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Matrix Desert Storm Rail Mount Base for AK Series Airsoft AEG

9 Customer Reviews

by Austin R. on 01/17/2012
"this works great on my JG spetsnaz AK beta. It took me about 5 minutes to put on because it was such a tight fit but once I got it on it was awesome, had a nice snug fit so you dont have to worry about it bending and it looks awesome on the gun.

looks great
fits most AK models(even ak74u or AK spetsnaz beta)
snug fit keeping the mount from bending

Cons: none so far, besides the struggle attaching it
by Dominic G. on 12/22/2011
"This piece by matrix is a high quality, unique looking mount for any CYMA or clone of the same AK-47. The metal is thick, looks awesome on the gun, keeps the iron sights visible, and the black even matches the black on the gun. I would definitely buy this optic mount if you are interested.

1. High Quality.
2. Unique on the field, definitely an attention grabber.
3. Iron sights still usable if battery on optics die.
4. The scope raises the optic a little, letting paintball mask users see through them.
5. Great price.

Nothing visible at the moment.
by Mary Pat W. on 11/28/2008
"does this work on a d-boys ak 74(all black,folding skeleton butt stock
by Michael J. on 09/14/2008
"Yes. Any 20mm attachments (which most scope and red dot and scope rings have) will fit on this rail. It is standard size gun rails. As long as you don't buy junk from other airsoft sites you are good, some airsoft sites will sell mounts off spec. have everything Marui compatible and to real steel specification on accessories.
by Tariq N. on 09/13/2008
"would a leapers red/green dot sight fit on this rail?
by Christopher W. on 11/18/2011
"Very good metal quality I dont see it snapping, the screws it comes with work well. This mount I think would work for sure on any fixed stock AK style airsoft gun. However I have a folding stock cyma AK74 and it does not line up as a result of the piece that holds the stock as its folding is in the way. Personally because I dont ever use it folded and fold it only just to stick in a bag, Im going to remove the piece using a drill bit so then it does fit.

Good metal contruction
Good rail layout itself.
Will definitly fit the majority of fixed stock AK's out there

Will be a pain to use for folding stock ones unless your lucky enough to not have that piece there.
by Charlie B. on 03/22/2016
"It is a nice product, and it holds my sight well. Almost everything about it is great. The reason this is a 3-star review is because it does not fit perfectly on my ASG Arsenal AK-47. One part of the piece collides with a part on my gun, resulting in the top rail being skewed to the left one or two degrees. Not unusable, but definitely a major downside.
by Nicholas S. on 01/27/2010
"This is a good scope mount but it doesnt work for the CYMA / Matrix Custom Stamped Steel / Laminated Wood Full Size AK74 Airsoft AEG. This is because the gun has no pre-drilled holes for the mount. The mont also bends when you try to put t on the AK-74-m. It may have just been the bad apple of the group but it still is good otherwise. The mount is easy to install on The "m" model. The holes are pre-drilled for the mount and are perfectly placed. It also gives the gun a sick "Russian Military" look to the AK.

Looks Awesome
Does its job well
Fits Most AK models

Doesnt fit field striping models
Can break under stress
May be bent
by sangsoon s. on 10/11/2008
"dose this work for a matrix jg dragunov ak style.......................................................-