
. Price for 50$ you get what you pay for +

. Battery cap gets a little flimsy, might need to tape it with enough use
. the rail release (THIS IS IMPORTANT) is super tight! you may need to file down the metal rail on the flashlight to make it fit!

Overall, this light is one of the best products I've recieved from Evike! Get one if not two!!!
by Dominick f. on 11/27/2011
"Ok great tactical flashlight. Scares my enemys half to death when they see me shine this light in there direction. I mainly play CQB and the place i play is always dark, so the 230 lumens real help. The only problem i have with it that is when i mount the light on my RIS, it moves around alot. Nothing a little tape cant fix. The other cons are that the lends broke the first day i used it, so i recommend only using this light out doors, not in CQB.

-looks great
-very compact

-glass lens(mine broke)
-no pressure switch
-moves around on RIS rails
-gives other people headachs (that's more like a Pro)
by Colin M. on 07/02/2014
"First off, mine came cracked... I'm, sure this is not evike's fault but it does need some thicker packaging. It does have a very nice lumen output but drains the batteries fast. its hard as you know what to get it off ( even when lubed).

Very bright
Feels good, and firm on a rail

Came cracked
Doesn't come with batteries, or any indication to tell you what batteries it takes.(2 CR123A if anyone was wondering)
VERY HARD to take off.
It drains batteries fast.

Overall it is good, i would pay $30 to $35 but i regret paying $50 because of the condition of the packaging and the light itself when it arrived.
by Adam P. on 01/29/2014
"I bought this about a week ago. Mounted it on my KWA M9 PTP. I originally bought it because I thought it was "quick detach", that doesn't seem to be the case though. Sliding it on is rough which keeps it sturdy on your weapon, and the latch that holds it in place is stiff. I couldn't seem to mount it to a standard 1913 picatinny rail. It does throw a blinding amount of light. The built in switches allow for pressure light on, or permanent light on. The majority is made of polymer except for the front. Not really sure it was worth the $50 I spent.

Pro's : High lumen output, Ambidextrous light switches, firm fit,

Cons : Trouble removing from gun even when oiled. Stiff latch makes for aggravating removal,
by Virginia C. on 01/09/2012
"I ordered this light for my TM Hi-capa 5.1 since it is my CQB primary, I needed a nice light but powerful torch for clearing dark rooms and this is exactly what I got.

The light comes in a simple unmarked cardboard box in a foam cutout. The light is larger than I expected, even with the example pictures on the items page. It is nice and light but seems to be made out of a nice durable polymer, maybe nylon fiber. The bulb is extremely bright and light up any room even in daylight.

But when I put it on my TM's rail, I hit a snag. The light was very tight on the rail, naturally I thought it was fine and was a good thing. But after I slid the torch on, I couldn't take it off. From what I saw, I think the locking bar that holds the light on the rail is too tall and has snagged on the rail. It is now, as far as I know, permanently stuck on my rail and now to change the battery I have to field strip the gun and unscrew the rail.

Over all I give this a 3/5 for its great build and the power of the bulb, but the fact that it is now stuck on my rail is a major trade off for the pros.

Looks good
Full ambidextrous controls

Uses an odd battery type
A little TOO snug
Locking bar is too tall for the rail
A little pricey for a flashlight but it is mainly worth it, minus the fact that it's stuck.
by Trey H. on 10/30/2013
"Bought this to go on my KWA USP.45 Full size, and there are a few things that I have to say about it

Ships with no batteries, or any way to tell you what type of batteries it takes (Two(2) CR-123's)

Is a lot wider than it looks in the images, you'll feel goofy with it on a 1911 or something similar, because it's so wide.

Switch to turn on and off is flimsy and made of what looks like ABS Plastic, one of the caps fell off before I even got the light on my gun, and it took a good five minutes to put it back on.

I haven't tested its brightness, but I know that 230 Lumens is plenty.

So far, I don't feel too impressed with the light. I wouldn't recommend it for the price it's at now.