Reviews: G&P PEQ Laser and Infrared Designator with IR Illuminator

$190.00 $161.50

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Model: Laser-GP959
Location: U1-189 WO7-M14 Y9-M13

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by tmdk t. on 2014-03-11 16:50:26
"This is a good IR/Laser unit for the price.
The Laser is bright as day and clear in the night. You can easily see the laser on a surface from 200+ feet away. Same with the IR Illuminator, with a good set of NV devices, the IR is easily seen through the device.


Full Metal

Realistic Markings

Multiple settings for constant on/momentary on and high or low brightness


Heavy, because it's metal, it's significantly heavier than a normal PEQ-15.

Wobbly(maybe just for me). The mount isn't the most perfect fit on my rail system. (Daniel Defense OMEGA rails). It wobbles a bit, but it won't fall off as long as you lock the handle.

Overall, this is a steal for its price as a Laser AND IR illuminator.

by Michael M. on 2011-01-26 15:05:11
"This item is awesome!!! The visible laser is very bright and visible for a good distance.

The IR laser is awesome, the fact that this item features a working IR laser and Illuminator for this price is amazing.

This is a definite buy if your looking for a working PEQ with IR features.

**BTW you need night vision to see the IR laser and illuminator**

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)