Reviews: G36V Type Sniper Carrying Handle w/ Integrated Red Dot Sight & 3.5X Scope For G36 Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: Scope-SC-23-DE
Location: U8-213

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by Dylan P. on 2014-03-17 20:08:59
"So, I just received this today and slapped it on my G36 in a few minutes. If you are replacing your previous sniper scope on your G36, keep your screws and covers, mine didn't come with 3 screws, just 2. Also, a side note, the screws, (new or old ones) won't hold inside mine properly. I'm not saying this is an issue with every one, probably just an issue where the screws go in, might have gotten stripped. I'm just going to glue mine into place. The alignment for the red dot was already perfect, no adjustments needed, same with the sniper scope. The battery compartment is that oversized looking plastic screw next to the red dot sight. It's a tad sensitive to contact after the battery is in. But unless you're deliberately poking it, it's not really an issue. I'd say it was worth every penny though.
by Steven L. on 2014-01-18 09:24:44
"just received this scope several days ago, and installed it on my ics g33 two tone. required a very easy 5 minute modification to slide completely in place. after removing the original rail on the ics, shave off the 2 "tabs" on the sides of the front edge of the rear post. once shaved, the post should be flat on all sides, and the scope will slide on completely. it will still be a very snug fit, and the screws will barely fit through each hole, but it will work. if not, it's nothing you can't fix with a few minutes of sanding/filing, or less time if you have a dremel.

-nice reticle on the scope, easy to aim.
-good red dot, simple on/off switch on the side
-sturdy when mounted, no shaking/movement between scope and gun.
-works very well on ics g33. adjustable cheek rest makes the red dot perfect on this gun.

-may require easy modification (sanding/cutting) for a proper fit on some guns.
-eye relief for the magnified scope may be bad for some people (have to get right up to the scope)

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)