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G&P PEQ II Laser Designator + CREE LED Illuminator Light System (Color: Sand)

5 Customer Reviews

by Woodrow C. on 02/10/2016
"This was the first PEQ unit I used, and I really like it! I have it mounted on a JG AUG using a 45 degree offset on the right side upper rail which is the one mounted on the receiver itself. It is nice that it comes with two different pressure switches. I like the button switch myself. I have the button under my trigger hand thumb. Works nicely there. The laser is quite bright, and is easily visible at 40 feet on a bright sunny day. It is the brightest PEQ laser I have which makes it brighter than G&P's PEQ IV, and their compact dual laser IR/Visible red units. The flashlight is plenty bright to see a good distance at night. The switch allows selection of either laser or flashlight or both. The adjustment turrets are easy to use and have good, positive clicks. It is a fairly large unit, compared to the other two I mentioned earlier, but I think it is well worth the price and rail space. I give it a 5 of 5.

Carry on, and be careful out there.
by Lyndon Kevin D. on 07/22/2015
"I bought this to replicate a particular scar-l, and I'm glad I bought it. It did take me a few minuets to realize that you must use a screw driver to open it up enough to attach to your rail, and once you get it on there's zero wobble. Even without the stickers on, it immediately ups the intimidation factor. The light isn't going to blind anyone, but the laser is EXTREMELY useful. The two wheels on the right side ajust the laser, but it took me a while to figure out that the wheel on the side was elevation and the one on top was left and right (or reversed) but once you figure out which wheel does what, I zeroed it in about 5 seconds to my 551 clone so shooting left handed has zero guess work, even with a mask!

-looks cool
-includes a pressure switch AND a on/off switch!
-laser is very easy to see and adjust.
-Runs off your common AA battery
-It adds minimal weight to your gun
-Low profile so most optics and iron sights should clear it
- Light is good enough to let you get around in the dark
- built in lens protectors

- Pre-placed stickers would have been nice.
- Light could have been brighter

5/5 Overall
by Steve T. on 12/27/2014
"I have no idea why no one has reviewed this! This is the best way to set up a laser light system! So let's start the review. The PEQ didn't come with the pictured soft case and the pressure switched only work well on the ends of the pad which seems pretty come actually. The outside is made of what seems like ABS plastic. It feels smooth yet grainy and seems durable, but if you really try I'm guessing it would crack rather than bend. Don't hurt this thing too bad. The lightbulb and lens for the the laser and light are replaceable if the they get shot out. The caps for the laser and light are held on with rubber and have another lens to protect the glass lenses. The caps do smear the laser and dims the light. The laser is VERY bright, I've used it in the day and it works great! The zero is too far left at distances over 30 feet but great for CQB! The light is pretty good and works well to see at night and to blind opponents, again, CQB. I play field a lot but this is still a great buy to have versatility, looks, and functionality. Be sure to use Lithium or Alkaline batteries for a higher output.Definitely recommend this!
by Dave W. on 01/07/2009
"I love this laser, and this navigation light combo. If you are interested in an awesome add on, this is the one to get.
I love the cree light on this unit, cause it will not blind you at night when you use it for navigation,(i use night vision, and with this it does not screw wit your vision.
you can use the laser with orwithout the light and also the other way.
by Robert C. on 11/01/2015
"Got this peq about a year ago. The light is more than enough for room clearance and anything else you'd need white light for. The laser is more than enough too. However, less than a week after getting it, the slot for the pressure switch stopped working, leaving me without a way to use the unit without taking my support hand and using to operate the button which you need to hold to use. Basically the peq is useless now. The rubber tabs that hold the lenses covers on are dry rotted out and broke off. Its a solid peq and works extremely well when you first get it. But for $100 it shouldn't be breaking down like this