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Matrix Tactical M3 Illuminator Combat Light w/ 120 Lumen Xenon Lamp - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Jimmy T. on 04/05/2014
"Very good and bright flashlight, fits on my WE "g" series pistol after i sanded down the attachment lever bar like a dream. Again, SUPER bright and responsive. No problems at all, just make sure you put the batteries in right. I heard many others have broken theirs doing so incorrectly. 10/10
by matthew t. on 02/27/2014
"This is a great buy i loved it!!
by Kevin W. on 09/28/2009
"Much better than I expected! Very high quality, fits perfectly on my KSC G17 and my real G21. Also fits all my WE Hi-capa.

Looks "BEST" out of all the lights I have seen for pistols.
Easy access switch. Much better and easier than remote pressure switches.
Fits Tornado holsters.
SUPER BRIGHT! (The CREE LED is probably the best LED bulb powered by 2 CR123A you can find)

by Mike H. on 09/28/2009
"i love it!!!!

it looks great on my kwa glock 18.

i got it yesterday and out in the batterys, but me being stupid i turned it on while i was looking at it....
i was temperarally blinded!

Looks awesome

kind of hard to put on and pull off
kind of expensive

Over all i would buy this 100 time over!

by Area 3. on 09/23/2014
"okay im going to be honest, buy this and not the $40 or $50 one. ALSO buy this this LED bulb assembly will put out around 170 lumens of bright white light. brighter than my surefire. this bulb assembly is compatible with this light and all you have to do is unscrew the light assembly on this pistol light (will fit on standard 20mm rails). how you do that is by grabbing this light by what looks like rings and twist counter clockwise and that will allow you to take out this xenon bulb assembly and let you drop in this new LED. Its literally "drop in" and trust me it works i JUST DID IT. if you unscrew it and the whole front half of the light has come off, you've done it wrong. make sure you grab the "rings," im trying to save you money. now on to the actual review, im going to keep it nice and short, not really lol.

the light is very compact and fits on my we kb custom 1911 very nicely ( which i got on evike) BUT there is slight modification REQUIRED and its really simple. there is a lever that you have to push down to get it to lock onto your rails. however, this is way to high up and you will have to sand it down. i used and electric sander vs sand paper which would take hours, this, only took about 3 mins and careful "crafting" shall i say. BUT if you skip this step and just push it onto your rails until it locks, good luck taking it of because it probably never will so just a heads up. also the buttons you use to activate the light, its kinda sticky but nothing that will effect performance, just a pet pev.

really bright even with out the LED (but without the LED, it is a yellowish light)
super streamline
hefty weight but nothing that will way your gun down

just a few modifications/upgrades needed to make this thing work at its best
doesn't come with batteries
you don't have it :-P
by William W. on 06/19/2013
"I bought this flashlight a few days ago to go with my WE17.
It's actualy not a bad flashlight, for the price.


Ease of use
Continuous and Momentary ON/OFF


A bit on the heavy side.
Yellowish light (Personal Peve)

The only main downside is that the latch/lever that holds it to the underslung rail is it is WAY too big. Which, in return, has gotten it permanently attatched to my pistol. Which wouldn't be a big deal, if i didnt have to change batteries every so often.

So if you do buy this, FILE DOWN THE LATCH.
by Anthony B. on 07/11/2017
"This flashlight is not the best. I bought it, put in the batteries. And when i tried to mount it, it does not fit properly and there is no way to adjust it.