Reviews: SUSAT L85 Type Rifle Scope w/ QD Weaver Mount for L85 Rail by Matrix

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Model: Scope-SUSAT

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by Paul w. on 2014-10-03 22:19:02
"For the money it's a good quality replica. This one features the obelisk-style reticle like the real version of the Susat, but the center of the obelisk reticle is semi-transparent so it doesn't cut into my field of view nearly as much as I had expected. Zeroing was a bit confusing, and you need both a flat head screwdriver and a 12mm wrench to do it. Also, there are two hex screws that hold the scope to the mount which were loose enough to let the scope move a bit side to side. These tightened easily and the scope has been rock solid since. The worst part, and why I docked it one star, is that I needed to file some of the rail clamp in order for the scope to not slide on my ICS L85. Not a huge deal with a dremmel, but kind of a pain. One other knock against it is that the illumination seems a bit bright to me, and even on the lowest setting the whole field of view has a red glow making it hard to see anything in the dark.

Solid build, (once the screws are tightened)
Clear optics, especially for the price
Obelisk reticle, with clear(ish) center beam, faithful to the real one
Maintains zero from what I can tell
Completes the look of my L85

Needed to file the rail to securely fit the ICS L85
Zeroing is non-intuitive and requires a wrench
Screws/bolts for zeroing strip easily
When illuminated, the whole field of view is red.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)