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Model: RD-001

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by Andrew V. on 2016-03-30 01:42:55
"For it's price, you definitely get a great sight. Clear vision with lots of peripherals, multiple reticles, and a sturdy build with a great design. However, if you play on fields outdoors plan to use this anywhere with direct sunlight, you're looking for the wrong sight; with the small amount of metal around the lens, too much light is allowed in to make the dot bright enough for outdoor play. However, if you're looking to use this indoors, this sight works perfectly and is great for CQB.
by Jeremy M. on 2015-09-12 23:20:52
"It's a great sight, looks good and performs well so far. People expect a dot sight of this design to work perfectly in bright light. Well, with little covering around the lens that is what happens no matter what dot sight of this design or similar is going to happen. Still worth.
by Bryn B. on 2015-04-28 17:29:38
"I only just received this optic today, so I can't really say anything about how this will perform in the long-run. But I wanted to review it because I had to do some work on it to get it zeroed. Out of the box, all of my shots were hitting about 8 inches below the target over at 15 yards. After adjusting the elevation almost to its extreme, my shots were still hitting about 6 inches low.

Long story short, I think the Issue was that the screw that serves as a fulcrum and keeps the front of the optic static when you adjust the elevation screw was not tightened properly, meaning the front of the optic sat higher than it should have. After tightening that screw and putting a tiny dab of lubricant on the elevation screw to make sure the proper pieces moved when they are supposed to, I was able to get it zeroed no problem and I'm happy with it.
by ricky r. on 2014-12-25 10:11:06
"On first impressions this sight seems very well made. It has a good weight to it and also can be very bright if you adjust the brightness setting. There are four reticles which I personally like and has a red and green dot function. I will have a field test review soon.
by mike r. on 2014-06-07 21:23:19
"The Matrix red/green dot sights LOOKS good but it really doesn't do its job very well. In the dark this sight works amazing, but in the sun its nearly impossible to see the dot. If there is any light around you you cant see the dot, but that is what you get for such a cheap red dot. I would recommend just saving your money for a better sight . Although i do like the way it looks, I wish that it would work in the sun.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)