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NcSTAR Tactical Red/Green/Blue Dot with Cantilever Weaver Mount

10 Customer Reviews

by Jacob T. on 04/06/2015
"I've been using this sight for well over 7 months now. I have to say that this is a really solid sight to use. There are 3 levels of lighting for all 3 different dot colors. The Red dot is as clear as day and is the one I prefer when using it in the bright terrain in the heat of the Texas sun. I have no issues acquiring targets with this dot. The green and blue dots I have found harder to see in my setting so I don't use them. Speaking of which I have found it hard to find a setting where a blue dot is easier to see compared to the other dot colors. I get the feeling it's just a stunt color to use rather than a practical one.

Clear dots
3 Different color dots
3 Different levels of lighting per color
Easy mounting system on standard rails.

Blue dot has yet to find practical use

Would buy again!
by Milton M. on 12/12/2013
"Great scope works even better with a magnifier. Three different dot colors, red and green work the best, blue is okay. The sight works very well out in the sun, even on really sunny days. However it does not work so well in dark areas, probably could be fixed by also using a flashlight.

All in all, i would recommend it. Although i have gotten better performance from EO-Tech's
by Joe S. on 08/07/2013
"Really cool sight. I got this to use on my .22LR AR-15 and switch it between my G&P, and it works flawlessly. It can handle the recoil of a .22LR, which is pretty close to a strong GBB. The blue looks very cool, it's something different from red and green. It's very durable and very cool, get it!
by Max S. on 07/15/2013
"I had this sight for a long time only problem is that its hard to get on tight enough so it wont loosen but thats easy, easy to sight in with the tape technique, it already has a high profile mount so it is easier to aim with face protection, 3 brightness levels and evike has a pack of 5 batteries for this cheap and has a good battery life, and very durable.
by Austin H. on 06/13/2013
"This is a very nice, solid sight. The dot is clear and easy to say in broad day light.

Solid construction
Red for day, Green for night, and Blur for dusk
No wobble in the mount what so ever

The front lens cap falls off easy, but I fixed that by wrapping electrical tape around the inner diameter of the cap for added friction. Easy fix, not much of a con.
by Tyler P. on 07/18/2016
"Overall a great optic. I put mine on a tippmann m4 carbine.
Good battery life
Strong brightness
3 colors
Threaded tube
Recoil resistant

Adjustments were reversed on mine, so for elevation, up was down and down was up
by Landon C. on 11/26/2014
"Great sight and base combo. NCStar optics are typically pretty decent for the price you pay and this is no exception. Ive owned mine for about a year or more now, and its taken a few knocks over the time but nothing bad has happened.

The base itself is of very good quality, I cant comment on the strength of it, but it hasnt deformed, chipped or worn out in any area or threads, as its been put on a few different rifles.

The optic is superb, for the price its very clear, the rotating dial is crisp and every setting is, in the right light, very clear and without spidering edges. The adjustments are also very fine, solid, loud clicks and are secure, but not so tight that it takes an act of god to adjust them.
by Micah W. on 07/31/2014
"I got this sight a while ago and I had to say the build quality was great. The dot itself isn't that bright, but it works. One big issue I was having with this sight, is that I couldn't get the dot low enough for it to be useful to help me with aiming. I've adjusted the hop-up in my gun to the point where the bb's travel in a very straight line for around 100 feet. The dot cannot be adjusted low enough for me, which is very frustrating. the mount for this is probably part of the problem as it is mounted quite high.
by julian a. on 05/29/2013
Connects to your standard 20mm RiS
Looks wicked

Doesn't center with your iron sights making it tilt off to the right
A little high

If you're looking for a red dot and something unique I would suggest this. It's serving me well so far.
by Darius C. on 09/30/2016
"It won't sight in for the life of me. There seems to be something that prevents the sight from moving far enough down and far enough left to sight in. The sight's only pro is looks. However, it is in no way useful.