Reviews: Sig Sauer Vertical Support Grip and Tac. Light with LED Module

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Model: FL-SA-63889

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by blake k. on 2016-01-11 21:48:04
"This is a very good product it is very easy to turn the light on and off and the lazer works good as well. At first I was worried about the lazer because at the arena I play at you can't have lazers during day games only at night so I though that once I turned the light on it would also turn the lazer on but hopefully it dident so if your field doesn't allow lazers this is the perfect light. I have take this out to the field at least 40-50 times and have not had a problem with it. Over all really good lazer/lazer
by Brett T. on 2015-10-01 06:17:17
"The Good: This thing is sturdy and can take a beating. Not only that but you can adjust it and make it super tight on your rail if you want. The light is also incredibly bright(guaranteed to temporarily blind someone) and lasts quite a while. I haven't had the chance to really use the "night light" on it yet. It also has a perma-On/Strobe, and otherwise the option of using Strobe or Normal utilizing the thumb button. It's a really fantastic light overall. For a person with average or above average sized hands, the grip feels great and perfectly sized for me. Swapping out batteries is easy too. All around this is truly a great piece.

The Bad: Nothing!

The Ugly: It's a little on the big side, so it looks really silly on a small/stubby gun. It looks great on my G36K though(with RIS). Be warned: The screws will rust a little bit on this thing. It doesn't rust terribly, but a little rust is enough rust imo. I'd recommend coating them in some clear coat and re-inserting them if you ever intend to go to MilSim or play in the Rain.
by Joe R. on 2013-01-09 17:35:09
"This thing is really great... and it is very very bright... It is also very easy to turn the light on and off... So overall if you are looking for a grip with a flashlight... This is the way to go!!!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)