Reviews: Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot Pro Spec Red Dot Sight and Laser Combo


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Model: Scope-SM14003

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by tristan r. on 2013-12-08 19:37:57
Looks great, nicely made.
Interchangable reticules, and brightness.
Has night vision mode apparantly, (I don't have NV to test it)

A bit on the heavy side,
Easy to leave on by accident, latch on laser switch is a bit unreliable.
Quick detach lever gets very easily caught on your clothes etc.

The manual says the laser battery door is secured by two small screws, on mine there was a kind of switch instead that looked as if the door will slide open. It doesn't you have to rotate the switch thing instead, then the door will come off.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)