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Element Z010 Integrated Red Dot w/ Visible Green and Red Laser Sight for Airsoft

8 Customer Reviews

by Scuba S. on 09/09/2013
"Pros and cons were covered, thanks. It's why I bought it! And thanks Evike..

Just some additional info:

LIGHT weight - Just like the real ISM-V. I think this is its best feature! it feels almost as light as an EOtech, and has a laser. The green laser is surprisingly bright for an airsoft optic.

Still no plug for front pressure switch jack.

Light "rubber" coating is easy to scratch off, but if you're careful it's fine.

Mine arrived with the clamp installed upside-down, like someone commented. I advise you to check, if you buy this optic. Unless you don't mind if the scope "pops" of the rail once in a while, and hits the floor. It also damages the rail. The rail clamp edge should NOT be flat, but edged as any other rail clamp.

After turning it around, it worked fine. The other side had the edge. You'd think it was an easy fix, but I had to use a cutting wheel to (carefully) cut off the tiny pin that holds the clamp on. It was easier to remove the entire baseplate first. I tried unscrewing the pin, but it is TINY and did not budge with any hand tool I tried. If it is an Allen key, its one so small that its not in my tool kit. So cutting it was easier.

Even after all that, it's completely worth it.

I was worried about the scope's small aperture, but its very easy to find the dot when snapping the rifle up to firing position, and easy to shoot with both eyes open. Works as well any reflex sight, LIGHTWEIGHT, and has a laser. Perfect for my G&G F2000 in CQB setup. Yea, a US optic on a Belgian gun. Perfect for any gun!
by Ben M. on 09/02/2013
"Well I've had this scope for a while now and I might as well write a review on it. First of all the gun looks amazing on my M-4 and for all you wondering yes it does clear the triangle front sight. The laser function works great at night the green laser is easy to see in both day and night. Zeroing is easy to do both the lasers and the dot move at the same time so both lasers and the dot will zero in on the same point.

For those of you who buy this scope since mine didn't come with any instructions so here's the guide:
the plus button turns on the green dot and the minus turns on the red dot and once the one you want is on use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the brightness, and to turn the optic off hold and push the plus and minus buttons at the same time for a second or 2 and it will turn off.

-Has both red and green laser
-Has both a green and red dot both dots have about 9 brightness settings
-Comes with pressure switch
-Comes with 2 CR123 batteries
-Little to no paralax
-Extremely light
-I didnt have to zero mine
-Great build construction

- The buttons are kind of easy to hit and accidentally turn it on
- Didn't come with the little nipple dust cover for the pressure switch (not a big deal though)
- You really need to tighten it down it tends to want to not clamp on to the rail to well
by Mike N. on 12/22/2011
"Big, bad and beautiful. The unit comes with both red and green lasers as well as a green or red dot inside the optics. This makes it not only highly effective for CQB but equally effective in field ops. Its very easy to get the targeting options in synch no matter how you mount this on your rifle. I have used it with both a handle-mounted rail affixed to the top of an M4, right on the top rail of the M4 (with handle removed) and on an offset mount on a AK with RIS. The unit feels very solid and durable and is covered with a rubber coating that feels great and looks even better on a black or tan gun. Very "spec ops" tacticool, but since its parallax-free, its also an amazingly accurate optic. Highly recommended!
by Joseph c. on 03/27/2014
"as every body else says look out for the upside down issue. other then that its great !
by Joshua T. on 08/08/2013
"Recently got this in the mail. It appears to be a good optic. I would caution on using the term "great" Advertised as paralax free but there is still a little bit of movement on the dot depending on viewing angle. Not significant but it is there. This newer version with the red and green laser has no nipple to cover the pressure switch jack like the picture. The power switches for the light are funny. there are 5 on a rotating dial at the back they are
1.on, no laser
2.on, green laser with switch
3.on, red laser with switch
4.on, green laser with switch
5.on, red laser with switch

yes you get the point. I can't get the laser to stay on with the pressure switch jack in.. so I'm not sure what to think.
Otherwise it looks cool, compact and definately does the job. It's bulbous form is kinda sleek once it's on the gun..
by hank a. on 02/22/2017
"Received this item mounted to my m4 (definitely looks bad*** on the gun) however had to remove duexcess to pressure switch not working, found that one of the wires wasn't never connected to the pressure switch port, repaired, again removed to adjust setup, wouldn't you know now the pressure port pushed in and fell out or the mount spot for it due to poor installation (they use a drop of silicone to hold in place), again repaired, for the price tag of this item I can honestly say I was expecting a little better quality, which is a shame because I love how it looks on my m4 and it seems to work great (after I get done fixing it)
by zach l. on 12/14/2016
"This thing is such a mixed case. It's hard where to start, I was eyeing this guy for a while and had some extra cash so went for it. First off it looks pretty sweet and seems to be "kinda durable". In play the dot was just bright enough to be seen in the sun, also I can't complain to much about the sight picture. Now the main issue I take with this unit is that it just doesn't adjust well and it will lose zero a little more often then I like, to say the least it's kinda peculiar in how it wants to be set up. Also the clamp, it's kinda cheap and has just a smidge of wobble. Lastly though I wanna touch on the laser, it's my favorite part the green beam is stupid strong and clearly visible in daylight even. It almost seems to strong you can feel the beam on the skin. anyways to sum it up I can barely give it a 3/5 okay build quality, unique look, powerful laser and good enough for day play just a pain to adjust.
by Mark G. on 05/19/2016
"After only trying to test the sight out, the zeroing screws decided to stop doing their job. The dot was nonadjustable after only a few quarter turns of the screws. The red laser sight did not align with the dot, and the rail clamp was just... just terrible.

I was so excited for this sight, i expected quality parts that wouldn't break easily and great performance. The only thing positive I can say about this sight however was how bright the green laser was. I'm pretty sure it'd cause eye damage if used carelessly.

Just get a reflex and a separate laser to go on your rails if you want a sight and a laser. This thing just doesn't do the job.