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Avengers Tactical 3X Magnifier Scope with QD Flip-to-Side Mount

7 Customer Reviews

by Tomas P. on 09/12/2011

you need to remember that this is NOT like binoculars, you need to hold the scope about 1 to 2 inches from your eye for it to work right. It is very sturdy and solid. the quick disconnect mount works great. Be careful when twisting on and off cause you can easily scratch the bottom part of your scope.

Very easy to install.

Works great with my 551 scope
easy to install
quick on and off
looks VERY COOL!!!

Can scratch the bottom of the scope.
by Trevor R. on 08/25/2017
"this magnifier is pretty good, doesn't really work with my eotech though so I'll probably be buying a riser soon. the sight flips to the side if you pull it back and move it, not sure why people are saying you need to unscrew screws. . .
You get what you pay for, it looks nice and does its job.
by Jamil P. on 06/24/2017
"It's pretty good overall, it took a while but I did eventually finally got the mount to stop wobbling around without applying anything to it.

The fact that I had to unscrew two screws in order for it to be able to flip side to side was annoying. I don't really understand why those were placed there but its not a big deal.

It's good, the mount could have been done better but works if you hook it on just right.
by Mac W. on 04/18/2014
"So, I figured I'd use the scope in a few combat situations before I'd write my review, so here goes. Upon first impressions the magnifier has a nice aluminum andonized finish and soft, but not too soft rubber grip. The glass is quite clear, comparable to the EOTech glass at my local sporting store. I also run this with a real EOTech sight, so having a good quality glass makes seeing the reticule much clearer. There is slight distortion at the edges of the FOV, but otherwise good.

As for as durability, this magnifier has taken some beatings. When allowing a friend to look through it mounted to my gun, he hit the detach lever, thinking it was a flip to side mount. It then fell over 4 feet to a blacktop ground and only sustained a small scratch, much to my surprise. This item receives a five star rating for durability!
by Ryan B. on 12/10/2016
"I purchased this mount to go along with my red dot sight, the magnifier works great! The mount to the rail system is absolutely horrible though, but the magnifier is amazing!
by Larissa M. on 07/23/2016
"It works well but the mount is total sh%t, It broke and weird mechanical pieces flew everywhere. It doesn't flip side to side unless you unscrew two tiny screws and then it can flip side to side. Sadly I can't mount it but it wasn't too expensive so I'm not mad. So you get what you pay for, it works well.

Good Zoom
Feels Good/Good Quality

Terrible mount

I was going to put my red dot and magnifier on my ASP SVU but since my mount broke and the red dot takes too much space I'll stick with a different scope.

TL:DR It's good, FOR it's price
by Edie W. on 02/10/2014
"This is a great magnifier. I have a HUGE complaint, and that's the fact that the mount if off center, and it doesn't flip to the side. I knew I wouldn't get a flip-to side mount, but it's just disappointing. Overall it's a nice magnifier, but my reticle is always in the upper left.
Full metal
Nice and solid
Perfect zoom
Never needs focusing (for me)
Durable (dropped it twice, once on table and other on concrete)
Mount is a piece of crap (wobbly, not a tight fit)
Needs to come with a higher elevation model
Off center due to mount