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G&P PEQ GP959 Laser and Infrared Designator with IR Illuminator (Color: Black)

7 Customer Reviews

by Matt W. on 12/18/2017
"I got this almost a year ago, got it to try it on a real rifle... I have been very pleased. Adjust the mount and it locks up tight, laser holds zero very well and battery life is good Iíve changed it twice in a year and only one time was because it was actually dead. Only issues are that the ir and visible lasers arenít in line with eachother, can only have one zeroed. And it would be nice if the illuminator was a little brighter. Overall Iím glad that I bought it am now looking to buy the tan version for my sopmod block 1.5 clone rifle
by MIchael g. on 04/30/2017
"I suppose since there are no reviews, I might as well write one. This will be the 4th G&P PEQ GP959 that I have purchased. The reason I have so many is because they have worked so well and have held zero that I bought one for each system that I wanted to use it on. Two of them are on airsoft weapons, and two of them are on firearms. Now I am not suggesting you install these on a firearm due to the limitations of the device(biult for airsoft). The only reason I have decided to mention that I have a couple them on firearms, is because I know there are people who are wondering. The units installed on the airsoft weapons have been great. The units on the firearms are no exception as they have also been great. They work almost as well as my Steiner DBAL A3. I view the IR settings through PVS-14's and they work as one would expect. The visible laser is quite good and is bright on the high setting. The IR laser and IR illuminator are also quite bright. The laser on high resembles a lightsaber through Gen3 night vision. The only downfall that I have seen so far is that the IR and visible lasers are not perfectly co-aligned. For what they are and for the price, the G&P DBAL A2 is a great device.
by Woodrow C. on 03/16/2016
"I love this Dbal! It is very visible with my ancient Russian NVGs so whatever your running it should work for you. If you are doing night vision ops or planning on it, get this thing! I am very impressed with G&G's quality. It's metal and feels very solid. The lasers adjust easily and it holds zero well. It rocks!

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by tmdk t. on 03/11/2014
"This is a good IR/Laser unit for the price.
The Laser is bright as day and clear in the night. You can easily see the laser on a surface from 200+ feet away. Same with the IR Illuminator, with a good set of NV devices, the IR is easily seen through the device.


Full Metal

Realistic Markings

Multiple settings for constant on/momentary on and high or low brightness


Heavy, because it's metal, it's significantly heavier than a normal PEQ-15.

Wobbly(maybe just for me). The mount isn't the most perfect fit on my rail system. (Daniel Defense OMEGA rails). It wobbles a bit, but it won't fall off as long as you lock the handle.

Overall, this is a steal for its price as a Laser AND IR illuminator.

by Michael M. on 01/26/2011
"This item is awesome!!! The visible laser is very bright and visible for a good distance.

The IR laser is awesome, the fact that this item features a working IR laser and Illuminator for this price is amazing.

This is a definite buy if your looking for a working PEQ with IR features.

**BTW you need night vision to see the IR laser and illuminator**
by Christopher N. on 07/14/2015
"First of all, the unit is of solid construction, and it's QD latch is solid, however slightly mis-sized (on the small size) so once you attach the unit, there's no quick way of getting it off. This is ok, if you want to attach it and leave it on.

The downside to the construction is that there is no disassembling the unit to fix any potential issues. The first of these units I purchased did fail after about 3 years. I had to drill through a polymer screw coating to access the screws for repair, and then order new screws to reassemble the unit. This is much more of a headache than it's worth, if it fails and you liked it, order a replacement, don't try to fix it.


The pressure switch is a clicky type, and is either on or off, there is no momentary.
This is a 3.5mm stereo type input. It holds in place fairly solidly.

The Visible laser is red, and bright on both high power and low power settings.

The IR Illuminator is good, but a bit too narrow of a beam. It's beam/cone is not adjustable in size, only adjustable in center of aim.

The IR laser is bright and is visible using both inexpensive night vision (Gen 1) and more expensive night vision (Gen 3). I use an ITT PVS-14 Gen 3, and on high power the beam is clothesline visible from the unit to the target. While high power gives more of a clothesline effect, low power for IR (pointer and illuminator) is plenty bright when viewed through night vision. In my opinion, there isn't a real need to use high power, so conserve your battery and keep it on low.

There is a problem with the lasers. First, they are independent in their point of aim, yet only have one set of adjustment screws, so any adjustment moves both lasers at the same time. Meaning if one of the lasers is sighted in, the other will be off. Mine have around a 18 inch point of aim difference at only 50 feet. - Even with taking a unit completely apart, there are no adjustment screws to fix this, so don't try. Just accept that only one or the other can be sighted in on target.

The unit holds zero fairly well, however it is not intended for actual firearms, as even drops of a gun with the unit attached can adversely impact the zero point of the unit. Inside the unit the lasers are held in place on the two axis points by a spring, and on the other two by screw contacts. - Adjustments are simple, however not designed for real precise adjustments over distance. At about 25 yards each "click" on the adjustment knob moves the beam around 2-inches, so it will get you close, but remember this is a toy, not a precision piece of military hardware.

As for battery life (CR123A), these do fairly well (noticeably longer life on low power). When the visible laser is on, it's immediately apparent that the unit is on. When the IR is on, there is a faint green LED illuminated on the back of the unit which tells you the unit is on. This can be distracting when using NVG's. I'm pretty good about turning things off, so I have a piece of electrical tape covering the LED indicator. So, while the unit itself does well with battery life while it's on, the unit does have a slow draw even while it's in the off position, so I would recommend removing the battery completely during storage.

Ok, so why did I take one apart? After about 3 years my IR laser went from pin point to the size of a bus at 50 yards. The frontal adjustment piece did not fix this, and I could hear something rattling inside the unit. I decided to try to fix this. It was a major PITA. Don't do what I did. While I did fix it (a lens came detached from the laser face), in my opinion it would have been much better to simply replace the unit, which I later ended up doing.

I hope this review was helpful.
by Andrew C. on 02/27/2017
"Bought this and recently used it in a night op. The device worked fairly well. Functioned as supposed to mostly. I used this device with a pair of Gen3 PVS-14 monoculars and found there were some major caveats.

1) Even on low power mode, the IR laser is really too powerful when you're using Gen3 night vision. The laser washed out the target with its brightness.
2) the remote switch plugs into the device with a regular 3.5mm plug which came loose which easily and I kept accidentally disconnecting it in the dark which is a pain to reconnect. A more robust connection would be better.

All in all it does what it needs to do but keep those two items in mind.